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WEMIX Blockchain has a selection of incredible P2E games. A blockchain development developed WEMIX Pte. Ltd, WEMIX provides a cryptocurrency wallet, decentralised exchange, NFT item marketplace, WEMIX  staking and a game gateway.

The gaming developer recently announced the release of WEMIX  3.0, a platform-driven, service-oriented ecosystem for blockchain gaming. The update has meant improvements to the existing play-to-earn features, enabling players to make money playing games by selling the NFT-based items that they purchase and upgrade.

Here are ten games we think are worth checking out for their P2E potential and, most importantly, they’re fun!

1. MIR4

Image Credit: LD Player

Released in August 2021, MIR4 is the most prominent game on the WEMIX network. MIR4 is a fantasy open-world MMORPG from Wemade where players can explore a vast world and battle against a series of enemies. There are five classes of characters to choose from, and players can play multiple characters on a single account.

The five classes are Warrior, Magician, Swordsman, Samurai and Archer. Players should consider their choice carefully, as although some characters offer more straightforward gameplay in certain respects, as the game progresses, players might find specific skills more helpful than others.

MIR4 is also a play-to-earn blockchain game where players can mine for cryptocurrency and sell them on the market for real-world money. Players can make money by mining the in-game currency called  Darksteel. Players can exchange Darksteel for utility tokens called DRACO by “smelting” them. This game is also unlike other P2E options because it has its game wallet called the WEMIX wallet, where players store their tokens.

2. Four Gods

Four Gods is a WEMIX fantasy-fighting MMO RPG game that offers players the chance to battle their way to supremacy while earning real-world money. It’s. Players can experience a free economic system by trading NFT items with RedGem and exchanging them for LUX tokens.

Players can play as one of the Four Gods: Azure Dragon, Black Tortoise, Vermilion Bird, and White Tiger. Their character must complete missions and, if successful, can claim rewards for their victories. The game also hosts events that publicise out-of-game missions that, if players complete, they can earn Red Gems for competing.

Four Gods Vermilion
Image Credit: Four Gods

3. Rise of Stars

A 4X strategy mobile game with WEMIX blockchain support and an economy revolving heavily around NFTs and unique materials that can be harvested in-game and traded for cryptocurrencies, Rise of Stars is a space adventure for the brave.

The website describes the game as:

“A unique NFT of the ROS universe and an essence of Cyrox’s hyper technology. It is made based on the robotic gene, Cyrocore, and uses silther particles as a medium.” – Rise of Stars

Rise of Stars
Image Credit: Rise of Stars

Warship carriers can mine for the rare mineral, Slither Particles, and also have buffs that strengthen their fleets, making them critical players in battle. Players can conquer the galaxy by upgrading their warship carriers and make money doing it.

The in-game currency requires players to mine for Slithereum. Once players have acquired enough Slithereum particles needed for the binding process, which does cost a small fee, Slithereum is then decomposed at the “Trade Centre” and used for base upgrades, Warship Carrier (NFT) content, etc.

4. Kingdom Hunter

Kingdon Hunter is a play-to-earn mobile strategy trading card game. Currently open for pre-registration, the game requires sharp wits to win competitions and earn prizes. The game is by RedFox Games, the first foreign company to onboard the WEMIX platform.

Players can become true Heroes, united to establish a Kingdom and unlock the secrets of the ancient gods to conquer the world. There are over 140 Heroes to choose from, with unique skills to help players develop and fight their way through the world of Kingdom Hunter.

“Level up and unlock unique skills and collect powerful Heroes on the blockchain while competing with other players on your way to the top!” – Kingdom Hunter.

Those who pre-register can claim $100 worth of in-game items and 1,000 Runestones to trade for the in-game token, Lord Coins. The game will launch officially on August 24th, but players can enjoy a sneak preview until August 17th by downloading the game and participating in events. 

Play and Earn Strategy Trading Card Mobile Game, Kingdom Hunter! from KingdomHunter

“Being the only blockchain gaming platform that handles tokens, NFTs and DeFi, we believe that the WEMIX platform can help RedFox Games succeed in the global market. We are excited to see the reception of Kingdom Hunter, especially with our Play to Earn (P2E) model,” said Henry Chang, CEO of Wemade

5. Galaxy Tornado

Lift off into the Galaxy Tornado and race to earn TORNADO. Players can spin the wheel to win coins or attack other planets to mine minerals and upskill. Galaxy Tornado is a WEMIX casual game available on Device and OS. It’s simple and fun to play and offers an easy route to earn from gameplay. It’s also a great on-the-go game, so you can make some side money when out and about.

“The Galaxy Tornado on WEMIX will take you on a galaxy trip where you will explore your planet and become the Planet Master. Here you will get an option to hit the jackpot by spinning the win and you can also get coins.” – Mobile Gaming Hub

6. Crypto Ball Z

CryptoBall Z
Image Credit: Crypto Ball Z

The self-proclaimed “Easier P2E” WEMIX game, Crypto Ball Z, has both idle RPG and shooting game elements. Heroes are needed to save the world from an attack by unidentified attackers that rain destruction down on innocent citizens. Players can enjoy the exclusive ‘Drone Mining System’ and all the best characteristics of the idle genre.

Mine Herostones using drones, which return after a certain period with Herostones that players exchange into the game’s utility token, HERCO; a crucial in-game currency. Purchase HERCO in the game with various cryptocurrencies. Players links to the WEMIX Wallet to trade HERCO with WEMIX credit.

7. Yulgang Global

Yulang Global is open for pre-registration, and those keen to get started will receive bonus gifts. The aesthetic is bright, fresh, and filled with cute characters in a martial arts game. Some players will recognise Yunglang Global as an upgrade of the original Yunglang and includes classic classes, maps, pets, weapons, gems, and more!

“‘Yulgang Global’ applied ‘Tigon Token (TIG)’, a utility token of the WEMIX platform, and P2E currency Crystal. From now on, Tigon Token (TIG) is a standard currency that will be used in P2E games based on the WEMIX platform released by Longtu Korea and Tigon Mobile.” –  Yahoo Finance.

8. Crypto Conflict

A free-to-play, play-to-earn war strategy game, Crypto Conflict is a blockchain game from the Gunship Battle Franchise. Players battle it out to build the best warship to protect the planet from Armada (an evil enemy seeking to destroy world peace with nuclear weapons). Combatants will need to earn MILICOan interchangeable asset players exchange for the in-game currency Titanium and vice versa.

The developers also launch full-scale Airdrops containing large MILCO prizes. The game is available on Windows, OS, and AOS.

9. ChuanQi

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Image Credit: WEMIX

ChuanQi is the first blockchain legend game that maintains the characteristics of the traditional “Blood Legend” and uses the H5 automatic (placement) growth system. Players can achieve a fixed amount of the Game token via game content rewards weekly. Earn game tokens by using the contents or battling with players.

According to the WEMIX network, the game aims to create a new game genre that allows players can make a personalised economic system.

Game token: CQ ZuanShi

10. Cryptornado

Cryptornado is one of the NFT games that allows you to get crypto coins easily. An RPG genre blockchain game, the payment system uses NFT technology and offers hundreds of heroes with different skill sets. There are three skill sets: fire, ice, and darkness. Each skill consists of 18 active skills and 15 passive skills. Players can design their hero with six skill slots, but to win big profits, players must ensure their skills match their hero.

maxresdefault 1
Image Credit: WEMIX

The in-game currency is the WEMIX Crypto Coin, and players must fight and win matches to mine the coin. To collect this currency, players will also need a crypto wallet.

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