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Alien Worlds, an NFT metaverse game built on the WAX blockchain, has announced that its NFT Season 5 will soon be coming to an end. The popular blockchain game disclosed the information via its official Twitter handle, stating that the Season will end on October 23, 2022. Also, Alien Worlds urged its users to maximize their chances and redeem their NFTs before the disclosed date.

While the announcement aims to inform all Alien Worlds users about Season 5 coming to an end, there is still a chance to participate.

Interested participants can now redeem their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in form of creatures or tools. With these, Alien Worlds seeks to give its user community an exceptional metaverse experience.

The top-ranking play-to-earn game is committed to getting all users on board with its exclusive services. As a result, it hosted the NFT Season 5. So far, the Season has featured quite many redeemable non-fungible tokens (NFTs), with many being gaming tools and creatures.

Alien Worlds NFT Season 5

Notably, the Alien Worlds NFT Season 5 started on September 23, 2022. As mentioned earlier, many of the featured NFTs are gaming creatures and tools designed to ease gameplay. Also, each featured NFT has its own backing story, which allows users to connect better with the Alien Worlds metaverse.

With NFT Season 5 coming to an end, the Alien Worlds team has added two NFTs. So, till October 23, 2022, participants can acquire these two NFTs alongside their pre-existing counterparts. Furthermore, the newly-added NFTs are the Processing Ring and the Enhanced Reptiloid.

Alien worlds
The NFT Season 5 organized by Alien Worlds will be coming to an end very soon. Image Source: Reddit

The NFTs, especially the tools are designed from materials obtained from various planets in the Alien Worlds metaverse. For example, the Dagger of Creation was obtained from the Alien Worlds’ planet Magor. The NFT creatures equally have their stories. For instance, the Enhanced Reptiloid came up after the Grey Scientists enhanced the reptiloids of Kavian.

Featured NFTs in Alien Worlds NFT Season 5

Participants will be able to redeem various types of NFTs, ranging from creatures to tools. Also, these NFTs are present in three categories, namely: Powerful, Rare, and Epic. Here are some of the featured NFTs in Alien Worlds NFT Season 5 and their backing stories:

  •  Artunian Shovel: This is a gaming tool specially designed to help players through the production process. Apart from making the work easy, it prevents workers from complaining about how hectic the work is. 

“During the deployment of the rotary mill on Kavian, the investors quickly realized that ordinary manpower was not enough to start production properly. The idea was simple and clear. We needed a new tool that could move a few extra tons and prevent workers from complaining about smashed and blistered arms.”

  •  Draxos Axe: For collectors of rare valuables, the Draxos Axe is one with a strong story. Present on planet Magor, it can break through any material in the Metaverse. 

“A powerful mining axe left over after a massive volcano wiped out the people of Eastern Magor, The Magorithians. Those that are lucky enough to find this axe will find its volcanic power, strong enough to break through even the toughest ores of the Metaverse.”

  •  Dagger of Creation: The Dagger of Creation is a very powerful tool, famous for its temperature. Created from a unique element, Permalava, the dagger has an extreme degree of hotness. This way, it can make a hole through any material.

“Another epic weapon from the planet Magor. Created with unknown technology, the edges of the dagger are made entirely of permalava, which is extremely hot. It can burn a hole through just about anything. You will not be the last owner of a dagger to burn your finger on it.”

  •  Causian Attractor: This is a Naron-designed manipulator that lures wild animals into hunters’ traps. 

“The Causian Attractor was specifically designed by the inner habitants of Naron, as a way to lure wild animals into the hunter’s traps. However, when a foreign that was visiting Naron, and after buying the device and take it to Veles, it was soon clearer that it would attract not only wild animals but some alien species that were residing in the Veles. To this day, there’s no actual explanation why these curious beings, that look like purple humans would always seem hypnotized by the Causian Attractor…”

  •  Processing Ring: The processing ring is present on the Alien Worlds marketplaces as a popular matter manipulator. It has an unknown shape that accommodates an unknown number of rings. And this allows users to process anything in a near-impossible period of time. 

