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A fantasy football game called Sorare utilizes blockchain technology. Users buy NFT cards of football players and use them in competitions or sell them for money. The game is hugely popular and according to Sorare Guide it has the endorsement of 141 football clubs (and just partnered with Liverpool FC)

Sorare cards are valuable, collectible, and a digital asset you can actually own as a “Non-Fungible Token,” or NFT, due to their “provable scarcity.”

In order to play Sorare’s weekly fantasy football game (SO5) and win Ethereum cryptocurrency (ETH) and player cards, players must have Sorare cards, which have real-world value and can be purchased, sold, traded, and used.

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NFT cards whose price may leave you blue in the face. Source: Daily Fantasy Sports

In this post, we’ll show you 10 easy ways to start making money on Sorare, which has grand plans to become the world’s first net-zero video games company. Before you try any of these tips:

Make a plan you can follow

The fact that there are so many different ways to play sorare is one of the main reasons it is sweeping the globe. The “one shoe fits all” idea doesn’t work here, and it shouldn’t.

After all, we’re talking about a web, iOS, and Android game with thousands of different footballers with different skills, hundreds of officially licensed clubs from all over the world, and a league system where each league has its own budget and card needs.

Sorare has a lot of depth thanks to all of this, which makes it enjoyable to play for a very long time. However, it also means that especially early on, you need to be aware of what you want to get out of the game and the steps you must take to get there.

What do you want to do in Sorare?

Do you want to collect and “flip” cards for money more than you want to play Sorare’s SO5 fantasy football game? You only have £100 to spend on player cards, but you want to win the biggest prizes in the game. Or, do you want to concentrate on creating a starter team using cards of a particular rarity but are unsure which one to pick?

If you don’t have an unlimited budget that lets you buy any card you want, it’s important to ask these kinds of questions right at the beginning of your Sorare journey. Especially if, like LaLiga Expert, you only view Sorare as “the logical evolution of panini stickers and top trumps cards in the digital world.”

They’ll not only help you figure out how much money you’ll need to play Sorare, but if you set your goals early on, you’ll also have a plan in place that will help you track your progress and measure the fun and money you get from the game.

10 Tips to Earn More in Sorare

sorare lootbox
Time to get unlock rewards. Source: Medium

Read our Sorare guide for beginners.

When you first join Sorare, there’s a lot to learn – even more than in Gods Unchained. It can take a while to get used to things like player scoring, the league system, and scouting for new cards. But don’t worry!

In our Sorare Starter Guide, we’ve simplified how Sorare works and given easy-to-follow walkthroughs for all areas, so you don’t have to go through all the trouble of learning a new game.

Not sure what the differences are between the leagues or which one is right for you? Wonder why your Common cards score 50% less in the All-Star league? Or are you just interested in the different cards and what makes them so special? It’s the guide for you!


Vinícius Júnior sorare card
Not bad for 21. Source: Sorare

In Sorare, players under the age of 23 are very popular. Mostly because they are just starting out in their careers. Also, they are allowed to play in U23 tournaments. Try to learn about the market and figure out who the best people are in this field.

Offers in Person

You can always send direct offers to other Sorare managers and ask to buy their cards at certain prices. Many people who have Sorare cards just want to get rid of them. So, they are willing to talk about it. This is another one-of-a-kind chance to find cards with low prices.

Dropped Players

At the moment, Sorare mostly reports on the first divisions of the major leagues. So, the prices of the players on relegated teams usually go down by a lot. You should buy some of those players because lots of good things can happen to them.

They can be moved to different teams. In the future, Sorare will be able to cover the 2nd and 3rd divisions. Or, the player can play in the first division again in the long run.

Invite Friends

This is one of the most profitable ways to use Sorare to make money. You can tell your friends about your referral link. If they buy 5 cards in the auction, you and they will each get a free limited card. If 30 of your friends do this successfully, you will get a Rare card (worth thousands).

Limiting Terms

This is a classic way to play Sorare. You can put together Rare teams and enter them in tournaments. You will get some ETH if you reach a certain number of points during that gameweek.

Players who can’t play

sorare rewards box
Who can say no to weekly prizes? Source: Caan Berry

There are a lot of players in Sorare who are not eligible or who are only partly eligible. Most of the time, these players do not have any clubs, or they have moved to a team that is not part of the Sorare (yet). Here, you have another chance to find good deals. A lot of these players will sign with Sorare clubs or be sent back to eligible clubs in the future.


The most valuable players in Sorare are the ones who protect the goal. Most starting goalkeepers cost a lot of money. Prices are fair for goalkeepers who are a backup or a substitute. Try to find some of those GKs who could move to a different team or become starters in the future. One of the best ways to make money in Sorare is to do what you just read.

Quick Sales

This one is pretty cool. You can sell your cards right away if they have extraordinary performance. For example, if you own a card of a player who scored 90–100 in his last game, that player’s cards will be in higher demand.

If you have enough patience, you can use the same strategy by looking at the last 3, 5, or 10 games.

Sale of New Cards

Sorare is always putting out new NFT cards. People place bids to buy these cards. The auction will go to the person who bids the most on each card. If you keep an eye on the market and prices, there are lots of good chances to buy players for less than what they are worth on the market. If you win these auctions, you can make money by selling the cards you got.

BONUS: Set up SorareData to improve the experience via third parties

Most journeys in life are better with a friend, and your Sorare journey will be even better with SorareData, the best third-party source for all the Sorare stats you could ever need.

welcome to sorare data
The one-stop shop for Sorare info. Source: Sequence

Just go to SorareData and sign in with your Sorare account information to get free access to a lot of players, markets, managers, and game data, as well as game tournaments where you can enter your cards and win prizes.

SorareData is a great research tool in general, but it is especially useful for keeping track of how the prices of your card collection go up and down, as well as how well you do and what rewards you get in Sorare’s SO5 fantasy football tournaments.

It is also the best tool for finding new player cards on Sorare and figuring out how much to bid on players to make sure you get the best deals and don’t pay too much on the market.

Simply put, SorareData is the ultimate tool to use if you want to stay ahead in Sorare.

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