Alien Worlds is an NFT Metaverse on the WAX blockchain where players play with their NFTs to win rewards. The game defines itself as a play-and-earn game, with players staking in Trilium to planets to vote in planetary elections and trading land on planets. Alien Worlds has proven to be a top-rated blockchain game, with 11 million daily transactions. As well as online, you can also play the game on your mobile.

It is also possible to trade NFT game cards for fighting, mining, and missions. Alien Worlds can be played as a free NFT game, where you do not have to invest a cent. In this guide, we’re going to be going through the entirety of Alien Worlds. We will be talking about how to play it, how to earn, its history, and more.


What Is Alien Worlds? 

Alien Worlds is the blockchain-based metaverse where users can play and earn NFTs and cryptocurrencies. In the game, players can mine the token within the game, as well as fight other players and earn money from their planets.

Alien Worlds has intergalactic quests, where you can find unique, valuable items. Additionally, there are plots of land on planets, and you can buy and own these planets to earn more. The land is broken down into sections and can be purchased by players to mine Trilium. Each different piece of land acts as an NFT and has other properties. The properties of that piece of the land determine how much Trilium you will be able to mine, and its general worth.

The game falls under the staking and click mining simulation category, with elements of strategy games, too.

ALIEN WORLDS | An Introduction

Alien Worlds NFT Game Lore and History

In order for a game to have such an advanced narrative, we must look into Alien World’s art history and lore.

The game is set in 2055. Due to the continuous pandemics and conflict, some people on Earth have figured out a way to escape, seeking new planets. The Federation, an advanced bitcoin mining community, picking up on a unique algorithmic pattern. A new race was sending messages through bitcoin mining, which led to the huge discovery of aliens. A wormhole was also discovered, allowing humans to travel to exoPlanets.

The Federation went into the wormhole, picking up any rare Trilium they found. The Federation’s supply of Trilium is unique and limited in supply and quantity. Once the Federation entered the wormhole, they discovered an entire interstellar network with various inhabitable planets.

There are six planets in the Alien World metaverse. There is Eyeke, Kavian, Magor, Naron, Neri, and Veles.

Art, History & Lore - Alien Worlds
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Eyeke may also be known as the Second Earth in the game. It is the closest planet to planet Earth. Humans found this planet inhabited by Greys, who were under Monastic order. They believed that Eyeke was a spiritual planet, and Trilium mining was accepted by these the Greys.


Kavian has a rough terrain with icy and rocky land. Saying this, there are flourishing diverse io-systems within the planet, making it a good place for mining. It is speculated that these areas were terraformed by ancient aliens, with small reptiloid villages, too.


Magor is one of the most hostile planets in the Alien Worlds metaverse. There is a lot of volcanic activity, leaving the sky smoky and the land rocky and mountainous. It is rumored that the terrain covers thousands of years worth of ancient secrets, but there are no known habitats and settlements on this planet.


Naron is a striped plant, with a range of geological environments. There are large icy caps with mountainous terrains. There is also a huge lake named Lake Nyari, which has been regarded as sacred by the generations of alien races that inhabited this planet. This has caused massive conflicts with rivals.


Neri is another striped planet with dry sandy terrain, forests, and even swamplands. The largest areas have methane swamplands. Green aliens are present in the forests on this planet, and they love and appreciate the natural environment of their planet. Visitors often come to this planet, and the natural forest colonies have proven difficult for them to find.


Finally, we have Veles. Veles is the closest resembling planet to planet Earth, with large bodies of water surrounding the entire planet. Veles has some of the most impressive landscapes in the Alien universe, with unique islands that are home to some amazing exoflora and exofauna. It is speculated that Nordic aliens visit this planet on their travels, with some aliens even making this their permanent and main home planet.

