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Karmaverse is an NFT GameFi multiverse that includes several metaverses such as Karmaverse Zombie, Fantasy World, Old West, Cyberpunk, and others.
In addition, Karmaverse aims to provide a highly-anticipated, immersive gaming experience in the Metaverse. The Karmaverse features a Metaverse that contains tons of games and toolboxes that enable the player’s community to create games on the platform.
Players (karmanauts) utilize NFTs to transfer assets across games or sell them to other players.

Kamerverse NFT Game Origins

Developed by a team that has previously worked on popular SLGs such as “King of Avalon” and “Guns of Glory.”
Each universe in the Karmaverse is an entire gaming world with its graphic style, history, storyline, characters, music, and maps. Furthermore, Karmaverse provides necessary tools for players to develop their worlds. This subsequently allows everyone to contribute their innovations and stories to the Karmaverse.

Kamerverse NFT Game Universes

Karmaverse NFT Game

The karmaverse boasts of games with varying origins and inspirations.
Here are a few iterations;
  • Post-zombie apocalyptic landscapes (Karmaverse zombie)
  • Myth-inspired fantasy realms
  • Historical adventures
  • The Old West
  • Cyberpunk
  • Space Exploration, and other worlds,


Each player has an avatar that will move between gaming realms. Accordingly, this avatar is a non-transferable token that cannot be bought or sold to other users.
It is also linked to your token wallet, which holds all the tokens and assets earned across all Karmaverse’s games.

Karma Tokens And NFTs

Karmaverse N

Players explore the Karmaverse using NFTs.
Tokens have three basic classifications:
  • Certain tokens or NFTs are only available in specific game worlds and are only used and swapped within that game. Fighter NFTs, for example, in Karmaverse Zombie.
  • Specific tokens and NFTs are usable in any game in the same globe.
  • Lastly,┬áplayers can utilize specific tokens such as Karma Tokens and player avatars anywhere in the Karmaverse.┬á

Karmaverse In-Game Tokens

In Karmaverse, there is a dual token system that includes sub tokens in each game world and $Knot. $Knot is the maintoken within the entire Karmaverse. Both tokens are tradable across the Karmaverse and all in-game resources and transactions.
Players also make money via P2E features, making it a hybrid of play-to-win and play-for-fun environment. 

Public Avatar NFT

Within the Karmaverse, Player Avatars are a public NFT. Usable in any game or in-game universe. Also, players have the ability to create, edit, and trade avatars. The Metaverse appears to be the future, and NFTs play a part in identity verification.

Karma Swap Dex

The Karma Swap DEX is a socially motivated decentralized trading platform.
This adaptable, time-saving, and user-friendly platform allows players to swap, earn, or stake any Karmaverse token or NFT.

Karmaverse NFT Game Marketplace

Karmaverse NFTs and Tokens are traded on a single market that spans the whole Karmaverse. Visit the marketplace to sell, auction, and buy NFTs and Tokens from other players.
This includes tokens with a limited supply that players cannot create over time.
You may not only easily acquire or sell in-game objects, but you can also earn money from your game!


The Karmaverse┬á NFT Game world is a fascinating endeavor. Also, It aims to create a big on-chain-based SLG game inspired by Marvel Comics’ notion of parallel universes.
Unlike previous P2E blockchain games, it provides players with the ability to enjoy immersive gaming technologies such as Augmented Reality AR, Virtual Reality.
Built on robust blockchain technology, it links Metaverse’s finance technology and the participants in spectacular initiatives.
Furthermore, players can use DeFi capabilities like staking, borrowing, lending, and trading to generate passive revenue.

Get more information from The Karmaverse website, Twitter, Discord, Medium, or here.

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