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The Worldwide Asset eXchange or WAX is one of the market’s most popular blockchains. Known to be the King of NFTs, WAX chain games are the most convenient, secure and fun way to experience NFT play-to-earn (P2E) gaming.

Whether you’re a beginner, pro, or casual player, WAX offers much variety in gaming. There’s something for everyone.

Being the King of NFTs, WAX aims for global accessibility. Even though some think that the hype for NFT gaming will die down, it is just the beginning, and we will see a lot more integration into gaming platforms than ever before.

As you will see in this list, the WAX chain’s volume of users and engagement proves that NFT gaming is alive and well.

This article will highlight 30 WAX chain P2E games you should check out. Before we do that, let’s cover some details first.


What is WAX?

WAX Blockchain Areas and Categories
WAX Chain Categories. Image Source: DappRadar

Apart from the high market cap blockchains, developers have many small cap options to build decentralized apps and launch NFTs. One such blockchain is WAX, which claims to be a “purpose-built” ecosystem.

The network aims to be a blockchain that can support NFTs and games on its official website. WAX can also support decentralized exchanges and digital marketplaces.

The primary business of the network is NFTs, which users can mint and launch using the blockchain. WAX was used to launch the collectibles of Topps, Funko and many other NFT players.

Blockchain games usually have NFT underpinnings to allow the users to earn and trade in-game assets.

As such, WAX can support blockchain games, and based on proof-of-stake consensus, it aims to be eco-friendly as well. It also provides a wallet to help investors store and trade digital assets.

The WAX chain operates with the WAXP token, primarily used for staking purposes within the network and for trading NFTs.

Moreover, the WAX blockchain claims that holders can participate in block development by staking WAX tokens and that the network functions without any transaction fee.

On the other hand, WAX has a separate WAXG token that serves as the governance token. It can be traded using exchanges like Binance, and Huobi Global.

Why WAX?

Wax Chain Featured Graphic
WAX Chain Logo Feature. Image Source: NFT Now

Now, you may wonder what’s so special about the WAX blockchain?

The distinguishing factor of the WAX blockchain is the team behind it. They specialize in virtual item trading.

OPSkins is a leader in their industry and already serves millions of customers who have completed millions of trades and purchases on their platform.

The team behind OPSkins is also building the WAX protocol. Because of that, the WAX ecosystem uses a fusion of specific industry knowledge and experience.

Furthermore, the WAX blockchain uses delegated proof-of-state as its consensus algorithm to achieve speed and scalability.

To do this, WAX token holders use their tokens to vote for 21 WAX guilds, where they earn rewards for producing blocks on the WAX blockchain.

Top 30 WAX Chain Games

With those out of the way, here’s the list of 30 WAX chain games you should check out.

According to DappRadar, these WAX chain games are some of the best in the market based on the sheer volume of users. We’ll cover each one now.

1. Alien Worlds

planets in alien worlds crypto
Planets Governance. Image Source: Alien Worlds

One of the fastest-growing WAX chain games is Alien Worlds, with currently up to 200,000 users, which is just increasing, based on DappRadar.

Alien Worlds is a free metaverse card game based on the WAX chain that you can play to win crypto. Alien Worlds’ massive system enables users to own land, gather tools for mining, utilize minions in battle, and earn crypto.

The gameplay in Alien Worlds is rather straightforward. Click mining, staking trillium and owning property are all part of it.

Planetary government and the arena combat game are two more major gameplay components yet to be introduced.

Land plots, tools, minions, avatars, and weapons are among the NFTs in Alien Worlds.

However, at this time, only tools and land plots have use cases.


Based on the WAX blockchain, Alien Worlds is a strategic exploration game that blends DeFi, NFTs, and gaming features.

Players compete for trillium or TLM, a token required to stake and gain control of planetary governance and access to additional gameplay features in this gaming world.

In Alien Worlds, one of the most important duties is trillium mining. It works like this: you choose a specific piece of land on a specific planet. The game will then begin, and you’ll be able to collect your prizes when it’s finished.

