Adidas Originals has revealed its initial line of blockchain-based virtual wearables. This is part of its effort to further its “community-based, member-first” open metaverse strategy.

The 16-piece limited collection of virtual wearables will be made available on as non-fungible tokens¬†(NFTs). It will be housed under a brand-new “Virtual Gear” product category.

The collection¬†was created by the company’s studio, Three Stripes Studio. The studio designed the wearables¬†to unite its history and future, virtual and physical, communities and creators, culture and identity.

The collection
The collection was created by the Three Stripes Studio.    Image Source: Sneaker News

The vice president of Adidas studio, Erika Wykes-Sneyd, had a couple of things to say regarding the launch. She speculated that the fashion brand would set a precedent for others in the new era of originality. The collection will undoubtedly serve the community by glorifying the purveyors and collectors of emerging styles and cultures.

The Collections

Many “disruptive designs” are featured in the collection. They include the retro-styled “C2172” top created for the year 2172 and the Adidas-branded “Space Crystal” hoodie. In addition, is the reflective “P.F.D. – Personal Flotation Device” puffer coat.

A comical “Wallrunner” textural design made from Adidas Originals’ trefoil in the shape of stuffed animals is included. The “Neobone” jacket, inspired by the rubberized sole pattern of Adidas’ Superstar style, is also available. Three limited edition creator-led wearables showcasing the individual creativity of Bored Ape Yacht Club, Gmoney, and Punks Comics are inclusive.

Virtua Gear
The collection is called Virtual Gear.    Image Source: Sneaker News

Random pieces have been distributed to owners of the Adidas Originals: Capsule NFT Collection. This collection debuted in May 2022 as part of the biggest NFT Airdrop in history. The holders of this collection have two options. The options are to sell it on NFT marketplaces¬†or “burn” it to reveal and replace their Capsule NFT.

The new “Virtual Gear” line will be sold straight on NFT marketplaces. It will be for individuals who don’t own an Adidas Originals: Capsule NFT. Community members who own an Adidas virtual wearable and a compatible NFT from a partner collection have an advantage. They can use a PFP Tool to “dress up” their NFT.

Reasons for the Collection

According to Adidas, each item in the NFT wearables collection¬†has been created to be worn by virtual avatars. As a result, the ‘Virtual Gear’ is ready for all frontiers of Web3. It is also compatible with other identity-based projects and virtual worlds and can be accessed through the PFP dressing tool.

The ‘Virtual Gear’ is ready for all frontiers of Web3. ¬†¬†¬†Image Source: TheNewsMarket

The Adidas line can respond to and adapt to the metaverse settings currently being constructed. Adidas will investigate every potential utility, platform, and experience within Web3 to open up new possibilities for its wearables.

Much emphasis will be placed on the tangible value and immutable usefulness for community members, for they are the core.

The collection presents active community holders with some choices at launch. They will have the chance to burn, express their virtual identity or list, and allow others to join the community. Furthermore, it will support value creators and promote diversity of expression and utility in the evolving virtual world.

 NFTs & The Fashion Industry

it was explained in one of the previous play-to-earn diary articles that the NFT industry rarely falls behind on a trend. The industry progressed from finance to fitness to gaming and now focuses on fashion. Likewise, the fashion industry is willing to test new things and won’t ignore the interest in NFT.

Adidas Virtual Gear
Adidas unveils the new NFT wearable collection with high creativity. Image source: Bitnation

Nic Galway describes Adidas as a brand that explores the limits of creativity and pushes the boundaries to see beyond. However, Web3 presents Adidas designers and team members with a new challenge to exert their creativity. It provides them with fresh canvases to explore and rethink how the brand might be portrayed in an augmented environment.

From a creative standpoint, this virtual collection is more than just an important milestone for Adidas. It symbolizes the concept of time- and space-defying clothes and a vibrantly diversified community.

To an extent, it symbolizes a degree of functionality that is explorable and discoverable as new worlds and avatars emerge.

Fashionable NFTs come in a range of sizes and forms. This comprises virtual replicas of real objects and wearable virtual clothing for users in virtual environments.

17% of the brands analyzed by the Vogue Business Index in 2021 acknowledged collaborating in some way with NFTs. And the expanding luxury NFT industry will hit $25 billion once more fashion brands enter the fray.

Innovative approaches abound in which brands are combining fashion and NFTs. This includes virtual items and digital twins that improve the traceability of expensive and rare clothing. Customers can then purchase, wear, and collect their acquired virtual products. Check out this article¬†to examine NFTs’ representation in the fashion industry.

The Future of Fashion in the Metaverse

Data from Chainalysis hint at the future of NFTs in the fashion sector. The analysis was carried out between January to April 2022. The research found that monthly spending on NFTs fell from more than $12 billion to less than $8 billion. As a result, the market’s 2021 growth was less rapid.

The market’s spending and the number of active buyers¬†were still much larger than they were in 2021 beginning. This is a reliable sign that there is still a great deal of consumer interest, despite the trend slowing.

In order for the NFT sector to grow, well-known brands are also necessary. According to Scalefast, 31% of customers convinced to buy an NFT would do so if there was a proviso. That is if a reputable brand made the NFT.

NFTs seem ready to make a big difference in the fashion industry. Digitization and personalization will be desired and demanded by consumers, particularly Gen Z. As the metaverse expands, individuals will have additional places to showcase their digital purchases.

An NFT is a digital record marked on a blockchain regarding technology. According to Epsilon, 80% of consumers are more willing to buy products from firms that offer customized experiences. However, consumers can interact with the companies they love and get a lot from their preferred digital media.

Therefore, for Adidas, whatever the circumstance or whatever the setting is, it will be a byword for the trailblazers. At this point, and at what

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