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What is Move-to-Earn?

Move-to-Earn, or M2E for short, is an up-and-coming section of the huge Web3 and metaverse gaming industry that has recently picked up in popularity. The term itself is exactly what it says, meaning that you can actually earn from the game or app if you’re moving around. Now moving can have various meanings, and we will see some different options in our Move to Earn games list. However, a lot of them stay in the same realm. We will see options regarding simple walking and running, or some with features for bicycles, and some even for dogs.

It’s a wide array of various methods to make users healthy and earn money at the same time. Of course, if money is involved, someone will carry out that task no matter what.

So, without further a do, let’s get into some of the biggest Move-to-Earn games out there, with their market cap set as evidence.

47 of the Biggest Move-to-Earn Games!


STEPN M2E App. Source: STEPN on Medium.

STEPN needs no introduction at all, as it’s mostly considered the pioneer of the Move to Earn game space. The M2E leader makes use of not only great earning utility, but also incorporates sneakers into their app. Their strategies have allowed them to be the best-performing M2E app in the space.

Step App

Prepare yourself for a lot of Step-related app names in this Move to Earn app list! Step App is another M2E app that makes use of great utility, as well sneakers that they call Sneak NFTs. Moreover, there are plenty of social aspects in the game too, such as competing with friends and family in the app. Step App sits second in the market cap list of the Move to Earn apps.


Genopets is another M2E game on our list, but it doesn’t stop just there. The game, apart from allowing players to earn by moving, also has other gameplay features. You have your own pets, called Genopets in the game, with whom you can interact. You can also take part in various battles and other mini-games in Genopets. So, the game takes it a step further than just being a M2E app. It, alongside STEPN, is considered one of the first Move-to-Earn games out there.


This M2E app is another standout option on our list, as it takes a different route from the rest. Dotmoovs isn’t simply a M2E app, as it incorporates sports and skills into its core concept. Players have to record themselves doing skill moves and challenges and then recording themselves. The clever AI detection system of dotmoovschecks for fraud and ranks players too. The higher-ranked players then receive more rewards in the form of NFTs.

Dotmoovz Logo – Source: AMB Crypto


A fairly simple and straightforward app, MoveZ is just a pure Move to Earn app at its core. No gimmicks, and no deterring from the main idea. Here’s what chainplay describes the app as:

MoveZ is based on a common everyday activity for most people: moving. By simply moving, jogging, walking, running, and swimming indoors and outdoors, users will earn IN-APP currency, which can either be donated to numerous charity organizations or cashed out for profit.


Calo also is pretty basic in its M2E mechanics, with just an extra bit of social features included. For example, you can take part in various community challenges that recur weekly or monthly. Players can also breed and mint new sneaker NFTs as well, if they own 2 different sneaker NFTs in the first place, that is.

Run Together

Run Together doesn’t require much explaining either, as its set of functions are fairly limited to just M2E. You can take part in community channels and there are a few competitions in the app, there isn’t much else to enjoy. Nonetheless, it’s still a good option to go for.


Wirtual is a M2E app that you can play on Android and iOS both. it can help you earn money while walking and exercising:

WIRTUAL started out as a test project in the science of Growth Methodology. It was founded to solve a pain point in the market, to make exercise more fun, more immersive, and to bring people together in the virtual world.


MOVEY logo and app on phone graphic – Source: TechBullion

MOVEY is a Move to Earn application which also offers users other types of utility in the form of earning. For example, the app also consists of auto-staking and auto-compounding, giving more ways to earn for players.


MoveCash is an NFT-based web3 Move to Earn game that also combines other aspects of a social application too. You can talk to friends, invite them to your groups, and train alongside them for maximum efficiency. This allows users to not only get healthier and fitter but also do it whilst engaging with their friend circle.


Another game inspired by the likes of STEPN, SuperStep also makes well with the Move to Earn industry. It follows the same basic principles, such as walking and running to get paid in the crypto that the app itself houses. Moreover, SuperStep also focuses on reducing CO2 emissions for a greener earth.