What Is Alien Worlds And How Do You Play?
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As we know, there are six planets in the Federation of Alien Worlds, with the metaverse forming from real worlds and virtual worlds. Due to this advanced and unique narrative, developers wanted the game to be amazing but fair. To do this, everything in the Alien metaverse was tokenized, from weapons, tools, and planets. Land, avatars, and characters have all been tokenized, allowing players to have a truly unique metaverse experience. We will speak more about this in the roadmap part of this article.


Alien Worlds as a game was released in late 2020 in its beta version. Unbelievably, since then, there are now almost 4 million registered Alien World players. The game is the first game to be released on the BSC blockchain. The game was founded by Sarojini McKenna, who has successfully bridged business practice with decentralized communities in the early days of cryptocurrencies. McKenna founded Alien Worlds’ publisher Dacoco along with several other crypto-fanatics.

The game proved to be a popular game amongst NFT enthusiasts and fantasy game lovers. At the start of its release, the game did not require a cryptocurrency to play. This is still true, as you do not have to pay anything to play the game. However, Alien Worlds now features its own cryptocurrency and the installation of a Metamask wallet in order to start playing and earning.

Alien Worlds is proving to be one of the world’s most popular blockchain games, becoming increasingly popular by the day. Since its release, the game has been transitioning through lots of developmental updates with amazing new features.

How To Play Alien Worlds on WAX

Now, let’s look at how to play this incredible game in depth.

Alien Words is a decentralized NFT metaverse, where players mine Trilium (in-game currency) and compete in quests and battles. The game’s entire concept is to allow users to mine and scrub planets in a space exploration scenario. By doing this, players can accrue the Trilium game currency and acquire unique and new NFT items from doing this.

Alien Words is free to play, and you only need a WAX wallet in order to start mining with your free in-game shovel. However, suppose you are looking to become involved in the staking system on the Binance chain. In that case, you will need to invest in Trilium tokens to mine more.

How To Get FREE Wax for Starter Tools in Alien Worlds Using Racoon Tokens EASY

In order to get started with this game, you will need to register for an Alien Worlds account and set up your character. As we said, in order to do this, you will need a WAX wallet, but you do not have to spend any of your money. Once you have signed up, head to their website. Choose yourself an avatar, and these can be male or female avatars.

Straightaway, you will be encouraged to start mining Trilium.

Why Institutional Savvy Players Are Entering Alien Worlds' Gaming Metaverse –

Alien Worlds Mining

In order to start mining Trilium (TLM), you will need to pick a planet. When picking your planet, you will be faced with a selection mode that shows you the amount of TLM that can be mined on that planet. Once you have settled on the planet, it’s time to choose the land.

Depending on your stake in TLM, you can select almost any land to mine. You can even mine your land if you have a high stake. It is necessary to mention that the higher your stake, the higher your planet’s reward pool will be. This is because staking TLM gives you a right to vote in the planetary elections, increasing the reward pool on that planet.

After you have chosen your land, it’s time to choose your tools to mine. If it’s your absolute first time playing Alien Worlds, you should use a shovel. But, the launch pack should offer you an array of tools you can use. Each tool has a different attribute and statistic, meaning it will change how much Trilium you can mine in one place at one time. However, you can actually use three different tools at one time, making it easier to get more Trilium (TLM). After you have selected your tools, select mine and start mining.

Alien Worlds - Getting Started with Mining (Play to Earn) - Binary Assets
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How to Choose a Land in Alien Worlds

Picking a land sounds pretty daunting, but we have some tips for you to make it easier. Before you select a land in Alien Worlds, there are a few things you may want to think about.

Firstly, think about the amount of commission you will get. Unless you have your own land, you will have to mine on another land. This means that there will be a commission rate present. This commission rate is a fraction of the Trilium that you mine, and you must pay this to the owner of the land on the planet. Certain types of land have more luck attributes, meaning they will have more Trilium yield present. But, some lands have more Trilium but a worse terrain. Take volcanic land, for example. Although there might be more Trilium present, it will take longer to mine it. This is one thing you should bear in mind.

