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The new AAG experience-driven wallet MetaOnewaiting list is now available. The unique crypto wallet is an exceptional new tool to ensure crypto owners can safely and efficiently manage their digital assets.

AAG has announced that its waiting list is live, and anyone signing up will receive lifetime profit shares. They could also receive up to $5,000 USDC, NFTs, or even both.

What problems will MetaOne solve? And what does it mean for the Metaverse and Web3?

Who are AAG?

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AGG Ventures has opened the waiting list for MetaOne, inviting keen crypto users a chance to cash in early. Image Credit: PowerUEntrepreneur

AGG Ventrues describes itself as “Making software that enables economic opportunities worldwide through the Metaverse.” The MetaOne crypto wallet is part of a mission to better the internet experience for all, but more on that later. The orgamisation also offers a GameFi platofrm, which curently acts as manager portal for AGG Guild.

The organisatio is one of the fastest-growing guilds in the Play-To-Earn space and they aim to create economic freedom worldwide through the Metaverse economy. They also claim to have only the best intentions for everyone, everywhere! Designing products built to scale for the masses and the Web3 economy.

The Metaverse Wallet

“We call it MetaOne because we’ve been here in the metaverse space from the beginning.” – Jack Vinijtrongjit, co-founder and CEO at AAG

The term ‘Metaverse‘ is used to describe a combination of the virtual reality and mixed reality worlds accessed through a browser or headset, which allows people to have real time interactions and experiences across distance. A digital wallet stores digital currencies like cryptocurrencies.

Digital wallet tools ensure that users get the best out of their experiences in virtual worlds. They store Metaverse tokens, therefore opening one is a crucial step towards investing in non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are a major component of the Metaverse. Co-founder and CEO, Jack Vinijtrongjit, vows that the MetaOne wallet will be all anyone needs for carrying their cryptocurrency, NFTs, smart contracts, and more. He describes it as a “passport to Web3”.

MetaOne Solving The Meta World’s Problems

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A Metaverse digital wallet can store your crypto, but can it keep it safe? Image Credit: Code&Care

MetaOne is intends to solve a series of problems currently troubling the digital wallet world. Security being a big one. All of us prefer to think our investments are safe, triple bolted and behind imprentrable steel structures. Currently, digital assets are prone to attacks and vulnerabilities due to a lack in authentication and “safe” seed phrases.

Digital wallets also don’t offer the best user experience, as they are arguably too difficult for everyday people to use without some extensive googling. Add the lck of access to the blockchain, which only further complicates the process, and you have a real pickle.

The Metavserse has other problesm however, including a lack of interoperability and uniformity between the various metaverse platforms, its usability and usefullness to consumers and, currently, companies need to know how they can profit from the platform.

Explore Web3

The Harvard Business Review describes Web3 as the future of the internet. Techincally, Web3 doesn’t even exist in its full form yet. Still in development, the new internet is set to revolutionise how we interact on the web, or, it’s just another overinflated digital product for decentralized finance and trading NFTs.  However it evolved, it is touted as a new, decentralized iteration of the web that runs on blockchain technology.

The term web3, also written out as web 3.0, was originally conceived of in 2014 by computer scientist and ethereum co-creator Gavin Wood in a post on his blog, “Insights into a Modern World.” The developments intends to better protect our personal data following Edward Snowden’s revealtions on the subject.

Wood said that “we engineer the system to mathematically enforce our prior assumptions, since no government or organisation [sic] can reasonably be trusted.”

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Web3 is set to revolutionize the way we communicate online. Image Credit: The World Economic Forum.

Web3 also enables new business and social models, including smart contracts which enabe tokens, including cryptocurrencies, to power the business models and economics of Web3, and are built into blockchain protocols.

Essentially, the Metaverse needs Web3 to reach its potential. Tts tokenization is neccessary to store and exchange value in a purely virtual context.

The Future?

The metaverse market value is likely to reach $758.6 billion by 2026 and AGG Ventures new MetaOne digital wallet is clearly meant to get in on the action. When Web3 becomes available to everyone, and the realities of its potential become clear, we will know whether investing in products such as this was a viable idea. Although the technology is impressive and intends to protect cryptousers from hackers and blockchain frustration, its potential is still relatively unclear.

We will see what the future, and Web3, bring.

You can read more about the Metaverse and upcoming projects here.

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