9 NFT games that make money

It’s not surprising that NFT games are gaining a lot of traction. People are searching for NFT games that make money. Despite the economic recession we’ve recently been experiencing, people are turning to the NFT gaming space to make a living.

For example, people from the Philippines, a South East Asian country, have been playing crypto games to supplement their income. One game Filipinos are playing is Axie Infinity.

Not only in the Philippines are NFT games popular, but people are beginning to embrace play-to-earn gaming worldwide. A recent survey by Finder supports this statement.

Taken from Finder’s NFT Gaming Adoption Report, the data shows that more and more people are playing NFT games, with India (33.8%), Hong Kong (28.7%), and the UAE (27.3%) being top players.

So it’s only right that you join in with the fun! The world of NFT gaming is only going to get bigger. Its future is looking bright!

Because of that, we know that you’re on the hunt for crypto games that can make you some hard-earned cash. We’ve listened to your request and actually did the research.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 9 NFT games that actually make money.

1. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is easily the biggest NFT game on this list across the entire blockchain sector. This NFT game is constantly evolving and pushing the limits of NFTs and crypto games.

It is a well-designed NFT collectible game that is heavily inspired by Pokemon. This NFT game is a legitimately enjoyable and polished experience.

9 NFT games that make money
Image Source: Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity provides players the experience to collect and build up their very own army of Axes. They can then use these NFT assets to engage in combat with one another and earn SLP, the native platform utility token.

There are several copycats to the Axie Infinity project, with some legitimate competitors appearing around the space. Its true innovation lies in the now-mandatory play-to-earn mechanics, which allows players to gain healthy ROIs purely through playing the game.

2. Splinterlands

Splinterlands is a title that has been around for quite a while. Seeing an initial surge of growth early on, the project has remained relatively dormant for some time.

However, with a clear rally and rise of interest around the blockchain gaming sector, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Splinterlands boasts a completely operational and working product. The gameplay combines elements of a traditional battle game with an auto-battler.

splinterlands game
Splinterlands has a native marketplace where you can buy trading cards.

Facing off against another player, you craft your custom deck right there and then set your decks to battle automatically. Although with a relatively slow start, many users and investors claim that the Splinterlands project will explode in the near future. This NFT game can surely help you make money.

3. Nine Chronicles

A completely free-to-play roleplaying game, Nine Chronicles allows players to play as an adventurer that can slay monsters and collect treasures, including facing off and fighting other players set across an epic and well-designed fantasy world.

Looking under the surface, you’ll soon realize that Nine Chronicles are extremely unique and far apart from the rest of existing blockchain games.

nine chronicles nft game on steam
Image Source: Steam

The entire gaming protocol is set on a peer-to-peer network, similar to torrenting applications such as BitTorent. There exists a collection of users across the globe who are involved in creating the Nine Chronicles network. No one company controls the singular central server.

This means that the entire online world of Nine Chronicles will continue on as long as there is a single person involved in playing as opposed to the vast majority of gaming titles that can instantly be shut down once their servers are no longer run and maintained.

4. Sorare

The most popular sport on the planet is easily football, a multi-billion dollar empire that spreads across the globe and has inspired fans for many years through many generations.

However, not everybody gets the chance to get out there and kick a ball around. Sometimes, there’s just far too much going on, and people are busier nowadays. This is where Sorare comes in.

sorare fantasy football
Image Source: Reuters

Sorare brings some amazing crypto integrations to the classic fantasy football type game, allowing users to hold their favorite players as legitimate NFT assets, use these cards in fantasy football tournaments, with rewards of even rarer cards and ETH-based prizes.

Sotare has actually managed to raise a whopping $680 million through a series B round of funding, valuing the company at an impressive $4.3 billion.

With mass support from numerous venture capitalist firms around the planet, including a number of high-profile teams and players, Sorare is the most legitimate crypto-based fantasy football league that the decentralized space is set to see. This NFT game is sure to make you some money!

