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Backed by big investment brands like Paramount Capital, Merit Circle, Sino Global Capital, and Three Arrows Capital, the open-world NFT game Ascenders offers a different taste of action RPG. 

Ascenders run on the Avalanche blockchain, and it’s developed by the Legendary Foundry Games. The CEO of the studio is Jackson Poon, also the co-founder of Paramount Capital. Will Davis is responsible for the game development. He’s an experienced developer with over 35 years of experience in the industry. The game is designed by BAFTA award-winner Chris Rothwell, acting as the amazing design director of the open-world NFT game.

Ascenders World

After crash landing on an exotic Alien world, you will be tasked with surviving, building, and exploring the beautiful world of Ascension. Fighting, crafting, and exploring make up just a tiny part of this vast game.

The game deploys a sci-fi fantasy theme. It has a genuinely player-driven economy where gamers build the game’s world and govern the development. In Ascenders, you can explore, build, and fight in a tremendous adventure-fueled environment.

The world of Ascenders is what makes the game so incredibly unique. As per their own description, the exotic world is strange and captivating. The world is largely untouched, with exotic and beautiful landscapes. The natural and vast open world has an incredibly full range of possibilities but also potential dangers and unexpected. Surviving in this unknown world is never guaranteed.

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However, what makes the game so unique? The world may appear tranquil and scenic, but there is a deadly danger from the native Aliens in the new world. In the Ascenders world, you may encounter and interact with these Aliens. Some may be hidden in plain sight, and some may lurk below the surface. These aliens may threaten you and your survival in this unknown world. But, to conquer Ascension, you must fight and unlock mysteries.
In the world, you will gradually uncover mysteries, explore its history, and build your civilization in Ascension. With skill and technology, you can combat any potential threats, carrying out the fighting in the third person. Additionally, you can settle and build on the world of Ascension. By using what you encounter in the world, players can craft things necessary for creating a thriving community and economy. The more you build, the brighter and more vibrant the community and world of Ascension will become.

An open NFT world that its players command

  • Gamers control the NFT creations.

As expected from the game’s genre, Ascender allows players to explore the world environment freely. But unlike many of the other open-world NFT games, it leaves the NFT creation in the hands of the players. They can create all NFT assets and build cities on NFT lands. 

  • Decentralized and player-driven economy

Players determine the supply and demand. They explore and discover resources to mint their own items and upgrade and sell them to other players in NFT marketplaces. 

  • Players’ choices can alter the world environment.

Players can specialize in different play-to-earn roles with their own economic loops. Decisions made while executing these roles influence the external world permanently. 

Ascender’s gameplay

There’re single-player and multi-player game modes. The game’s environment is divided into “overworld” and “dungeons”.

  • Many different terrains exist in the overworld. You go on explorations in the overworld to find resources. You can then use these resources to create your NFT items. There are also limited land parcels in the overworld that players can own as NFTs. Landowners can create buildings on these lands for other players to use, such as hospitals and shops. 
  • Dungeons include rare resources as well. The team also organizes dungeon tournaments from time to time. In these challenges, players can compete in PvEvP modes to win rare resources to mint NFT items. There’re also special Dungeon tournaments known as “Battle for Land,” where players compete for land NFTs. 

Play-to-Earn Roles

The team designed 3 reward paths for fans. These are all roles that can be played within the game in order to win rewards.

  • Explorers: Players who like to explore the overworld can collect rare resources.
  • Fighters: Some valuable resources exist only in the dungeons, which are more challenging areas of the open world. You must compete against the best players in the tournaments to climb on the leaderboard. That’s why this player lane is for more experienced players.
  • Builders: You can build your own places and earn passive income by owning lands. 
ascenders nft open world
You can follow three play-to-earn paths in Ascenders.

Ascender’s Economy

The Ascenders Governance Council (AGC) is the governance token that will provide the holders with membership in the Ascenders DAO. Members can vote on proposals for new features, for instance. The total number of AGC is capped at one billion. 

Owners of AGC will be able to stake it, earn in-game rewards, and unlock bonus incentives. 

The primary utility token is Glow Gems (GG). Players can pay for all in-game activities with GG. For example, to create NFT items like swords and armors or construct buildings on the lands. The NFT trading in the marketplace will also take place through GG.

The team will distribute all P2E rewards in GG tokens. 

Combat Challenge

The entire game is not ready yet, but you can participate in daily events called combat challenges to start collecting Ascenders’ tokens. 

A combat challenge features a short region of the actual Ascenders’ open world. In this game version, you participate in time attacks to discover containers within the world and earn rewards. It’s available on PC and Mac. 

What’s Next?

The team will release AGC tokens in May 2022 via a public sale. There are also countless changes titled in their roadmap for the upcoming phase 3. At the moment, there are 8 phases before the official launch of the game. Upcoming changes include the prototyping of gameplay and economy, a land sale event, an in-game guild system, and a Genesis Heroes sale event. This is all available in their roadmap, but if you want more regular updates, stay tuned by following the official Discord and Twitter channels. 

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