Solana metaverse games

Solana metaverse games feature digital pieces of real estate and sell them as land NFTs. The buyers of these NFTS can claim ownership of the virtual plots and enjoy monetary incentives by renting or selling their lands. They can also receive fees for the activities or events held in their virtual spaces. Not all Solana game projects enable the same things; however, we can say that all combine proven game genres with immersive experiences built on blockchain. 

#1 Solice

Solice Solana Metaverse
Solice Solana Metaverse. Source: Solice

Solice is a cross-platform VR metaverse. Players can use the custom editor to create, assemble, and share 3d assets and create their own mini-games. You can also animate your models and sell them in the marketplace to other players. Solice will integrate a VR marketplace where buyers will be able to see the objects in 3D VR. 

This Solana metaverse game’s utility token is SLC which has a total supply of 400,000,000. The team reserved 7% for platform rewards and 5% for user incentives. 

You can earn SLC token rewards by clearing dungeons, playing mini-games, and receiving fees for your own creations when other metaverse visitors interact with your creation. It’s possible to earn SLC via staking as well. 

#2 Afflarium

Afflarium fuses a virtual world built on the Solana network with a massively multiplayer online game. It’ll be possible to play the game on VR, PC, and mobile. The game is built with Unreal Engine. 

The universe of Afflarium consists of four worlds: central world, battle world, arcade world, and the world of adventures. Each has its unique experiences. 

The central world serves as the hub for most activities in the metaverse. For instance, you can open a shop and showcase your assets, interacts with other visitors, and hold virtual events. This is a safe mode in which you’re not allowed to battle. 

Source: CaptainAltcoin

You can compete against other players in the battle world to earn tokens. Arcade world is the region of the metaverse rich with many types of games, including strategy, causal, educational, arts, tabletop, and sports games. The players’ own mini-games will also be published in this part. And the world of adventures is the place for the ultimate game experience where the team will host tournaments, survival games, and other competitions. 

This Solana metaverse game deploys a dual-token economy: AFFL is the governance token, and the stable coin USDC is the utility token. 

#3 Portals

Portals metaverse game stands out not only from the Solana-based projects but from all other metaverse projects with its unique city sculptures. It’s browser-based. 

The metaverse provides the visitors with easy-to-use tools to customize virtual spaces like offices, games, or storefronts. Typical activities include rearranging furniture, placing paintings, and switching lights. It’ll be possible to add interactivity to your items to create immersive experiences. 

You can actually already do these with the demo builder. Note that you this demo version is single-player. However, the full version will be open to anyone with a link.

You can own a place in the Portals’ downtown by buying access card NFTs on Magiceden or OpenSea. These cards grant ownership of real estate units in three regions of the Portals.  

Solana metaverse games

#4 Space Falcon 

Another Solana metaverse game is Space Falcon. It’s an intergalactic virtual world that merges the space shooter genre with Sci-Fi NFTs. It has several types of collectible game assets, including planets, spaceships, and galaxies. Players can trade these intergalactic assets on marketplaces. You can buy Space Falcon NFTs on Magiceden. 

The primary token is FCON which you can purchase on Kucoin,, and Raydium. You can stake your FCON token on Space Falcon’s integrated staking platform. Seven days and 60 days locked period options currently available. The team will also enable NFT staking. 

The project has a web-based mini-game you can try to experience the gameplay. 

#5 Solmoverse

Solmoverse is a virtual metaverse where all pixel NFTs can live together. The project has issued 7,777 planets NFTs which are unique and have over 190 attributes. The mint price was 0.77 SOL. 

Planet NFTs grant owners to have their own spaces in the metaverse, which they can use to interact with others and unite their pixel NFTs from other collections. In addition, owners have the full intellectual property rights of their planets. 

#6 Vivaion

Vivaion is an open-world MMORPG metaverse built on Solana. You can start playing for free and earn NFT items. You can customize your NFT characters. The game allows driving through the metaverse with NFT cars. 

Every NFT has initial core stats and properties at the time of minting. By progressing the games, you can level up these initial values. The main game genres of the metaverse include PvP, Racing, fishing, sports, hunting, and crafting. 


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