AstroX play-to-earn (P2E) digital trading card game will launch publicly on 20th September and release its token $ATX on September 22nd, 2022. Consequently, the world of gaming is anticipating a change in the P2E landscape.

Not yet released, AstroX will be a fast-paced trading card game coupled with unique space-themed Role Play Game (RPG) elements that allow its players to earn by playing.

It is called the future of P2E, but what is so special about AstroX?

What Is AstroX?

AstroX hasn’t yet entered the market but is stirring up much interest. Image Credit: AstroX.

AstroX will become the next innovative Trading Card Game, a community-first and developer-friendly Game-Fi platform. The project comes from a team of blockchain inventors and marketers that share a similar vision within the P2E sphere.

Its release will be on the Binance Smart Chain for its game utility. Furthermore, the AstroX token is the core currency within the game’s ecosystem, and there will be a 7% Tax on the Buy and Selling of the token. Currently, 3% Liquidity Pool (LP) and BNB Reflections are for private sale investors who hold all tokens, and 4% for Marketing and Development.

In this trading card game, each card in AstroX may be a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) using Web3 technology. Uniquely, this technology indicates that all AstroX players can entirely own their digital cards. As a result, Gamer rights will include:

  • Competing for prizes.
  • Collecting them as collectibles.
  • Exchanging them on their peer-to-peer market.
  • Upgrading them.
  • Burning them to build a higher-tier card.

The AstroX Ecosystem

The critical difference that distinguishes the AstroX cryptocurrency is that, unlike other well-known Cryptosphere games, AstroX provides total control of gamer assets within the game.

AstroX will launch on September 22nd. Image Credit: AstroX

AstroX is a Community Driven GameFi Platform that empowers users by paying them for their engagement and participation. The community is driven through revolutionary tokenomics (NFT allocations and more) and integrates a strategic finance system within the game. These elements combine the best of DeFi and NFTs to create a unique free-to-play P2E ecosystem.

Tokenomics And Trade


  • $ASTROX tokens are AstroX’s primary reward mechanisms, and players can earn rewards they can easily trade with others or leverage outside the game.
  • Issuing $ASTROX tokens to all participants in the economy, including third-party developers, content creators, and the community, works to align incentives around AstroX.
  • The game will distribute $ASTROX tokens sustainably via a fixed supply schedule; game developers reward early adopters.
astro ship
For the first season release of Astro X, they will be releasing classes of decks
with 20 cards each in 5 tiers. Image Credit AstroX.

AstroX’s ultimate objective is to create the #1 Digital Trading Card Game, a game with all the economic vitality of the top physical TCGs on the market but none of the limits that come with physical economies.


Token Name: AstroX

Ticker: $ATX

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Total Supply: 2,000,000,000 $ATX (2 Billion)

Tax: 7% on each Buy & Sell transactions:

  • Liquidity Pool & Reflections: 3%
  • Marketing & Development: 4%

-Global Newswire


“We will create a marketplace to enable NFT minting and trading at a scale of instant trade confirmation. This creates a massively improved user experience, which enables all players to have the ability to scale up their rewards and assets in real time.” – AstroX Whitepaper.

The AstroX marketplace will enable to purchase and sell minted NFTS cards. Players will have complete control over the card’s market value. Players can transact on the marketplace using the native $AstroX token or any cryptocurrency that may be supported later by the AstroX market. Consequently, the result is a vastly improved user experience, allowing all users to scale up their awards and assets in real time.

AstroX will integrate a Layer-2 scaling solution for NFTs and the marketplace that addresses fundamental issues in the NFT sector.

Space Suit Up

Rocket 1
AstroX’s ultimate objective is to create the #1 Digital Trading Card Game. Image Credit: AstroX.

Players must purchase the AstroX starter pack to stay in the game. Above all, it is a necessary upgrade for all players to have access to rewards and all of the full game functionalities of AstroX. Initially, players can play without it to explore and see what they think of the game, but it will become an essential requirement.

The game will be a straightforward yet strategy-heavy, fast-paced turn-based gameplay, but, firstly, they will need to explore tutorial mode. Developers assure us that players should get the hang of the game within a couple of minutes.

Tradeable rewards come in cards, card fragments, packs, and in-game currency, which players can consequently leverage outside of the game.


Card trading
Is the future of play-to-earn gaming here? Image Credit: AstroX.

Overall, the aspect to watch is NFTs and whether the game can sustain its commitment to keeping all assets decentralized and in players’ hands.

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