“Is it a Hexagon? A dodecahedron? Some sort of Tetragon? Just as it’s nigh impossible to work out the exact shape of this powerful tool, so is it equally impossible to put a precise number on the rings that make up one of the most popular matter manipulators on the Metaverse marketplaces. The Processing Ring vibrates and processive at such an advanced frequency that it’s never still enough for the user to answer any mundane questions about its physical form. All you really need to know is that if you want something processed in the blink of an eye, then this fine tool is the one for you.”

alien world processing ring
The NFTs are available for a limited period. The Processing Ring and Enhanced Reptiloid will be available till October 23. Image Source: AtomicHub
  •  Enhanced Reptiloid: Basically, these are creatures located in Kavian villages. However, following a series of strange tests by the Grey Scientists, they became enhanced. 

“In their quest for knowledge, the Grey Scientists have conducted many strange experiments across the years. Nevertheless, the Grey that decided to take the peaceful Reptiloids of Kavian out of their villages and “Enhance” them deserves a special mention in the book of “Insane experiments not even the maddest scientists should attempt”. A word of caution: If you wish to keep a nine-foot reptiloid with razor-sharp teeth and claws that can slice a Grey Scientist in half with ease as a pet. Then be prepared to live a very short, but wildly exciting life.”

Notably, the Season 5 NFTs are limited-edition. As such, they become inaccessible after the disclosed date. For example, the Dagger of Creation and the Artunian Shovel were released from September 23, 2022, to October 3, 2022. In the same way, the Processing Ring and the Enhanced Reptiloid NFTs will be available from October 13, 2022 till October 23, 2022.


The Alien Worlds NFT Season 5 is open to all members of the Alien Worlds user community. Everybody can participate as long as they have created their accounts on the WAX blockchain network. Also, there is no limitation to how many redeemable NFTs per person.

The idea behind the Season’s launch is to grant access to exclusive NFTs to users. In turn, these NFTs will make the overall gameplay engaging. This way, players can get the best metaverse experience that they deserve.

How to Participate

Firstly, all interested participants are expected to visit the platform’s website for the NFTs. This is because they are just for a limited time. After that, they can either log in or register as existing or new participants, respectively.

Also, all participants must have a WAX account. They will be asked to link it to the WAX Cloud Wallet during registration or logging in. Basically, the WAX wallet is where the redeemed NFTs will be accepted into. Without one, you cannot participate.

What Is Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds is a quest-filled blockchain game that allows players to earn real cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). While ensuring that users are immersed in rich metaverse experiences, Alien Worlds gives users the opportunity to compete against other users. Also, they can mine crypto tokens, and earn rewards from other planets.

On the WAX-based platform, there are several missions or quests, and each unveils various types of valuables. From weapons and work tools to matter manipulators and pet creatures, players can collect unique items. Furthermore, there are six planets in the Alien Worlds metaverse. They are:

  • Kavian: Here, players can find peaceful reptiloids in their villages. The planet is icy and rocky, with a rough landscape. However, it is suitable for mining purposes due to the presence of various io-systems.
  • Eyeke: Players call this the game’s Second Earth. According to the story behind it, it is the closest planet to planet Earth. And as such, life exists on the planet. The inhabitants are called Greys, who were under Monastic order. These Greys accepted mining of Trilium and also believed that their planet was spiritual.
  • Naron: This planet is occupied by various geological environments. In some parts, there are mountainous landscapes with large icy caps. In other parts, there is abundant water. Notably, there is a huge lake called Lake Nyari, which is considered sacred by the aliens that lived on Naron.
  • Magor: Unlike other planets, Magor does not have any settlements. The reason is that it is quite a hostile planet. A lot of volcano eruptions take place on Magor, leaving the land rocky and the sky smoky. According to the Alien Worlds lore, Magor is believed to house various ancient secrets, hidden for over a thousand years.
  • Neri: Neri contains a lot of dry, sandy landscapes as well as forests and swamplands. A large portion of the planet is covered by methane swamplands. Also, there are forests where green aliens live, and visitors are welcome.
  • Veles: Life on Veles is similar to life on planet Earth. The planet is surrounded totally by large amounts of water. Also, there are islands, flowers, and animals on the planet. Simply put, Veles has quite the most impressive landscapes.

Additionally, Alien Worlds is one of the best metaverse games with impressive developments. Since its inception, it has been dedicated to offering users engaging features. And so far, it has not failed in keeping its promise.

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