There are various mining tools, planets, and arenas to choose from, each with its own stats that help you get the most out of your mining efforts.

Alien Worlds is a game about discovering and mining exotic worlds, so players or explorers can go to these planets and begin mining their lands for the metaversal currency of the game.

You can also buy a piece of land on a planet, granting you the right to customize a portion of any trillium mined on that land.

Alien Worlds Game Card Stats
Mission Ready. Image Source: Alien Worlds

You can buy several different types of land. Each terrain type has its own set of characteristics that influence trillium mining.

Each land has four stats:

  • The trillium multiplier determines how many trilliums you’ll get;
  • The NFT lock multiplier determines your chances of getting an NFT drop from mining
  • The charge time multiplier determines how long you’ll have to wait until you can mine again
  • The proof-of-work reduction determines how difficult it is to mine the land


With all this, what makes Alien Worlds unique and top of our list?

Staking and mining are already available on the game, and the battle element will be available soon. The objects in Alien Worlds are all minted using Atomic Hub’s NFT protocol and can be exchanged on the Atomic Hub market.

Staking and DAO gaming are also included in the game. This means you can stake trillium on any planet in Alien Worlds to improve the planet’s trillium earnings.

Staking trillium also gives users voting rights in the planet’s DAO, allowing them to vote on the planet’s development plan and any other issues.


Play-to-earn blockchain games such as Alien Worlds have grown drastically in recent months. Trillium sales to private investors raised more than $2 million for the game in March 2021.

Animoca Brands, LongLing Capital, 3Commas, and Digital Assets Group are among the company’s notable investors.

Based on the data, Alien Worlds’ metaverse is growing globally and steadily.

Alien Worlds developers recently finished a substantial list of gameplay improvements, including reducing the load on the WAX blockchain and other APIs and nodes.

Are you ready to explore the Alien Worlds in deep space? If you are, you’ll enjoy this game.

2. Farmers World

farmers world wax chain nft game
A Welcome is in order, Farmer! Image Source: Farmers World

Farmers World is one of the best resource management games in the NFT market today, with 150,000 players worldwide.

The WAX chain game currently has five ways of earning: mining, breeding, building, cultivation, and wild animals.

Farmers World presents a unique world, combining breeding, planting, and construction to top off some battles.

With an easy navigation interface, players select the necessary tools at their disposal to develop numerous resources and buy land to establish more farms.

Its reward system is what appeals to most players in Farmers World.

Reward System

Obtaining and synthesizing instruments allows the players to participate in mining, with salvaged resources immediately usable in the exchange.

This WAX-based game has three major resources: Wood (FWW), Food (FWF), and Gold (FWG). Playing and mining in Farmers World can net the players gold and NFTs.

Making their own tools and repairing their equipment will use gold and wood. As a result, players must explore for food and use it to boost their strength stats.

Rewards are categorized into four levels in Farmers World:

  • The first is the Common one: Bronze Member.
  • The second is the Rare one: Silver Limb.
  • The third is another Rare one: Gold Member.
  • Last but not least is the Epic one: Diamond Member.

So if you ever wanted to know what it means to become a farmer, Farmers World may have the answer for you.

3. Wombat Dungeon Master

wombat dungeon wax nft game
Explore this amazing game. Image Source: Wombat Dungeon Master

The Wombat Dungeon Master is great for beginners or anyone new to the NFT play-to-earn gaming space. Wombat is a cross-chain between EOS and WAX. It is essentially a mining-style game.

You equip your wombat. Then, you send him to a new cave where he mines and comes back out.

After that, you have the opportunity to get NFTs. You get to level them up, which is always a bonus in any game. As for the rewards, you go on mining quests. You can go from 5 minutes to 24 hours.

You earn XP and items to put into your chest during that time frame, and every 24 hours, you can open that chest and see if you’ve got any NFTs and other rewards.

Unlike the other WAX chain games so far, Wombat Dungeon Master is by far the simplest of the bunch. The user interface is simple and easy to understand. You won’t get lost playing the game.


