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Here are Nine NFT games on Cardano offering future fun times!

Previously on, we covered another popular Cardano NFT game, Cornucopias and Cardano Warriors. 

The cryptocurrency of the Cardano blockchain is ADA. It’s also the primary way of payment for the NFTs of the projects introduced below.¬†

#1 HashGuardians

HashGuardians is a 2D gaming metaverse. The genesis collection of the project included 10,000 HashGuardians sold in HashBoxes. Owning one of these NFTs is a prerequisite to entering the metaverse. The final NFT game will consist of an open world with multiple mini-games. 

The primary utility token is Hashcoins. NFT owners have the right to claim 100 Hashcoins for free per one HashGuardian NFT every month. They can also receive staking rewards. Instead of paying with ADA, fans can use Hashcoins in future NFT sales. 

#2 Cardano 4 Speed

As a racing Cardano NFT game,¬†Cardano 4 Speed’s collections include racing cars as NFTs. There’ll be a total of 10,000 vehicles from three different groups. They include 2D car NFTs, 3D car NFTs, and 360-degree representations of racing car models. The NFTs of Cardano 4 Speed have five rarity levels: standard, scarce, rare, super rare, and legendary. The primary token is C4S, with a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000. The team allocated 50% of it to play-to-earn rewards.¬†

Cardano NFT games
Cardano 4 Speed is an NFT racing game built on Cardano network.

#3 Cardano Village

Cardano Village is a metaverse Cardano NFT gaming project developed in Korea with an NFT collection including 10,000 metaverse land plots.

The NFT sales are taking place in 3 stages:

  • the first and second stages include 3,000 plots each,
  • the last step contains 4,000 plots.¬†

You can view the land plot collection of Cardano Village here. You can filter the results based on the scenes of the villages per time, color, and series. 

#4 Crypto Mage

Crypto Mage is a Cardano NFT game with wizards as the main game characters. You can collect Mages, cast spells, craft new magic items, improve skills to become the mightiest Mage and participate in tournaments to earn rewards. The gameplay also allows players to find totems, compete with other Mages and participate in quests. You can acquire Mages as NFTs from the project’s native¬†marketplace. As of writing this article, there are still 7898 unsold Mage NFTs.¬†

Crypto Mage
Crypto Mage

#5 Dracards

Dracards is a multiverse fantasy NFT card trading game inspired by Hearthstone, Gwent, and AutoChess games. Players construct a deck of 50 cards, and the gameplay includes a draw phase followed by a battle phase between two players. Both PvP and PvE modes are available. The team also organizes tournaments. The primary utility token of the Dracards game is FIRE. Holders can stake FIRE to earn rewards and also vote on proposals. 

#6 Chibidango Heroes

This Cardano NFT game collection includes 10,000 Chibidango Elven Heroes with unique features, random items, and pets. These NFTs will provide utilities later in the game when it launches. 

The¬†Chibidango Heroes game includes adventure, expedition, underworld, and arena. In adventures, you can upgrade your heroes by collecting crafting materials and potions. Expeditions are for discovering new locations in the game’s world, rich with materials to level up the heroes’ gear. In the underworld, you battle with monsters to gain a precious item, void stone. And in the arena, you compete with other players by building teams of 5 heroes.¬†

#7 Yummi Universe

Image Credit: CNFT Calendar

Yummi Universe is a pet NFT game on Cardano in which you collect and battle Yummies. There are 1200 individual NFTS and six types: burger buddies, cute & stabby, Dab on Em, Extra Hate, Extra Love, and Tough Love.

Each class has four rarity levels: standard, hidden secrets, glitch, and shiny. There’s only one shiny NFT per type and NFT drop.¬†

#8 Crypto Dino

Another pet and breeding game on the Cardano blockchain is¬†Crypto Dino, where players leverage the unique skills of Dino NFTs to build a safe village. It’s possible to collect Dinocoins and trade them on the market.¬†

Crypto Dinos have many attributes, including body, spot, eyes, teeth, belly button, and footprints. 

#9 Pavia

Pavia Team 1068x715 1
Image Credit: CryptosR Us

Pavia is a metaverse NFT gaming project on Cardano. The project released 29,000, 31,000, and 40,000 land NFTs in three different sale events. The economy of the metaverse relies on the Pavia token. The total supply is 2,000,000,000, and the team reserved 25% of the total supply for community airdrops and another 25% for play-to-earn rewards and liquidity. 

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