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Philippine gaming firm Masayato Games is launching early access to its Non-Fungible Token (NFT)-powered play-to-earn title Anito Legends.

Anito Legends is a video game that will soon be available on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac, and players will need to purchase NFT assets to play the game. The game also utilizes $GINTO and $LARO tokens that will be available for in-app purchases such as player cosmetics, equipment, and more.

Anito Legends is a game that utilizes some ‘play and earn’ mechanics. It is not an investment opportunity nor an invitation to invest.

Anitos Assemble

Anito Legends is a multi-platform strategic turn-based auto-battler. Players will assemble a team of Anitos, customize their equipment and go on an adventure or battle against other players in the land of Lupa. The Anito world is one of mystery and magic, with vast plains, lush forests, deep and clear bodies of water, and unscalable mountains that house deep caverns. Residents are Anitos, creatures that reflect the very best parts of the land.

“When Lupa was new, all the Anitos lived in peace, helping each other and sharing in the land’s bounty.
But some leaders grew selfish. They wanted to rule over Lupa and keep its treasures for themselves. They secretly banded together, calling themselves Dilim, and when the time was right, attacked their fellow Anitos. It was a massacre.” Anito Legends
Players will battle to recover Lupa and restore it to its former glory, overcoming Dilim to rescue the lost world.

Anito NFTs

There are currently four classes of Anitos for launch, and they will be available as NFTs on the marketplace and through the in-game breeding mechanic. The first four Anito classes for launch include the unpredictable Kiwig, the strong Sarangay, the swift Tikbalang, and the elusive Siyokoy. Anitos are available in gacha-style boxes with several rarities. An Anito’s rarity does not affect gameplay and is purely cosmetic.
The game’s early access build comes with all the features from the beta, including two different game modes. There are Adventure Mode (PvE) and Arena Mode (PvP). The new build features Cloud Save for synced progress on multiple platforms and a wide range of quality-of-life improvements.
“We are very excited to see what our community thinks about Anito Legends early access,” shares James Chua, Anito Legends Chief Executive Officer. “We hope that everyone will enjoy playing through both Adventure Mode (PvE) and Arena Mode (PvP) as much as the team has enjoyed working on it.” UNGEEK
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Anito Legends are battling to restore the world of Lupa. Image Credit: Anito Legends.

Anito Legends incorporates gameplay inspired by roguelike dungeon crawlers and auto-battler genres. Its Filipino folklore influence is at its core, with English as its delivery method. The two main game modes included at launch are PVE (player vs. environment) and PVP (player vs. player).

To begin the game, players must purchase at least three Anito NFT units to fill out a party and start adventuring. Anitos will be able to buy weapons and other equipment to adjust to the different battle scenarios. Players can also mint some end-game weapons and items as NFTs.

Early Access

The game plans to add more features, such as a battle pass, additional NFT classes, and sponsorship programs. Earlier access for Beta testers to Cloud Save and the PVP system gives them a deeper preview of the game.

More Play to Earn (P2E) opportunities are also on the way, and we should all keep our keen eyes on Twitter for any upcoming announcements.

“As game developers with more than a decade’s experience in the casual gaming space, we want to explore this new platform using the blockchain so that players have the ability to earn a little bit of currency or at least recuperate the cost of the game.” – James Chua, CEO of Masayato PTE LTD, Backend News

To begin, players will need a Metamask wallet address, typical of all play-to-earn games. The team is also running a free NFT giveaway for early sign-ups.

Championing Philippine Culture

The “Anito Legends” team has partnered with Palanca award-winning author and horror writer Yvette Tan. Tan is a pillar and resource for local folklore. The in-game soundtrack is by Myth_OS, composed of the duo Malek Lopez of “Mighty Robo V” (2021) and Juan Miguel Sobrepena of “Midnight in a Perfect World” (2020).

Jed Cruz, Chief Creative Officer, and his team went from ‘superhero chickens’ to the realization that a game based in the Philippines was a better concept. Instead, there would be mythical creatures and deities from Philippine folklore instead of just superhero chickens.

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