Prospectors is a metaverse of gold seekers where the realities of the gold rush are recreated. This MMO economic strategy game in which each action is written on the blockchain was created by a game development team called WECAN.

The team first launched this WAX chain game in 2019 but started development in 2017. The game’s goal is to mine resources on a given map and sell and craft those resources, tools, vehicles, and other materials for gold and building.

Gold is the base currency of the game. You can exchange one PGL for obtaining 1000 gold at your local bank. PGL is the crypto token of Prospectors. All prices and items in the game are valued by gold, and the numerous other live players determine the costs.

This means it is a fully free market system. There’s even a jail to keep those pesky bots locked away.

There are currently three permanent lands you can pick to play on in prospectors. Each of these lands came out differently, with the newest Grandland launched in November 2021.

This is the largest server that Prospectors has. On Grandland, you can buy land to preserve your resources and the rights to the land.

This is done as an NFT certificate that locks in the plot of land with you as the owner.


Prospectors Grandland WAX and EOS MMO game
Build your land. Image Source: Prospectors

While there are plots on Grandland that you can mine resources at, having your own plot ensures your resources are yours. To ensure the longevity of Grandland, the mining rates are the lowest compared to the other two maps.

The other two maps of Prospectors are Wild West and Yukon. Wild West was the first land operated on the EOS blockchain. Yukon was the second land covered in snow on the WAX chain.

These two maps have been here for a while, and resources are running slightly lower. Because of that, Grandland was created.

Also, you can only rent land in the Wild West and Yukon, whereas in Grandland, you own the land. Each player can access all three maps with three separate workers per map. You can also move resources, tools, and materials from one map to the next by sending them on the railroad.

This railroad connects the three maps: Grandland to Yukon and Yukon to Wild West. Using the handy in-game migrator, you can also migrate your PGL tokens from WAX to EOS or EOS to WAX.

Earning Income

While hunting down resources, crafting materials, or tools may be the most active way to make gold in the game, there are also a few other ways to make some passive income in Prospectors.

The first of these is the built-in referral system. Inviting someone to the game via your private referral link can stack 1% of their income into yours throughout their entire time on the map.

Secondly, you can take all that PGL you’ve made and toss it into the central bank. This staking of PGL will allow you to earn interest in that PGL.

Thirdly, you can take on a public project from time to time in Prospectors. Some projects pop up to improve the lands. Doing work for Prospectors will earn you some state shares or PSS.

PSS gives you a part of the income from the railway fees and other future projects.

With many ways to start your adventure, Prospectors will keep you hunting for gold for years to come. It is already the oldest metaverse game.

5. MiningNetwork

MiningNetwork WAX chain game
Ready to begin the Mining Network? Image Source: DappRadar

Mining Network allows you to live out your fantasy as a hacker, with some twists: you can earn! In this WAX chain game, you will mine as many BITCAKE (BTK), Mining Network’s in-game token, experiencing how the old-school Bitcoin mining used to be done.

You will see the graphics are not as detailed, but they give you that atmosphere of being a lone hacker in a basement.

At the state it is right now, it is pretty much a click-to-earn game. While Mining Network is free-to-play, they also have an NFT version paid-to-play.

Their user interface is reminiscent of Windows 95, making you feel like an old-school hacker.

So hack away! This game is waiting for you.


R Planet Conquest NFT game
Conquer worlds with your crew. Image Source: R-Planet

R-Planet is an astronomical WAX chain P2E game stylized in military strategy based around crafting. According to their official website, here’s the gameplay loop:

So what you’re earning, selling, and buying most of the time is Aether, R-Planet’s utility token, earned from staking NFTs. Then, we can use this Aether to create these basic elements. Afterwards, these elements can become new NFTs you can stake to earn more Aether.

Common elements will earn you less than rare, epic, or legendary elements, so luck is involved in this core game loop. But you don’t necessarily have to follow the entire game loop. You can get Aether, buy NFTs to stake and then sell Aethers, or you can create elements.

You have choices about how you want to participate, which is all the better!

The main part of the game is the generator. You put items like garbage or books in the generator and then construct or craft something out of them.

