Hollywood actor Anthony Hopkins is crushing the NFT game at 84 years young. His “Eternal Collection” in collaboration with Orange Comet has taken the top spot on OpenSea.

The collection sold out in mere minutes, leaving fans and collectors alike scrambling to get their hands on a piece of digital art from the iconic actor.

A tweet from Orange Comet said: “The Eternal Collection sold out in less than 7 minutes. The fastest sell-out in OpenSea history.”

Anthony Hopkins’ involvement is likely largely responsible for this incredible success. From visual art pieces inspired by his film roles to his own abstract art, his diverse collection offers something for every type of NFT enthusiast. And who better to curate such a collection than Anthony Hopkins himself?

Shortly after the success of his first NFT collection, the renowned actor tweeted: “Looks like I have the capacity to crash the internet in one single leap. Thank you everyone. I couldn’t have imagined this outcome.”

The tweet was followed by a two-second video where Hopkins was seen holding his hands up in a ‘thumbs up’ gesture and saying ‘thank you everyone, thank you!’

With decades of experience in the entertainment industry, he knows how to capture attention and evoke emotion – qualities that are essential in creating successful NFTs.

It’s clear that Hopkins’ “Eternal Collection” will remain timeless as it continues to trend and make waves in the NFT market.

What is the new collection all about?

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The collection immortalizes Anthony Hopkins’ artistic work and his career as an acclaimed actor. Image source: Orange Comet

Orange Comet worked with Anthony Hopkins to launch of his NFT series, The Eternal Collection. This marked a new venture for the Oscar-winning artist, as he expanded his talents into the growing metaverse.

Drawing inspiration from the diverse characters he has portrayed throughout his illustrious film career, The Eternal Collection features a selection of images and animations that embody 10 different archetypes such as The Jester, The Lover, and The Hero.

Through this NFT series, Anthony Hopkins hopes to immortalize his unique interpretation of The Eternal in the digital world.

This hope was echoed by the Instagram announcement released by Orange Comet before the sale went live.

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What did Anthony Hopkins’ NFT buyers get?

Buyers that participated in the drop had a whole host of advantages that they got from purchasing specific NFTs. Among the artwork, there was one iconic animation incorporating all 10 archetypes. This was a highly sought-after piece, and it’s easy to see why.

This piece also came with the added bonus of a personal lunch with Anthony Hopkins himself. The lucky buyer also scored a signed monotype print of Hopkins’ piece “The Eternal,” as well as his Dreamscapes art book and 10 PFPs of the various archetypes.

NFT collections continue to make headlines in the art world, with no signs of slowing down. This rare find is sure to be a prized possession for any collector.

And for those that didn’t score a personal lunch with Hopkins, they could still buy one of his 1,000 other NFTs that were on sale.

These included 10 unique 1 of 1 signature animation NFTs which each featured a different character archetype, as well as 990 unique 1 of 1 images based on the 10 archetypes.

People who bought these images are now in with a chance to attend an intimate Zoom discussion with Anthony Hopkins, and could also receive an autographed Dreamscapes Art Book with drawings, artwork, and poetry by Hopkins himself.

And it sounds like the actor has loved the experience, calling it ‘one of the greatest experiences’ of his life in a recent Tweet.

What utility do the Anthony Hopkins NFTs have?

Orange Comet delved into the utility that Anthony Hopkins 1 of 1 images will have. According to their website, 39 lucky buyers will receive an autographed Dreamscapes art book, providing a glimpse into Hopkins’ artwork, poetry, and music.

Five buyers will also get the opportunity to join in on an intimate Zoom discussion with the actor himself. And one special buyer will even be selected for a one-on-one Zoom conversation with Hopkins, to be recorded and shared on his social media.

Plus, 100 buyers will receive personal NFT messages from the icon himself.

This NFT collection offers fans a chance to not only collect rare digital artwork, but also connect with the multifaceted creator in unprecedented ways.

What is Orange Comet all about?

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Orange Comet has some exciting new collections in the works, including an Anne Rice-inspired “Interview with the Vampire” NFT collection. Image source: Orange Comet

Orange Comet is leading Web3 entertainment with their cutting-edge technology and commitment to innovation. The company boasts a star-studded team, including key investors like Gloria Estefan and Ted Chung, as well as advisory board member William Shatner.

With a H0llywood red-carpet team like that, it’s perhaps unsurprising that Anthony Hopkins got on board to collaborate on his own NFT collection.

And there are lots of exciting new collections that are due to be released by the Web3 entertainment company. Projects include collections and P2E games based on Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire, as well as the Walking Dead.

There’s lots to look forward to with this company, and if the Anthony Hopkins launch is any indication, it’s definitely one to keep an eye on.

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