This Move to Earn app is primarily healthcare-related, as it aims to solve the existing health issues that are prevalent in our society. The team behind Cardio thinks, and correctly so, that the government spends too much catering to people who don’t take care of their health. For this reason, the app pays you to move around.


A Web3 Move-to-Earn app, HyperRun is slowly rising through the charts of the industry. The app features multiple social-fi features to entice users into moving while using the app. This leads to more motivation for users to run and exercise.


VICMOVE, like some of the other options here, is not just a walking/running app. Instead, it features multiple types of exercises in its rewards program, including cycling, and of course running too.


Sweatcoin also follows in the same footsteps as many of the games you see on here. It gives you its in-game currency as a reward for the daily walking that you do in real life. You can either spend that on in-game accessories, donate them further to various charities, or just hold them for investment purposes!


This is another Move to Earn app that does things a bit differently to stand out. Instead of just a regular M2E app, beFITTER wants to promote a more sustainable form of physical perseverance. The app also rewards you with its token when you’re sleeping, or involved in many other indirect forms of exercise. If you’re looking to live a healthy lifestyle apart from just the exercise aspect, then don’t miss out on beFITTER.

Run For Life

This is yet another M2E NFT game which includes a social element rather than just being an exercise-only app. You can manage a social profile on the app, and connect with your friends and family.

Step NFT

Another generic-named M2E app, Step considers itself like a gym membership – only here YOU’RE the one who gets paid:

 It’s like a gym membership that pays you back for every step you take. We track your steps with our mobile app and payout in cryptocurrency based on how far you go each day.


MOVN has an interesting proposition to make it stand out in this list. It stores a one-stop-shop for various services. These include mini-apps and games, such as a partner finder, eCommerce, and much more! You can obviously earn from this app too by exercising.


First we had MOVN, now we have WalkN – it is eerily similar, no?

WalkN walks along the same route of providing earning opportunities simply by walking, jogging, or running on a daily basis. However, it aims to connect the virtual and physical world, providing many social features for its users. One such feature is competing with fellow friends, so you can break each others’ records and be involved in a healthy form of competition.


SportE has a great design for an M2E app, which helps it attract many users out there. It has top-notch GPS functionality too, as it’s pretty accurate with its location-tagging. Moreover, SportE also features sneaker NFTs to provide a more appealing feature to its usability.


Another M2E app with a fantastic graphical interface, RunBlox’s main aim isn’t to provide a great earning utility to players. Instead, it wants to focus on the long-term health sustainability of its users.


Yay, another app with the letter “N” at the end of an exercise-related term! FITN consists of not just M2E features, but it includes GameFi and SocialFi as well in one place. This means you will have access to social features, and even some mini-games inside the app.


This one is more of a biking-related app rather than a walking one. Still fitting in the M2E category though! Rbicycle allows players to earn, get involved in socializing with friends, and fully immerse into a proper Move to Earn experience.


Finally, some different names in the mix here. Menzy is a completely unique app with functionality that you won’t come across as often in the M2E space. It relies on AI models to detect user movement through a smartphone camera, and rewards players for the exercise they’re doing.

Walk Dogs

Walk Dogs also follows a simple Move to Earn mechanism, where it tracks your location and keeps count of how many steps you take. Then, it rewards you accordingly based on how much walking you did. The app brings the dog function to it just to encourage the art of walking, even when it takes place without a dog.


MoveMan NFT Humans – Source: The NFT Unicorn

This one is also the same basic Move to Earn app that we’ve now grown accustomed to at this point. Still, MoveMan has a collection of 5,000 different NFTs of various human body shapes.


StepOfDoge is for all the pet lovers out there who want to form a connection with their furry friends. This app consists of a collar for your pet, called STEPD-Collar. This will allow you to walk together with your pets and form a bond. The more steps you take together, the more you earn!


This M2E app in our move to earn games list consists of 2 main branches – a runner app, and a cycling app. You probably already know what the running app does, giving rewards for walking or running. The cycling one does the same, but it pays you for cycling. The more you exercise, the more you progress through the game’s timeline, earning more rewards as you go!


