Alien Worlds is celebrating Halloween in the Metaverse with Season Six NFTs.

Trick or Trilum!

Players can redeem a Green Axe, Reptiloid Blade, and an Emerald Dagger.

Redeem these limited series NFTs here.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a blockchain-based metaverse where players can play to earn NFTs and cryptocurrency. Players get the opportunity to mine the in-game token Trilium, battle other explorers, and accumulate a commission from their virtual real estate.

The game exists on multiple blockchains:

  • Ethereum (ETH), WAX.
  • Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Cofounders Sarojini McKenna and Michael Yeates, who used to work for the EOS blockchain, are responsible for creating this metaverse of alien planets.


The year is 2055 and
Earth suffers from pandemics. Image Credit: Alien Worlds.

The story begins in the dystopian year of 2055. Pandemics have wreaked havoc on Earth, but some inhabitants have found a way to escape.

A bitcoin mining community, the most advanced on Earth, calls itself the Federation, and a pattern of messages in its algorithmic solutions is cause for concern. An alien race is broadcasting the message, leading to the discovery of a wormhole that allows humans to travel to far-away exoplanets.

Each player receives three mining tools, a skill tree to mine, and a planet they can choose to explore and mine for Trillium (TLM).

Mine For NFTs

lien Worlds is a mining adventure sci-fi game with multiple DAOs. Image Credit: Rainmaker Games.

This particular metaverse revolves around NFTs and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

Players must travel to worlds and mine Trilium (TLM), the game’s utility token, that’s also a multi-chain token. Miners stake these tokens to participate in the governance — aka the planets in the metaverse. The more players gamble their TLM on various worlds, the bigger the reward pool and the more everyone can earn.

Ultimately, Alien Worlds is a mining adventure sci-fi game with multiple DAOs, tons of NFTs, and numerous passive earning opportunities.

Alien Worlds DAOs

DOAs democratize the platform, providing players with a shared purpose in the Alien Metaverse. Image Credit: Live Trading News.

A DAO is an online community united by a shared cause or goal, with an organizational structure in which the entire community shares control rather than being centralized and hierarchical. The community democratizes the platform, providing players with a shared purpose in the Alien Metaverse. 

DAOs use Smart Contracts—code that powers autonomous applications—with participants using governance tokens to vote on various proposals.

“It’s the first time in history that DAOs have been put inside a game to compete against each other as teams and hold or create their own NFTs,” Alien Worlds co-founder Sarojini ” – Saro McKenna, Decrypt.

An alien race is broadcasting the message, leading to the discovery of a wormhole that allows humans to travel to far-away exoplanets. Image Credit:

Councils And Voting

The six Alien World planets will have their unique DAO from now on, and the community and custodian council will represent them. The council voting period will close on November 3rd. 

Each Syndicate elects up to 5 custodians responsible for the DAO’s performance and decisions. A limited-time contest will elect the Top five council members to receive a Mythic level rarity avatar NFT. Players looking to vote can only do so by at least staking 5,000 $TLM tokens on a planet to run for Council and filling out a form on the website.

The six Alien World planets will have their unique DAO from now on. Image Credit: Copy2Moon.

Elections will happen weekly, ensuring the right people govern each planet. Voting power is also crucial in this new system and is measured based on two essential criteria:

  • TLM tokens staked (Quantity)
  • The length of time tokens are locked up (Time Locked Up)


Players receive rewards, such as a tool, a minion, a weapon, or a unique avatar. These items are NFTs and are more difficult to obtain than ore. The ability to get rewards is based on the luck of the tools in play and the planet’s reward pool.

Alien Worlds is a fighting game. Image Credit: Medium.

Every NFT also has a use in the game and gives players more mining power or acts as a specific weapon to equip a minion. These NFT game cards have advantages in the game, and every card has a color. The more shining NFTs are the best in the game. Players can also get some at the beginning of the game by obtaining a game’s launch pack.

Alien Worlds is a fighting game because players must protect their land and earnings.

How To Earn With Alien World

The blockchain gaming world is expanding. In addition to mining and selling NFTs (on places like Atomic Hub), players invest in owning a share of Alien Worlds. The land is costly, but it can be a viable way to earn passive income for those with cash. So make use of that WAX wallet.

Be aware that buying Land in Alien Worlds is something a late-game player would do.

Players should take the time to play the game and determine the best approach for their tools before buying land. Image Credit: Binary Assets.

Here’s how to own a piece of Alien Worlds:

  • Go to AtomicHub and filter out Lands in the Alien Worlds collection (check for official alien worlds).
  • Find a Land you like and wait to buy it.
  • Check out the AW Stats website, which tracks Landowner earnings from mining, and see if your land is popular among players.
  • If it is, buy it, set the commission, and begin to earn passive income.
  • Another way to earn more currency is to browse Alien World’s crypto products and stake TLM rewards.


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