Additionally, consider the charge time after mining. Like a lot of games, you can only mine once before you have to wait to mine again. This is not likely to be a huge amount of time, but it is something to be considered, especially if you want to increase your Trilium yields.

Additionally, you should think about the yield multiplier. This means the probability of receiving an NFT when mining in a particular area of land. Some areas may not be likely to get you an NFT, but others might.

Complete guide to Alien Worlds Lands | Metahub
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Alien Worlds NFTs

As we may have mentioned earlier, there are a lot of NFTs in Alien Worlds. You can find NFTs through farming in order to connect and play with other players. There are land NFTs, tool NFTs, and even mission NFTs. Let’s take a better look at this.

🟣 ALIEN WORLDS TUTORIAL - How to farm TLM and NFT? FULL guide on the game

When it comes to NFTs, we all know that this stands for a non-fungible token, a form of digital property you own. In Alien Worlds, there are over 300 NFTs, with six levels of rarity for all the NFTs. This includes abundant, common, rare, epic, legendary, and mythical. To make matters even more extensive, there are also shininess levels to these NFTs. This means the more valuable it is with higher shine and rarity. The 5 levels of shininess go as follows: Stone, gold, stardust, antimatter, and XDimension. If you have a lower level shininess NFT, you can forget it with another to increase its shine and attributes.

Now, let’s look at all the different types of NFTs and what they do.

Land NFTs

Land is a series of NFTs within the game. The land NFTs represent a segment of land on the planets. If you own a piece of land, you can mine it yourself, or you can take a commission from other players who mine on your land for Trilium.

The types of land NFTs include tree forests, geothermal springs, icy deserts, mountains, dunes, rocky coastlines, active volcanoes, dormant volcanoes, and plains.

AlienWorlds - Play & Earn | Seek your fortune
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Alien Worlds Tools

So, in order to mine Trilium, you will need a tool. In Alien Worlds, you are equipped with a shovel for free. The mining power of the shovel is limited, meaning you can equip other tools in order to mine more. You can find other tools in your adventures in Alien Worlds, but some people have even found them whilst mining (ironic, right?). Similar to other NFTs, different tools have different attributes and strengths and weaknesses. For example, a lucky drill may have a charge time of 160 seconds, but it will extract more Trilium. A standard core shovel has a charge time of 80 seconds, but it will get you less than half of the amount of Trilium as a lucky drill would. To increase your chances of mining more Trilium, you can use three tools simultaneously.

Alien Worlds Tools Guide
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Minions can be used by communities in the game, and they are often used when fighting. Minions are the exploring crew that is used in battles, with important attributes such as attack, defense, movecost, race, and element. The better these attributes, the more power you will gain from your chosen weapons.

A First Look at the Alien World Minions | by Alien Worlds | Medium
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Weapon NFTs

Weapons are used by explorers when fighting. Weapons have an attack rating, as well as a defensive rating. This means that they can be used by developers and communities within the metaverse in order to get the biggest and best rewards.

The Thunderdome: Battling on Alien Worlds | by Alien Worlds | Medium
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Alien Worlds Avatar Game Cards

Avatars are the NFT game cards that can be used to play and mine. They are the aliens within the game. They are typically offered by The Federation, and there are Greys (Monastic Avatars), Reptiloids, Little Green Persons, Nordic, and Robotrons.

Alien Worlds Guide: Earn Money Playing Alien Worlds
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Mission NFTs can be earned by completing missions in Alien Worlds. There are three variables to them. There is a crafting key, a boost power, and a base power. You can use these in missions in order to gain better rewards.

How to Buy and Sell NFTs in Alien Worlds

The main way to make money and own NFTs in Alien Worlds is by mining on the planets. Sometimes, you may stumble across an NFT when mining. However, this chance decreases if you use a tool with bad attributes.

