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Today, the official STEPN Twitter account announced that one thousand and one original ASICS x STEPN Solana NFTs have finally been airdropped to very lucky ASICS Badge Holders.

What is the STEPN x ASICS Airdrop?

A random selection of owners of Dark Mode and Light Mode ASICS NFT Badges will receive airdropped ASICS x STEPN NFTs worth up to 1,001 pieces.

The GT-2000 11 running shoe’s silhouette served as the basis for the sneaker NFT’s design, which features colors specifically chosen from the Solana brand’s color palette, namely Solana green and Solana purple. 

asics and stepn nft airdrop
Here’s the lowdown on all the Badge Types. Source: ASICS

A total of 850 “common” NFTs with white bases (also known as “Light Mode”), 150 “uncommon” NFTs with black bases (also known as “Dark Mode”), and 1 “rare” NFT with Solana’s purple to green gradient will be available.

Who is eligible to receive the airdrop?

The Solana blockchain was captured in a snapshot in November 2022, and holders of the following ASICS Badge NFTs are eligible for the airdrop:

  • Dark Mode
  • Light Mode
  • Sunrise Red – Gold Edition
  • Sunrise Red – Limited Edition

A finite number of ASICS x STEPN Solana Realm NFTs are available, compared to an infinite number of physical Dark Mode and Light Mode shoes.

asics and stepn nft airdrop
The white sneaker on Solana. Source: ASICS

850 common, 150 uncommon, and 1 rare out of a total of 1,001

On the Solana blockchain, every ASICS x STEPN NFT will be an original STEPN NFT.

On every sale of ASICS x STEPN NFTs, ASICS and STEPN will each receive 4% (combined) in creator royalties. For all secondary market transactions taking place on the STEPN NFT marketplace, STEPN will charge an additional 2% transaction fee, like similar software.

What is ASICS?

In 1949, ASICS was established by Kihachiro Onitsuka with the goal of fostering youth development and societal advancement through sports.

This NFT shoe could be the key to your fortune. Image source: ASICS

They want people all over the world to live healthy, happy lives on both physical and mental levels. This is expressed in their founding philosophy. This is ANIMA SANA IN CORPORE SANO, which translates to “A Sound Mind, in A Sound Body.”

Footwear is one of the goods Asics produces and sells.

Clothing like: 

  • t-shirts, 
  • jackets, 
  • hoodies, 
  • swimwear, 
  • compression garments, 
  • pants, 
  • socks 

And accessories such as: 

  • bags, 
  • backpacks, 
  • Caps.

What is ASICS doing in the Web 3.0 World?

asics and stepn nft airdrop
The black Solana shoe has also dropped! Source: ASICS

The main goal of ASICS as a business and their mission in Web3 are the same: to assist individuals in achieving and maintaining a sound mind in a sound body.

In general, Web3’s mission is to use blockchain technology to motivate its members to move and engage in physical activity. 

What is the UI Collection of ASICS x Solana?

asics and stepn nft airdrop
The collaboration between 3 giants in their industries. Source: ASICS

The “dark mode” and “light mode” user interfaces on computer and smartphone screens served as the inspiration for the two limited edition shoes that make up the ASICS x Solana UI Collection. This collection aims to assist the Solana neighborhood in striking a balance between digital and physical activity.

A customized GT-2000 11 running shoe from ASICS and Solana will be made available in two styles:

  1. Light Mode (White)
  2. Dark Mode (Black)

The terms “dark mode” and “light mode,” which are typically found on digital user interfaces, have been introduced by Solana and ASICS to the user interface of a running shoe.

asics and stepn nft airdrop
The official look of the airdropped NFTs. Source: ASICS

Now, ASICS and Solana have chosen to work together on the GT-2000 11 because it is the ideal “go-to” shoe for anyone looking to strike a better balance between their digital and physical selves through walking, jogging, or running.

Each pair of Light Mode shoes includes an ASICS Light Mode Badge NFT, and each pair of Dark Mode shoes includes an ASICS Dark Mode Badge NFT.

What are ASICS Badge Holders?

NFTs with an ASICS Badge includes a real shoe. Dark Mode and Light Mode NFT Badge NFTs are equivalent to Dark Mode and Light Mode shoes. 

asics and stepn nft airdrop
They make quite the pair. Source: ASICS

You will automatically receive one (1) Dark Mode or Light Mode Badge NFT for each pair of ASICS Badge shoes you buy.

For instance, if you buy two pairs of Light Mode shoes and three pairs of Dark Mode shoes, your wallet will be credited with one pair of Light Mode Badge NFTs and three pairs of Dark Mode Badge NFTs, respectively.

What is the ASICS Sunrise Red Solana NFT Badge?

On November 4, 2022, you will have gotten an ASICS Claim Badge NFT sent to your Ethereum wallet if you already have an Ethereum NFT from the ASICS Sunrise Red NFT Collection.

Your purchase of the ASICS Claim Badge NFT entitles you to use this form to verify your purchase of the “Sunrise Red – Gold Edition” or “Sunrise Red – Limited Edition” Badge Solana NFT and to claim your exclusive ASICS Badge.

Each Sunrise Red Collection Ethereum NFT will come with one Sunrise Red Badge Solana NFT. The Ethereum network has issued 9 Gold Edition and 28 Limited Edition Sunrise Red NFTs. The Solana Network will issue 9 Gold Edition and 28 Limited Edition ASICS Badge NFTs.

How to prove ownership of the ASICS Claim Badge?

Only those who have an ASICS Claim Badge NFT will be able to use the following form to prove they are the rightful owners. So, to prove you’re an owner of an ASICS Sunrise Red Ethereum NFT and receive their associated Sunrise Red ASICS Badge Solana NFT(s) – (To prove ownership and receive NFT, visit

Tokens representing the same number and type of ASICS Badge as those in the connected Ethereum wallet will be transferred to the Solana wallet address provided in the form within 24 hours of submission.

Only one Sunrise Red ASICS Badge Solana NFT can be claimed with each ASICS Claim Badge NFT. Take note: the deadline to redeem your Sunrise Red ASICS Badge Solana NFT is October 2023.

It’s important to note that in order to get the STEPN airdrop, you need to have claimed your Sunrise Red ASICS Badge Solana NFT before the STEPN snapshot. Your chance of receiving the ASICS x STEPN GT-2000 11 NFT via airdrop will be nullified. Well, only if you do not claim your Sunrise Red ASICS Badge Solana NFT before the STEPN snapshot.

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