You can craft elements using the generator, and they vary in rarities. Generally, there’s a 62% chance of getting a common element.

The main components of the game are card staking, crafting, Aether and rig element trading, lands, minerals and robots. R-Planet is a must-play if you want to get into P2E gaming. Make R-Planet your planet.

7. Taco

Taco Universe Crypto Game
Want to earn and eat Taco? Image Source: Taco Universe

So much is happening within the Taco Universe. Aside from Taco being multi-purpose, they have a utility and gaming app on their official website. Currently, the project is one of the rising stars in the NFT gaming space based on the WAX chain.

The project aims to unite utility and gaming to existing blockchain projects. A high-quality yet enjoyable ecosystem added with token stability is the goal.

As of now, Taco has TACO and SHING as their tokens. The TACO token is for the Taco project, while the SHING token is for the Taco Universe, the gaming side of the Taco ecosystem.

The Taco Universe has different games spanning various genres that are fun and enjoyable for anyone. From management and upgrades to crafts and passive tokens, the Taco Universe has it all!

Anyone can play a different genre to their type, such as arcade-based games, dungeon play, card strategy, multiplayer, and much more.

This WAX chain game is changing the way blockchain gaming is being perceived. It focuses on skill-based experience with cosmetic NFTs and tokens included within the crafting and reward system.

If you’re just hungry to earn, Taco is the game that keeps on giving.

8. Realm NFT

Realm NFT is a play-to-earn game where you manage your resources over your pool of NFT leaders to save the world. The game revolves around collecting resources, building your RLM tokens, unlocking areas and regions, and leveling your personal realm.

Realm Leaders, Helpers and Boosts are NFTs based on the WAX blockchain. These are high-quality artwork that people would want to have.

There is also housing where your helpers will live, a research lab where various enhancements can be made for your helpers, leaders and buildings, and even a transport depot where you can access additional resources.

In Realm NFT, you will participate in missions and world events that require your help. Success rates vary depending on your leader’s level, including the types of helpers you send.

Meanwhile, world events are where all players around the world can participate together for a specific period of time.

So what are you waiting for? The realm needs you.

9. Xpansion

Xpansion NFT Game under WAX blockchain
Ready your ships to explore the great expanse. Image Source: Xpansion

Xpansion is an NFT-powered decentralized WAX-based sandbox game. While the developers revealed the game’s prologue last 2021, Xpansion is quickly becoming one of the best WAX chain games in the market today.

Xpansion NFT Mecha Robot
Get ready for some robot battles! Image Source: Xpansion

In the game, you can be one of the first settlers of Keppler 22b, humanity’s new cradle. Your task is to gather the resources necessary to launch space-faring arks to explore, expand, and settle on new worlds in deep space. This game uses the XPS token.

If you’re into high sci-fi fantasy, Xpansion is your game.

10. Dragons Valley

Dragons Valley is a WAX-based NFT play-to-earn game where you train Dragons to battle Goblins and earn tokens. In this WAX chain game, you can shop for items to grow your Dragon faster.

Your goal as a player is to keep Dragons Valley safe from impending doom. The story revolves around the Goblin King invading the land of Dragons. You now need to become a great Dragon Trainer to evolve your dragons and defeat the Goblin King.

The gameplay involves hatching, training and evolving your dragon so you can earn NFTs. It even has a PvE (Players versus Environment) mode where you battle goblins with your trained dragons.

It also has an alchemy mode where you can evolve your dragons into an alchemist to produce the Dragons Valley’s in-game token, DVG (Dragons Valley Gem), and can be exchanged through Alcor.

In hatching the eggs, you will need to use incubators. They determine how long the egg will hatch or the quality of the Dragon’s stats.

If you’re an avid dragon lover, you’ll certainly enjoy playing this game!

11. NFT Panda: World of Fantasy

NFT Panda: World of Fantasy is a WAX-based play-to-earn game that uses tokenomics centered around gamers. This WAX chain game lives out your true fantasy of using Pandas to fight evil and emerge victorious.

