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Aurory, the well-known gaming franchise, has announced its intention to incorporate Ethereum’s layer-2 scaling solution, Arbitrum. This strategic step is expected to expand Aurory’s Non-Fungible Token (NFT) games beyond the limitations of the Solana blockchain. The primary goal of this initiative is to promote greater user participation by allowing Aurory NFTs and its native AURY token to be used interchangeably across various blockchains.

Aurory’s Objectives

Aurory’s primary goal is not to abandon Solana but rather to extend its reach and make its offerings more accessible to users. To achieve this, they are introducing the SyncSpace technology, which will enable users to seamlessly move their assets between Solana and Arbitrum, and even within the games themselves.

Jonathan Campeau, the Executive Producer at Aurory, emphasized that the platform’s intentions are driven by a desire to diversify, not just from a business standpoint, but also to enhance the user experience. This move is particularly beneficial for those who are more familiar with the Ethereum ecosystem and wallets like MetaMask, simplifying their interactions with the Aurory platform.

Aurory’s strategy does not involve shifting token holders from one blockchain to another, clarified by Michael Natoli, the Head of Marketing and Business Development. Instead, the objective is to establish fresh entry points into the game and attract participation from various cryptocurrency communities, leveraging their liquidity. This move is intended to expand the Aurory experience into Arbitrum’s specialized Web3 ecosystem.

The proposed “on-ramps” will allow players to bring their Aurory NFTs and USDC stablecoins into the game using either blockchain. Once inside, USDC can be exchanged for the game’s native AURY token.

Future Plans

Aurory’s expansion is laying the groundwork for future growth. While they are currently focusing on integrating with Arbitrum, it is just the initial phase. Aurory has their eyes set on other chains like Polygon and Avalanche as well. By venturing into Arbitrum, Aurory aims to introduce exciting new game experiences that are tailored to specific chains, encouraging players to venture into different blockchain ecosystems.

Aurory is actively working on developing two games: “Aurory Adventures,” a role-playing game focused on player-versus-environment interactions, and “Aurory Tactics,” a battle arena game centered around player-versus-player battles.

This strategic decision is anticipated to strengthen Aurory’s position within the NFT gaming industry and advance its ambition to lead the way in providing innovative cross-chain gaming experiences.

More on Aurory

Aurory is a cutting-edge entertainment franchise that revolves around groundbreaking gaming experiences and captivating narrative content that extends to various media such as comics, animation, film, TV, social engagement, and consumer products.

The company boasts a skilled team comprising individuals with backgrounds in both gaming and cryptocurrency industries, including former employees from renowned companies like Ubisoft and Electronic Arts. Leveraging this expertise, Aurory offers engaging gaming experiences and ownership benefits across multiple platforms, effectively blurring the lines between virtual worlds and reality.

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