5. Zed Run

A horse racing game based on the blockchain, Zed Run innovates and upgrades the current legacy horse racing industry by introducing provable, fair, and authentic gambling to the space.

Zed Run
Image Source: Zed Run

Gamers can own and maintain their own unique NFT horse. These horses include their own particular set of traits and can be bred with one another, minting and creating new NFT assets.

The Zed Run team went ahead and created an additional ecosystem for those looking to bet on horse races as opposed to becoming full-time breeders.

6. Town Star

Town Star is a weekly town simulation competitive NFT game that rewards winners every week with GALA coin. This is a game that borrows heavily from games such as the Sims, Age of Empires, Clash of Clans, and even Farmville.

As a player, you get control of an entire area of land. Your job is to develop that land however you see fit, build a farm, or plant some crops. The choice is truly yours!

town star gala games
Image Source: GALA Games

Ultimately, you’re competing with players from around the planet to finish higher up and collect some of the coveted prize money.

By GALA games team, Town Star is a completely free-to-play game where you could just jump right in and start earning.

Even if it is free-to-play, this NFT game can net you money, and that’s good!

7. League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms empowers mobile players, allowing them to own lands as NFT assets. It plays similar to huge real estate titles such as Decentraland or the Sandbox.

The major defining feature of the League of Kingdoms is the fact that it allows gamers to earn daily rewards in the DAI stable coin.

league of kingdoms
Image Source: Esports

League of Kingdoms allows gamers to collect in-game resources, minting these resources and then trading them on an open marketplace like OpenSea.

Many NFT-based games maintain a strict monetary barrier of entry, forcing gamers to purchase NFT assets just to start playing. Unlike those games, League of Kingdoms cost absolutely nothing, and gamers have the potential to earn and enjoy.

8. Lost Relics

Games such as Diablo and Path of Exile are perfect for the NFT-based crypto gaming world. Lost Relics is the greatest example of this. It allows gamers to raid dungeons and slay enemies on the hunt for greater loot and treasures.

When you defeat your enemies, you will find two types of loot in the Lost Relics ecosystem: Virtual and Blockchain.

lost relics
Image Source: Lost Relics

Let me define these two: virtual items are maintained and the game developers direct them. Blockchain items are completely decentralized and gamers can trade, buy, sell, or do whatever they want with them.

Lost Relics is completely free to play as of now, with a paid membership available that unlocks a number of attractive perks. Involve yourself with this game fast as player slots are somewhat limited! This NFT game will surely help you earn money.

9. CryptoFights

CryptoFights is a turn-based fighting game in the style of classic old-school handheld games like Final Fantasy or the Chrono Trigger game. These traditional games have huge appeal across Asian regions and the mobile space.

This NFT game allows players to use a wide variety of talents to battle and fight their opponents. Using powerful spells, insane weapons, dodging and rolling are all factors in this pretty impressive NFT gaming execution.

crypto fights
Image Source: CryptoFights

CryptoFights grants players and investors the capacity to actually wager and gamble on predicted outcomes of these fights. The usage of blockchain technology allows for complete transparency and verifiability, including increased security with no chance of cheaters emerging.

The CryptoFights ecosystem looks to extend itself to the realm of eSports and high-profile gambling across the decentralized gaming ecosystem.

Final Word

This list may not be exhaustive as there are hundreds of NFT games in the marketplace. There may be other games that can net you income just as well. However, these are what we found to be the most trustworthy games currently in the blockchain space.

These NFT games that make money are some of the best in this selection. Time and again, they’ve proven to be valuable to the gaming space and have even contributed to the growth of the GameFi industry.

While some of these games are relatively new, don’t mistake their youth for low quality. Games like Splinterlands have proven themselves essential to the expansion and mass adoption of the NFT gaming world.

A growing movement is brewing in the gaming scene, with the integration of NFT-based games to the market. The games on this list prove that NFT gaming has the potential to drastically change the way gaming is done.

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