Your task is to reunite the lands of Elgard and reignite their prosperity to greater heights. (It reminds you of the movie Kung Fu Panda, doesn’t it?)

The team behind NFT Panda wishes to create the first NFT Panda multiverse.

In NFT Panda, there are adventures, awards, items and crafts, a leaderboard, and most importantly, Pandas. During your hero’s adventure, your Panda can encounter anything from discovering treasure to a dragon attacking you.

His misadventures can affect the Bamboo (BAM) token you earn.

Want to command heroes of Pandas? NFT Panda is your game.

12. Sanguo Z World

Sanguo Z World Troops Menu User Interface WAX NFT game
Ready your troops to battle the Three Kingdoms! Image Source: Sanguo Z World

Sanguo Z World is a WAX chain play-to-earn game where you participate in battles to level up and earn NFTs and YUAN tokens. The game uses tokenomics, with three tokens: YUAN, TROOP and WEAPON. While TROOP and WEAPON are in-game tokens and non-withdrawable, YUAN can be withdrawn and traded in Alcor.

A unique factor about this game is that you can use Farmers World’s NFTs, FWF (Farmers World Food), to hire TROOP or cure injured TROOP. You can also use FWG (Farmers World Gold) and FWW (Farmers World Wood) to acquire WEAPON.

You can accumulate a greater reputation through battles, bringing you higher hero levels and leading your armies to victory.

Since the game plays with the idea of the Three Kingdoms, it is no wonder that players like its concept.

So ready your weapon and bring forth your armies to conquer the lands in Sanguo Z World!

13. Goldmand

Goldmand WAX NFT Game
It’s not enough to just mine. Image Source: Goldmand

Goldmand is a WAX-based NFT play-to-earn mining game. FANTASY NFT LIMITED developed this game, and they intended this WAX chain game not to only be a mindless clicking simulator.

They intend to create a fully realized economy system that rewards players with in-depth tokenomics, allowing the players to enjoy playing the game while earning from the Goldmand economy.

Playing Goldmand will let players immerse themselves into the world of mining, crafting tools and creating an army battle-hardened for PVP.

There are three races in Goldmand: Human, Alvars, and Sevars. They differ in their capacities. For example, humans are the main food producer while Alvars generate more energy.

Goldmand token or GMD is its native currency. It is tradable on Alcor.

The Mining Hub is where players can start mining. You are given five item slots, with the first three for tools and the two for amulets. You can buy more slots if you like.

The hub features details like mining power, mining bonus and mining duration.

If you’re looking to mine some resources, look no further as Goldmand is one of the easier games to get into now.

14. TokenLands

TokenLands Epic Sci Fi NFT WAX chain game
Get ready for an epic sci-fi game with advance military-style adventure. Image Source: TokenLands

TokenLands is a play-to-earn colonization WAX chain game where you fight five continents for token dominance. It lets you live out your epic sci-fi adventure fusing the military genre together.

The gameplay involves continents, land sectors, earning T-coins, evolving NFT cards, staking, commercial objects, auctions, banks, war factories, and mining.

The game is similar to Alien Worlds and may try to simulate different worlds through colonies or continents.

Depending on your genre preference, this sci-fi adventure is much to behold. You will enjoy colonizing worlds.

15. Funny Cats

Funny Cats WAX P2E game
This is the PURR-fect game for you. Image Source: Funny Cats

Funny Cats is a fun WAX-based chain game where you play as brave cats going on a quest of exploration beyond jungle borders and even in outer space. Your task is to collect as many cats as possible.

So far, you’ll find four types of cats in-game: Jungle Cats, Space Cats, Promo Cats, and Super Cats. They’re self-explanatory based on their names.

However, Promo Cats may not net you a lot of tokens, but they are a great way to start your adventure in Funny Cats. On the other hand, Super Cats are cats that have contracted super powers through their travels across the universe.

Funny Cats uses CAT (CATCOIN) as its main token. CATNIP is their second token. You can use Alcor to exchange coins.

If you’re a cat lover, you’ll surely enjoy this game!