To buy and sell NFTs for Alien Worlds, you must go to Atomic Hub, which is a WAX marketplace. You need to log into your WAX login (the one that you made to play Alien Worlds) and choose the NFT you would like to sell. Once you have listed the NFT, you will wait until someone is interested.

You can also buy NFTs on this marketplace. You can browse on the marketplace, filtering your search depending on what you are looking for. Once you have decided, you can purchase the NFT and get ready to play.

How To Earn in Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a play-and-earn game, even if you can play for free. The whole game was designed for crypto earning in mind. So, how do you earn in Alien Worlds? There are three ways to earn whilst playing in Alien Worlds.


This is the most obvious one. In Alien Worlds, you can explore and mine planets in order to find Trilium. You need to mine Trilium using NFT tools, but if you wanted to do this for free, you would do this using the free shovel that you are equipped with when you start playing. But, because this is a play-and-earn game, you can mine Trilium and cash it out for other currencies, such as USD or GBP.

Trading NFTs

Another way to earn money in Alien Worlds is by trading NFT cards. You can do this on BSC and WAX and earn a nice profit, or trade them for other NFT cards that you may want for specific missions.

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Another way to earn in Alien Worlds is by staking. You can stake Trilium on planets to earn a continuous passive income, as well as increase the reward pool of the planet. Additionally, the more you stake, the more you receive in reward.

Planet DAOs

Each planet is a decentralized, autonomous organization in Alien Worlds. Each planet has a dedicated member client portal, where token holders can vote in the planetary voting period. They can vote for their governors and allocate Trilium within the planets.

You can participate in weekly elections for council candidates, as well as submit relevant proposals on how you would run the council yourself.

Alien Worlds Trilium (TLM) Breakdown

Let’s take a look at the in-game currency Trilium.

Trilium is the cross-chain (ERC-20 / BEP-20 / WAX) fungible token that connects the metaverse. The developers of the game created a bridge for moving the tokens between these chains. Whenever Trilium is transferred to another chain, the number of tokens is locked on one chain and unlocked on the receiving chain. This keeps the supply fair and equal for all players.

Trilium allows the game to have value, as well as play-and-earn concepts. By earning and mining Trilium, players can build their value and vote in planet DAOs.

There is a finite supply of 5 billion Trilium in the game, with a 9% inflation rate in year one and 7% in year two. This will gradually decrease in context to the crypto market.

When you play the game, Trilium must be staked in order to vote in the plant governance, increasing the general reward pool on a planet. Additionally, The Federation will charge trilium fees in gameplay fighting in order to keep the circulation fair.

When Alien Worlds was first introduced, Trilium was a worthwhile investment for lots of players. However, now that time has progressed, certain factors have contributed to the decline of Trilium, meaning it is not worth investing in to make a good passive income from the game.

What is Alien Worlds (TLM) | What is Alien Worlds token | What is TLM token
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Alien Worlds Roadmap and Future

Alien Worlds is continuously improving and developing, with several exciting planned updates. So far, Alien Worlds have introduced a wide range of features. This includes NFT shining, teleport introduction, planet DAO councilor registrations, farming period of TLM, missions gaming, collaborative NFT projects, and a new and redesigned UI.

Upcoming roadmap updates include Nebula events and quests, daily allocations to landowners, interactive storyline events, fighting game releases, artifact NFTs, and governance releases. In terms of future long-term plans for Alien Worlds, this includes a Heroes and Minions pack with fighting functionality, avatar enhancements, NFT collectibles with powers, immersive questions, and additional terraforming.

Review and Final Thoughts

Alien Worlds is one of the most interactive play-and-earn games, with extensive art history and lore behind the metaverse. The game mainly revolves around mining, meaning it is more of a passive game than anything else. It is one of the biggest metaverse games in the world, with millions of active users.

There are so many enjoyable features when playing Alien Worlds, plus the ability to cash out your Trilium for real money. What makes it even better? The fact that you can start playing for free. We hope you enjoyed our article about Alien Worlds and you enjoy playing it yourself!

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