YetiCoin is an M2E app that just checks all of the basic boxes of a regular Move to Earn app. It allows users to earn while moving, all the while providing a platform where its exciting for the user to actually go out and exercise.


We mentioned one game above that tracks the movement of the human body – here’s another one on the list. METZ makes use of smart algorithms that track body movement for exercise and reward users accordingly.


Just another regular Move to Earn app, allowing users to earn while moving with it. You’ll also get daily reminders to exercise, with added motivating factors to keep you stuck on the routine!


AirCoins NFT logo – Source: BSCDaily

Here we have a P2E game that is a lot similar to what Pokemon Go offers. The Aircoins game/app allows you to use its Augmented Reality features to hunt for crypto outside.

Digital Fitness

If you’re looking for an M2E app that works on multiple blockchains, then this might be the go-to option for you. Digital Fitness has functionality on Ethereum and Polygon. Other than that, it’s just a regular M2E app with basic features.


In Walken, you can earn in various ways, and not just by moving. Apart from the normal P2E functionality, you can also breed and trade your NFT-based characters in the game for money. The game team behind Walken is quite big, with over 50 million downloads on app stores. This almost ensures the success of any project they’re looking to release!

PUML Better Health

This long-named Move to Earn app also rewards you with its PUML coins for walking and running around. Furthermore, there are several fitness-based challenges that you can take part in, in exchange for PUML tokens. You can then use these tokens for multiple purposes, including buying gift cards or even donating to charity. Of course, you can also convert it all to real money!


Now this game is an outlier in this move-to-earn list, as it focuses on jumping instead of regular exercises. To earn in this app, you’ll have to jump around. This could be in the form of skip roping or perhaps hopscotch. Nonetheless, a unique concept, but one that doesn’t really offer much utility.


SNKRZ follows a similar path to STEPN, with similar ideas in play. SNKRZ offers various socialization features to keep things fresh and interesting for users. Moreover, you can even own land in the SNKRZ metaverse, which increases the utility of the game by tenfold.

Inu Base

Inu Base is a Move-to-Earn app where you can get a fixed APY for your investments. Not many projects offer this feature for their economy. Nonetheless, a good initiative to consider by the team.

Sweat Economy

Kudos to the team for the game’s name, but it doesn’t really do much different from the other options on the list. Sweat Economy pays you for running and walking around, being a primary Move-to-Earn app out there. They recently raised $13 million!


PyramiDAO in-app screenshots of routes – Source: P2E.Game

This Move-to-Earn app makes use of various complex technicalities that we won’t be able to understand as non-professionals. Here is a description of the game from

PyramiDAO provides a decentralized financial asset that rewards users with a sustainable fixed compound interest model through the use of its unique $PYRA.


In Olympia, it’s not just about moving to earn. The game, as the name may suggest, provides earning through various sports-themed game modes. This helps to give that extra bit of motivation and excitement to persuade users to exercise more.


Another of the Move to Earn games on this list to consist of the word “Step” – when does it end? iStep itself is a pretty common M2E game, as it has the same mechanics and utilities that we’ve discussed in almost every single game above. There are some social features in this game too, to ensure a better connection between users.

Hyper Walk

This seems like an option that should’ve been much higher on the list. Hyper Walk is a Move-to-Earn game that looks to have great features in play. It has SocialFi functionality so that you can interact with your friends globally. Moreover, you can also connect its many sneaker NFTs to involve yourself fully with the game. Apart from that, you get more GameFi with sports-themed game modes.


Apart from its name, everything about GYMMOVE screams clever. The app features many different factors, including but not limited to GameFi and SocialFi. Moreover, there are various exercises on offer, like cycling. The first NFT will need to be bought by users to start earning, and it will be in the form of a digital smartwatch.

Final Takeaways

We hope this list of Move to Earn games was helpful to you, and that it may aid you in getting a healthier lifestyle. Moving is extremely important for our bodies, and if it also helps us to earn money, then why not do it? You can more or less try any of these Move to Earn games from our list and they’ll be great, but we’d recommend STEPN out of the pack as it’s the most popular.

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