16. Arena Of Glory

Arena Of Glory NFT Cards Arena Battler Game
Live in the fiery battles of the Gladiator. Image Source: Arena Of Glory

Arena Of Glory is known as the Gladiator NFT arena battler game on the WAX blockchain. You play with Gladiators in the arena and fight your way to become the best.

Gladiators are the most basic asset in the game. You can expect to use them in every activity like going on adventures.

A gladiator has five attributes, but the most important is Overall as it sums up your Attack, Defense, Speed and HP.

Last August 9, 2022, the game developers announced the introduction of PVP Game mechanics. In the game, you are a Roman who owns at least 20 gladiators to fight the arenas for you. With your 20 gladiators in the battle, you will receive 5 random gladiators from your collection.

You can then use them and proceed with the arena battle. You will have 5 life points in the game, as will your opponent. Whoever hits 0 life points first will lose.

When you end the match, you’ll shout, “Are you not entertained?!”

17. Dawn of Victory

Dawn of Victory is a WAX-based NFT card strategy game set in World War II, where you participate in historical battles like D-Day. You contribute to the war efforts by collecting NFT cards and earning passive income. You can also be a producer where you sell your resources to military divisions in the war.

It was Winston Churchill who said:

There is only one answer to defeat, and that is victory.

At the time of writing, the team of developers behind this WAX chain game comprises 7 international specialists from various gaming industry sectors.

They believe in the future of NFT gaming, and the WAX ecosystem is an appropriate platform technology for Dawn of Victory. The WAX blockchain is fast and efficient, with its market activity through the roof.

The team wishes to participate in the revolutionary evolution of the video game industry. They aim to create a unique gaming experience by strategically and tactically playing cards.


Dawn of Victory lets players lead their divisions to win the war, formed by several units, including an officer. You will only win in combat, depending on your unit powers.

Upon winning, you will be rewarded with DoV tokens and limited NFT card collectibles. You will have to experiment and explore which division design is most effective in combat.

Aside from divisions, there are camps in the game, fitted with buildings like a vehicle repair building. Evolving your card collection gives you all the essential structures to enhance your unit power.

Most importantly, on the map, different types of battlefields are present. You will need to adapt your strategy to ensure high chances of success.


Playing the Dawn of Victory, you can earn in-game tokens and limited German NFT cards. DoV tokens can be traded on various exchanges. You may even use the Atomic Hub NFT marketplace.

Stacking is another option in the game. NFT card owners can offer these cards to other players as rents so they can use a specific set of cards they do not possess.

If you enjoy playing war games, Dawn of Victory may be just the game for you.

18. FunnyCats – Staking

Funny Cats Staking NFT game
PURR-fect Steak O-furr-tuna-ties. Image Source: FunnyCats Staking

Not to be confused with another similarly titled entry, Funny Cats Staking is all about staking your NFTs. These NFT cards have animated images of your favorite cats, from Batman to other heroes.

The game is simple since it only involves staking for the most part. You attach your NFT to a platform or protocol. As such, you will receive staking rewards.

Such a perfect game doesn’t get any simpler than that.

19. Office Land

Office Land NFT Virtual Business World
Ready to make money work for you? Image Source: Office Land

Office Land is a WAX-based NFT virtual world where you create and manage your businesses, hire staff, and use human resources to earn crypto. This game is a dream come true for any businessman tycoon.

The WAX chain game revolves around recruiting NFT staff members, upgrading them, virtual working, and other activities and goodies. Since you are a manager, you lead your business to success, assigning tasks to your workers.

Five in-game slots are at your disposal where you can choose the best to work for you and get the most work done. You can even buy them fancy hats and beautiful furniture to increase your staff’s productivity.

The factory, workshop, and coffee shop are other areas in the game you can explore.

Will you work to live or live to work? Such is the irony of being a businessman.

20. Farming Tales

Farming Tales Metaverse NFT Farmer Simulator
Farmers farm to tell the tale. Image Source: Farming Tales

Farming Tales is a fun decentralized farmer simulator under the WAX blockchain where you can earn SEST tokens. It is where agriculture and farming meet NFTs.

