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Gameta is a platform that allows users to play different casual games under one roof. Their goal is to migrate as many people as they can from Web2 to Web3. They claim to be the finest when it comes to transitioning users from a Web2 to a Web3 experience.

The platform has been trending heavily and even got featured in the top 10 blockchain games of the week. It only made sense to make a review about the platform. So, this is an extensive review of all we know about the Gameta project!

What is Gameta?

Gameta provides low threshold access for Web3 and an aggregator of X2 earning has a product model made of four components

  • Immigrate
  • Settle down
  • Build
  • Tokenomics

Here new users are required to pay a small amount of gas fee and are also met with automated creation of on-chain addresses. Players are showered by a variety of hyper-casual games which are low in cost in labor. Gameta targets a large audience and believes that they can merge the products we used in the Web2 era like music, games, and media into a new Web3 experience. As of now, they have built three application scenarios. These are Games, Tools and Learning.

gameta p2e platform
Source: Gameta


Gameta has a collection of the most casual and fun-to-play games to get started. These games are easy to play unlike other P2E games out there. While playing, you can earn money and have the original experience of games which is quality and casual gameplay.

As per DappRadar: “Seven games are available for players to experience on the platform, Invest Master, Ants Runner, Super Gloves, Sleep Ragdoll, FrogPrince Rush, Human Tower, and Tadpole Count. Users can download all of them from Google Play and install them on their Android devices.”


Here, tools are a little more popular because they are thought to be necessary on a daily basis. Gameta offers apps for fonts, video editors, funny stickers and much more. Tools are not only a necessity, they are also a source of fun. The tools app’s broad market appeal makes it easier to spread Web3 benefits to a wider audience.


In the modern era, the internet is the best source for learning. Learning is thought of as the best type of investment. Gameta allows users to learn to earn, which is a quality in itself. As of now, the priority is vocalising training needs and has already covered some key career areas.

As users settle into the Web3 universe, they get access to new experiences. Some of which are the following.

  • DeFi protocols such as swapping and lending are available. This aids consumers in making better use of their crypto assets.
  • Interaction with other players. Users can send other players messages which promotes a healthier and less toxic gaming environment. This can be achieved by developing a Web3 network map with the help of Gameta.
  • Gametaverse aims to be an open-source ecology, available on multiple platforms. They hope to create an economy where everyone can be a builder too along with being a user.


How to Get Started?

In order to get started, first, you have to choose a Dapp that you find interesting. These Dapps can be games, tools or learning platforms. Once you’ve found what you like, go ahead and install the Dapp via a link that can be found on Gameta’s official website.

Once you have installed the app, follow the instructions on the screen to help you get registered with the game. You will be provided with a secure phrase. This phrase is a Web3 form of password.

If you are done with the registration process, you can now log in and buy an NFT. These can be bought from the Marketplace. Keep in mind that you need to have a crypto wallet in order to make these transactions.


As you start playing you will be rewarded in the form of W3G tokens and in some cases also Governance tokens. The amount of tokens you can earn depends on the amount of NFTs you own. So if you own more NFTs you will earn more money. This section of Gameta is diverse and fun as you get to choose from a vast variety of games under one roof. You can select the genre of the game that interests you.


Using tools and earning simultaneously is possible. In order to get started, you still need to register first and only then you can start using tools in their normal state. In order to earn while using these tools, you would be required to complete specific tasks along with having NFTs in your wallet. Like in P2E the amount of NFTs you own determines how much you’re going to earn.


Gameta offers supplemental apps for vocational scenarios. Here you can complete your daily objectives by learning. Keep in mind that if you choose to complete these objectives in the normal mode, you won’t get monetary rewards. However, if you switch to the L2E mode where you are obligated to obtain an NFT first, you will be rewarded in W3G as you complete your tasks.

solana ecosystem chart
Gameta ranked #1 Solana Project by DappRadar. Source: Gameta Twitter

Gameta’s NFTs and Tokenomics

Gameta’s economic model consists of two types of tokens which are the Governance token ‘HIP’ and also the W3G token, which is the gold coin within Dapp.

Platform NFTs and In-app NFTs are the two main categories of NFTs that Gameta uses.

Platform NFTs

These are the NFTs that are valuable to collectors and have cross-platform liquidity. As a result, their value in the mainstream trading market, where they circulate, is higher.

In-app NFTs

In-app NFTs or Dapp specific NFTs are the ones that have the same properties but they vary from one Dapp to another. These are necessary for X2E and can be gained with careful use. However, these NFTs cannot be used across Dapps but can be circulated in in-app exchanges.

NFTs in Gameta have 3 major attributes. These are Luck, Energy and Efficiency.

Gameta Hippo Box
Gameta Hippo Box. Source: Gameta Twitter


As the name suggests, luck is the probability of you acquiring a treasure chest drop. The higher the value, the rarer your drop will be also. You can increase the rarity of these drops by upgrading your NFTs.


This is what affects the rate of the production of tokens. The maximum amount of energy you can put into the earning process is determined by the energy value ensuring a stable and long-term economic system. Energy also has a specific range and it depletes and generates with time.


This is a value that specifies how many tokens you can earn per time. Like energy, Efficiency also has a certain range which can increase as the quality of NFT increases.

Final Remarks

Gameta is a project that hasn’t really reached stardom yet, but it aims to bring everyone along for the journey. The main objective of Gameta is to bring the concept of web3 to the whole world. The versatile approach they’ve taken for their project also speaks volumes about their creative mindset. We hope to see Gameta grow big, so they can achieve their goal of changing the world with their innovative web3 ideas!




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