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Alien Worlds, an NFT P2E Metaverse, partnered with Zilliqa to introduce the blockchain game to traditional gamers for the first time.

Zilliqa is a layer 1 blockchain designed to process thousands of transactions through a network sharding mechanism. It is also a member of the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA). This reaffirms its goal to bridge the gap between game creators and blockchain creators.

Its eSports partners include mainstream players like MAD Lions and Ninjas In Pyjamas. Ninjas in Pyjamas is well-known in the eSports space for its top-notch Counter-Strike teams.

It is expected that Alien Worlds will benefit from the partnership further once it releases its first-person shooter game later this year. Counter-Strike eSports teams and mainstream players could be swayed to try out the blockchain game for the first time.

Alien Worlds Challenge announced

To celebrate the partnership, Zilliqa announced it’s hosting an Alien Worlds challenge. This challenge will pit Zilliqa’s eSports partners against existing Alien Worlds players. More details are expected later.

This is another opportunity for Alien Worlds to pitch itself to the mainstream player audience, as it aims to capture the attention of popular eSports teams, and by extension, other gaming fans.

Illustration of Alien Worlds Avatars
Here is what you can expect from Alien Worlds in terms of avatars. Image Source: Alien Worlds


Alien Worlds: an overview of the blockchain game

Alien Worlds became the number one blockchain game as per DappRadar earlier this year. In fact, more than 230,000 unique users interacted with the game over the last 24 hours, and 12 million transactions took place.

But what exactly is the game all about?

Built on the WAX blockchain, Alien Worlds is a P2E metaverse game. Players can collect Trillium, a rare in-game resource, and currency, complete intergalactic quests, explore planets and scavenge for NFTs.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic future.

Some humans manage to escape our pandemic-ridden Earth through a wormhole where they discover an intergalactic adventure.

The game centres around six unique planets where everything is tokenized, including tools, land, and even avatars. The six worlds include Veles, Naron, Kavian, Neri, Magor, and Eyeke.

In these worlds, players can mine Trillium, fight in the arena, rent their land, and build new services to offer to the rest of the galaxy. There are also mysterious alien forces to be discovered.

It is a metaverse where ‘real and virtual worlds collide’ to allow players to make their own fortunes in a new economy.

An illustration of the six planets in Alien Worlds
Players can explore six distinct planets. Image source: Alien Worlds

What does the new partnership mean for Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds is hoping to reach the mainstream gaming community through the partnership. Zilliqa has several eSports partners including MAD Lions and Ninjas in Pyjamas. 

Alien Worlds hopes to engage with these eSports partners off the back of the partnership.

Alien Worlds Co-Founder and CEO, Saro McKenna, added:

“Today, NFTs are revolutionizing blockchain gaming by offering utility and in-game functionality so that we can build an even richer metaverse during 2022 with the introduction of DAO tokens as part of Alien Worlds’ game mechanics”

“We look forward to connecting with Zilliqa’s traditional gamers and esports partners who we believe will soon appreciate the true value of P2E earning opportunities within a blockchain game environment and take advantage of the rapidly growing sophistication within the Alien Worlds metaverse.”

What does the partnership mean for Zilliqa

Zilliqa’s commitment under BGA is to bridge the gap between great game creators and great blockchain creators.

But Zilliqa has its own in-house team building games. It hopes that exposure by Alien Worlds will result in more gamers finding out about its own projects.

Tom Fleetham, head of business development of sports and gaming at Zilliqa, said: “Alien World’s strong and dedicated player base catapulted it into becoming the world’s most popular blockchain game, which in turn will provide significant exposure for our gaming hub as well as the games built by our in-house team and the Zilliqa community.”

Zilliqa Partnership announcement
Zilliqa and Alien Worlds announce partnership. Image Source: Alien Worlds’ Medium

Founded in 2017, Zilliqa has processed over 38 million transactions since launching and currently hosts more than 250 projects.

The Alien Worlds team will receive technical support from Zilliqa to integrate with their gaming hub. Zilliqa hopes Alien Worlds will be a ‘strong addition’ to their ecosystem.

The Zilliqa partnership drives Alien Worlds’ core values forward

Given Alien Worlds’ trajectory, it is perhaps unsurprising that they are shooting for wider adoption and trying to tap into the traditional gamers’ market.

After all, just a few months ago, McKenna released a video on the official Alien Worlds YouTube titled “How Blockchain Gaming and Good Tech Empower Players and Communities.”

In it, she discusses how DAOs are the new NFTs, and how moving forward, they’ll be just as important in the P2E gaming community.

Evangelizing blockchain gaming and encouraging its adoption is, therefore, a core value of the Alien Worlds team. In fact, the game was built with the intention to incentivize users to become owner-creators which was made possible due to its open blockchain construction.

The new partnership with Zilliqa will allow Alien Worlds to penetrate this exciting, sizeable demographic through the use of challenges and other features.

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