The team behind this desires the bridge between the NFT world and real agriculture. With talks about innovation and digitization in rural areas, this WAX chain game pushes the limits of virtual NFT gaming.

As of writing, Farming Tales consists of three farms. Two are located in the Italian territory, with saffron and honey as their main farmed ingredients. The other is in Tenerife, with hemp as its main production course.

They aim to expand their network and involve more small farmers worldwide. In the game, you can become an owner of a real farm. When you own a farm, you are guaranteed a small basal production where you can produce honey.

With that, you can make some production slots available to other users, and then they can pay you a small fee.

If you have a passion for agriculture, Farming Tales will be enjoyable!

21. Train of the Century

Train of the Century is a WAX-based NFT railroad card collectible game where trains throughout the centuries act as cards to be used to build trains. It uses the Centuryverse ecosystem that comprises all of the Train of the Century universe.

From locomotives, rail cars and commodities to conductors, passengers and stations, each century you encounter in the game have unique NFT assets.

In this WAX chain game, you can time travel multiple centuries through Century Trains and Active Portal Pass Conductors.

You will be placed at a random station as you start the game. After that, you will start building your first train. Factors you must consider when coming up with the best train setup include fuel requirements, destination, arrival time, commodity rates, and next stop distance.

Your view will mainly happen within the Centuryverse.

You’ll love this game if you are a train lover (like Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory TV Series).

22. Green Rabbit Game

Green Rabbit Game is an interesting and promising WAX chain metaverse 3D game where you can do multiple activities around Nanotopia. From racing and crafting to exploration and staking, you can do almost anything in this NFT game.

Players can immerse themselves in the beautiful cityscape and sci-fi utopian design. You can even craft your own Anima Armor, one of the best parts of the Green Rabbit Game.

The developers’ mission is to provide a fully-fleshed gaming experience built with a code of ethics and integrity, delivering only the NFT industry’s highest standards.

If you’re into sci-fi-inspired worlds with a utopian view and landscape, look no further than Green Rabbit Game.

23. Age of Farming

Age of Farming NFT WAX chain survival P2E game
Throughout the ages, farming has played an important role. What will yours be? Image Source: Age of Farming

Age of Farming is a WAX chain play-to-earn pixelated colony survival game where you start in the Stone Age and make your way up to Bronze and Iron Ages. Your task is to survive until you reach the last age of human evolution.

You hunt and craft to maintain your colony. The game lets you earn NFTs and in-game currencies. Like Sid Meier’s Civilization games, you will constantly evolve your technologies throughout the ages.

The gameplay involves crafting, mining, housing, hunting, logging, and energy management.

Age of Farming will scratch that itch to play something unique and fun if you geek out with historical facts and have a passion for agriculture.

24. The Open Space

The Open Space WAX NFT Sci Fi Game
What happened before the Big Bang? Image Source: The Open Space

The Open Space is a WAX-led NFT science fiction space fantasy game where players play to earn and are rewarded with tokens and in-game currencies. As a spacer, your task is to build your own galaxy, collect resources, and discover new planets to expand your horizons.

This WAX chain game has different mechanisms: mining, research, and perks, where everything weaves together in a glorious epic fantasy exploration gaming experience.

The Open Space employs four main tokens: METAL, CRYSTAL, DEUTRYM, and STRDUST, all of which are tradable on Alcor.

The Open Space will be a treat for you if you’re into epic sci-fi fantasy.

25. BlockchainRPG

BlockchainRPG free to play Game
The time is nigh. Image Source: BlockchainRPG

BlockchainRPG is a decentralized WAX chain free-to-play adventure metaverse game where you can hunt monsters and craft items. Your goal is to become the ultimate adventurer in the blockchain world.

You can expect to break down and salvage gear to make better ones in this game. This prepares you for stronger monsters in newer regions. It takes baby steps for you to progress, but with each step comes bigger rewards.

The game developers of BlockchainRPG want gamers to see their in-game avatars as natural extensions of themselves, especially on the quest for adventure. The game uses metaversal currency called GOLD, the wealth you will find within the game.

