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AMAZY, the latest web3 fitness app in the market, aims to revolutionize fitness through its unique move-and-earn concept. The project is developing a robust ecosystem that will spearhead fitness in web3 while giving users a much better experience than existing move-to-earn apps.

The app’s vision for move-to-earn will involve balancing the in-game economy and providing better rewards for users moving forward.

What is AMAZY?

The AMAZY Realverse is a web3 fitness metaverse that rewards users for movement. It is built on the BNB chain. The app is available on iOS and Android devices as well.

AMAZY is a Move-and-earn app that incentivizes movement. Source: NFT World News

There is frankly nothing much new about AMAZY. It is structured more or less like STEPN, the world’s most popular web3 fitness app.

For starters, users who wish to participate in AMAZY must purchase NFT sneakers the same way they do on STEPN. The game also features four sneaker categories, each with its level of rarity. The beginner NFT sneaker is called the Ranger, while the most advanced is the Sprinter.

The two others are intermediate options. They include the Hiker and the Coacher. How much you earn depends on the type of sneaker you’ve purchased. Sneakers also have different levels.

Additionally, like STEPN, AMAZY has an in-game marketplace where users can buy or rent these NFT sneakers. With this in mind, it is safe to conclude that AMAZY is the BNB version of STEPN.

However, the app is trying to set itself apart by promoting a unique Move-and-earn concept vs. the more popular Move-to-earn.

Move-and-Earn vs. Move-to-Earn

AMAZY is promising to revolutionize web3 fitness by replacing the concept of M2E with M&E. So, how do these two concepts differ, and can the differences influence the adoption of web3 fitness apps in the future?

For starters, M2E is a concept where users get rewarded for moving. However, in most M2E apps, the focus is simply on rewards and nothing else. Move-and-earn, on the other hand, focuses more on the user experience.

Move & Earn AMAZY App
AMAZY wants to expand Move-and-earn in the future: Image Source: CryptoSaurus

So, it’s not just about rewarding folks for moving. It’s also about ensuring they have a great experience while doing it. In this context, an M&E app will try to incentivize movement not by rewards but by creating a more holistic fitness app with additional useful features.

This allows the user to derive more utility from the app outside the financial reward. AMAZY sees this concept as revolutionary, but it’s not alone. Even STEPN, the pioneer of the M2E revolution, has been adding more features to its ecosystem in an effort to transition to M&E.

How Will AMAZY Incorporate M&E in Its Model?

There are several steps AMAZY is taking to make its web3 lifestyle app a truly M&E ecosystem. First, the platform is trying to reduce the barriers to entry and the cost of moving. It will be much easier for users to get more energy, renew sneakers, and so much more.

Move & Earn
AMAZY is lowering entry barriers and adding fitness trackers. Source: CoinScreed

The app is also planning to introduce physical fitness trackers to its ecosystem. The trackers will be fully integrated with the earning’s mechanics of the app. This will allow users to access real-time fitness data, track their progress, and enhance performance while still earning rewards.

Also, the integration of fitness trackers will allow users to use AMAZY indoors. So, in essence, the app wants to incentivize fitness everywhere. We are also learning that AMAZY wants to add a game as part of its ecosystem.

In fact, Artem Nikolaev and Sergey Kosenko, the two co-founders of this project, have vast experience in the gaming industry. The two will leverage this knowledge to bring an exciting gaming aspect to AMAZY.

Eanr with fitness
Earning in web3 using NFT sneakers from Amazy. Source: MetaCrunch

Whether this game will have a P2E mechanic remains to be seen. But it is one of the ways the app is exploring to add more utility to its ecosystem.

AMAZY: More Ecosystem Updates

In addition to the M&E moves, AMAZY has also announced several ecosystem updates. First, the app is now building a vibrant community of fans in all cities around the world. This is a deliberate initiative by the platform to consolidate its current user base and widen its appeal.

The web3 lifestyle app is also running a huge influencer campaign to enhance the visibility of its products. So far, AMAZY has signed deals with some 350 influencers. This includes globally acclaimed athletes, celebs, and bloggers with a special interest in the M2E space.

M2E App
AMAZY has signed up several influencers for its project. Source: NFT World News

Finally, the app has also finalized the listing of its AZY governance token across several exchanges. The initial launch was quite a success. Over $20 million in trade volume. The coin is available in 5 major exchanges.

Can Move-and-Earn Revolutionize Fitness?

Fitness is a big business. This data from Statista, in fact, shows that gyms and health clubs in the United States made $32 billion in revenue in 2021. Also, the fitness industry has often been open to new technologies.

The application of tech in exercise is quite impressive from innovative fitness trackers to neat workout apps. However, M2E or M&E represents the first major tech move in incentivizing exercise. The idea that you could earn money by working out is a big incentive and could play a key role in promoting healthier lives.

Earn crypo from moving
AMAZY and other M2E apps want to revolutionize fitness. Source: Goalz Online

The big question is, how can we integrate traditional fitness into the web3 arena? For now, we have not seen any efforts by existing M2E apps to bring the traditional fitness industry to web3. But other metaverse platforms are actually doing it with gyms in the metaverse.

The idea of having integrated fitness metaverses with gamified assets makes more sense than just having a web3 app like STEPN or AMAZY. After all, there is more to fitness than moving. M2E apps have also been accused of having huge start-up costs.

Although the transition to M&E could help address this in the future, it would still take some money to get started. This may prove problematic for folks who are not necessarily interested in the rewards but the overall web3 fitness experience.

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