StepN Make You Steps Count

When Jerry Huang and Yawn Rong had the idea that you could earn money via walking, jogging or excercing, they went on to make it a reality.  After consistent dedication and determination, their dreams came true in December 2021 when StepN was finally released.

Essentially, StepN is an activity-tracking app that lets you earn crypto while you work out. It was one of the first NFT ventures to adopt this paradigm, in which customers’ market value increases as they play the blockchain-based game.

Even though a cyber attack happened in June 2022, StepN is still one of the most popular fitness app in the industry. This move-to-earn game has an activity of two to three million players on a monthly basis. This is an astonishing number for such a young NFT project.

To put a value on StepN’s success, it’s native governance and value token (GMT) has a market valuation of under $690 million at the time of this writing. We’ve prepared a comprehensive StepN guide to assist you in light of the increased interest in the project.

About StepN: The Fitness-Paying App

StepN is a fitness app that functions on the Solana blockchain. It tracks the distance you have travelled during your workout and pays you for crossing a certain amount daily. While StepN doesn’t reward your effort with cash, it does help you earn valuable cryptocurrency.

It’s up to you if you want to switch the crypto-tokens for other digital coins or withdraw them out as traditional money.

This way, StepN successful targets the audience wanting to exercise or become more fit; while providing with the motivation to do so. It also promotes a healthy lifestyle amongst individuals looking for easy ways to start earning money.

The team at StepN says that their app is an easy access gateway for people unfamiliar with Web3It helps understand the complications of the cryptocurrencies and NFTs is a more comfortable manner.

Now that we know how the app works, what it can do for us, and why people are so motivated to exercise their crypto, let’s go deeper into the ecosystem.

StepN: It’s Functionality

StepN x ASICS – image source:

This move-to-earn platform has an extremely simple functionality: Just turn it on before you start your workout regime and let StepN record your efforts. Currently, the game only offer one earning model, the Solo mode. However, according to the staff, there are two more versions currently under development.

It is imperative to understand that StepN tracks your distance rather than how much energy you utilize. Hence it makes use of GPS technology to eliminate any potential frauds by using a treadmill or elliptical.

Begin you can start earning, you have to invest in a pair of NFT sneakers that can tolerate the amount of activity you wish to perform. A few years back,  ASICS and StepN collaborated to release a collection of limited edition NFT shoes.

Simply put, you earn a GST token for every minute you spend on the game moving and exercising. The app will register your natural motion positively.

Unfortunately, there is a limit to it. The amount of time you can spend using the app and earning GST is restricted by the amount of energy you have available. Your energy levels varies accordingly if you have a large number of different kinds of digital footwear.

StepN: All About The Energy

StepN Different Shoes
StepN Different Shoes – image source:

So let’s say you begin the game with two Energy units and a pair of Common sneakers. This can help you earn only for five minutes per Energy (10 minutes of earning time in total).

If you wish to increase your earning potential, the solution is quite simple: Buy More Shoes!

Consequently, 4 Energy is equivalent to 20 minutes of earning time when you have three shoes. However, nine pairs of shoes grant you nine Energy, equivalent to 45 minutes of earning time, and so on.

You can also get a dash of extra energy if your NFT sneakers are distinctive and high-quality. When you obtain an Uncommon, Rare, Epic, or Legendary shoe, you receive 1, 2, 3, or 4 Energy.

For example, if you have two rare sneakers and one common sneaker, you’ll be able to earn GST for 40 minutes every session with a total of 8 energy. So now you know how long you can make money. Let’s get you educated on how much can you make?

How much you earn depends on four sneaker qualities: their efficiency, the lucky factor, their strength, and their comfort level.

Let’s Dig Deeper!

StepN NFTs
StepN NFTs – image source:

As a StepN user, you should know that your energy level decides the amount of money you earn. Therefore, the more energy you have, the longer you can work out, which means you’ll get more out of it.

However, this begs the question: how do you get more energy? What amount of energy is the most you can get?And what do you need to do to give yourself more energy?

As we said before, your StepN rewards depend on how much energy you have. Remember, you won’t be able to get rewards if you run out of energy.

  • You gain energy upon the purchase of your first pair of sneakers.
  • The highest possible units of energy for each Sneaker is 2.
  • You are bound to lose your energy if you sell your NFT in the community.
  • The rate at which Energy is spent is 0.2 units/minute.
  • You get a 25% energy recharge every six hours.

Tips & Tricks To Increase Your Energy

1. Buy More Digital Trainers

As you buy more sneakers, your energy levels go up. This in turn helps you gain more rewards. We’ve shared a table with the trainers that shows how much energy you get.

Sneaker No. Energy Move-to-Earn Time Note (Rank)
1 2 10 Mins Newbie
3 4 20 Mins Daily User
9 9 45 Mins Savvied User
15 12 60 Mins Pro User
30 20 100 Mins Athlete

2. The Rarer, The Better

Having rarer shoes is another way to get additional energy in StepN. The table below shows how much more energy you get based on how rare the sneakers are.

Sneaker Rarity Type Increase in Energy
Uncommon Sneaker 1 Energy
Rare Sneaker 2 Energy
Epic Sneaker 3 Energy
Legendary Sneaker 4 Energy

The Impossible: Earning 25 Energy

Have you heard anyone in StepN say they used 25 Energy on a single task? How could that even be? Well, it’s quite  easy, and you can use the same method to give yourself more energy if you’re tired. What am I trying to tell you?

Get more energy than you can get in a day.

If your maximum energy is 20, start your activity 30 minutes before you are supposed to get more energy. First, you’ll have to spend 5 Energy on this, and then the new 5 Energy will be added to the activity in progress. Because of this, you can spend a total of 25 Energy on the same activity.

If you have 12 Energy, you can use the same method to increase it to 15 for that activity. People often say that this is a “125 percent StepN activity.”

Energy Usage: When Once Is Better Than Often

This doesn’t matter if your main focus is GST earnings. However, if you want to get high-level Mystery Boxes, it is well known that using more energy for the same task will increase your chances of getting a high-level Mystery Box.

Basically, your chances of receiving a higher-quality Mystery Box are significantly improved if you spend 12 Energy in a single run instead of 6 Energy in two separate runs.

Again, this is only important from the point of view of the Mystery Box. This doesn’t matter at all if you make money through GST.

Energy Bridge: Enabling Realm Travel Within StepN

The Energy Bridge from StepN is not a real bridge that lets you move things from one Realm to another. Instead, it is a limited-time incentive based on the assets you already have in other Realms. You can think of it as an airdrop of energy that lasts for a short time and then goes away.

As you probably already know, StepN is played in different Realms that happen at the same time. There are two StepN Realms right now. One is on Solana, and the other is on Binance Chain. Until recently, you couldn’t share energy between different Realms, and they didn’t interact with each other…until very recently.

Realm 3 Update
Realm 3 Update – image source:

At the beginning of this month, StepN announced that Realm 3 would be built on top of Ethereum. This will give StepN access to a whole new crypto ecosystem, and it also comes with an important change to how energy is shared. Users can get more energy by playing in other Realms after Realm 3 comes out.

So, if you already have sneakers on Solana and Binance Chain, you will get two more energy in the new Realm (1 per existing Realm). Unfortunately, the amount of extra energy you can get is limited, which goes down each month you spend in the new Realm.

In other words, StepN is trying to give you more reasons to hop into a new Realm where you can get more sneakers. As an active player, it’s up to you which way you’d prefer to go.

Will you stay within your original Realm or are you ready for some crypto-multiversal travel? 

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