These NFT items you find during your adventures are tied to real-world markets, making them have real value. It’s called “BlockchainRPG” for a reason!

So what awaits this adventure you seek? Seek it now if you so dare to play.

26. Castles the NFT Game

Castles the NFT Game is a play-to-earn free-to-play WAX-based kingdom management strategy game where you craft items, collect lands, and grow your kingdom empire. You own and trade NFT assets while playing with castles.

A game by Metasource Games, Castles lets you earn NFT rewards, which you can use to expand your kingdom to farther reaches of the lands.

Building castles is the main goal. You can do this by merging lands together. Six levels of land are available: farms, ranches, villages, towns, cities, and castles (ranked from lowest to highest). There is more to this game than meets the eye, but that is the primary objective you have to do.

If you love castles, you’re going to love this game.

27. Midgard Clash

Midgard Clash is a play-to-earn WAX-led dungeon crawler card strategy game inspired by Scandinavian Mythological Lore, where you collect digital cards and earn Yggdrasil tokens.

Dungeons are the arenas where battles take place. As of writing this, only one dungeon is available for players to play in PvE, but the developers plan at least 300 dungeons upon completion. Moreover, dungeons are also where mining can take place as gamers fight hordes of monsters within the dungeons.

Since this is about Midgard, you can expect the hammer of Thor to appear: Mjölnir.

If you’re into mythology, this game is for you.

28. Rada Quest TCG

Rada Quest TCG Fantasy NFT Game
Will you conquer the kingdom of Rada? Image Source: Rada Quest TCG

Rada Quest TCG is a high fantasy WAX-based play-to-earn card game where players must gather resources to advance their technologies and buildings. You will also get to fight other players to earn NFT rewards.

Developed by Dungeon Keeper Studios Ltd, Rada Quest TCG aims to let gamers fight each other and complete adventure quests using their NFT cards.

With you starting as a “Renegade”, you aim to get fortune and fame in Rada’s kingdom. You will have to fight your way to earn your name, reputation, and prosperity.

Renegades only have access to basic resources, so you must build your empire.

If you’re into high fantasy games, Rada Quest TCG may excite you.

29. Waxel World

Waxel World is an endearing pixelated resource collecting WAX chain game where you gather ore, wood, crop, fish, and much more. You use these resources to create new tools, armor, weapons, and buildings.

Every NFT asset in Waxel World has a purpose and is not merely for display. Recently released in July 2022, Waxel World is steadily rising through the top WAX game ranks in DappRadar.

To start the game, you will need Waxel Ninjas, who will find new citizens. These citizens can then use a “Book of Profession” to fuse them into a profession. There are different professions, including gatherer, refiner and crafter, each having their unique role in shaping Waxel World.

Even though the game is relatively new, there is so much to this game to be had.

If you’re into pixel art, you’ll enjoy this game.

30. Sailors World

Sailors World NFT WAX game
Ready to set sail? Image Source: Sailors World

Sailors World is a fleet-building resource gathering play-to-earn NFT game under the WAX blockchain where you build your own Sailors World fleet armada.

This WAX chain game plays with the idea: “What if you’re Captain Nemo, but you have a large ship fleet at your disposal to battle against sea creatures like the Kraken?”

The game developers have yet to release their PvP and PvE updates, but you can already buy ships from Sailors World. Another feature includes their Maritime Territory, limited NFTs obtainable through Territory Chests.

Another one is the Oil Rig, which allows owners to produce and collect FUEL.

The ships are ready to set sail. If you’re a sailor fan, you will love this game.

Final Words

The WAX blockchain has come a long way since its humble beginnings. It produced these 30 good NFT play-to-earn games. Among them is Alien Worlds, an epic science fiction fantasy about exploration. It is among the best in the market today.

NFT gaming is still in its infancy, and much more can be done with this blockchain technology. As we tread ahead, technology will grow even better, and you can bet WAX chain games such as Farmers World and other top-performing blockchain games will continue to improve.

It is not a matter of if but a matter of when.

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