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Axie Infinity saw a 59% rise in its game’s active users, marking an impressive start to the year. Recent data show that Axie Infinity’s sales volume increased by a staggering 214% in January. These encouraging statistics imply that Play-to-Earn games might regain popularity after a terrible decline in 2022!

How Many People are on Axie Infinity?

The latest DappRadar data reveals that since January 1st, the number of active user wallets on Axie Infinity has climbed by 59%. Naturally, the game’s native tokens, AXS (Axie Infinity Shards) and SLP (Smooth Love Potion), also gradually climbed until reaching their peaks on January 14.

Overall, the latest reports reveal a remarkable accomplishment! The thrilling uptick might also be connected to the game’s most recent update, which debuted at the start of January. Players may now customize their Axies, trade in-game goods, and improve the entire game economy thanks to the new feature.

Are P2E Games Back on Trend?

The last year was a letdown compared to 2021 for the Play-to-Earn NFT-powered games. However, things are looking up this year as popular games such as Axie Infinity recording increased popularity.

Additionally, investors are supporting brand-new P2E games. Neopets, a virtual pet game prepared to enter the Web3 world, is the most recent illustration. In order to scale their project, the game’s creators raised $4 million from reputable investors. Hashkey Capital, Polygon, and Blizzard Avalanche Fund are on the list of investors, which can only imply one thing: it may be truly spectacular.

In conclusion, P2E NFT projects this year are absolutely worth watching. Are you new to the NFT gaming industry? Learn how to earn this year with the help of our guide to P2E games!


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