Aurory P2E

Aurory P2E is a tactical Japanese role-playing game built on Solana and is among the most played play-to-earn games, offering free-to-play opportunities. 

The backers of Aurory include Animoca Brands, Genblock Capital, CMS, Ascensive Asset Management, Zee Prime Capital, Solana, and Alameda Research

The team at Aurory P2E has 45 members with many years of experience in the indie game industry, video games, full-time crypto investors, VR and AR developers, and blockchain developers who contributed to Rainbow6 and Avalanche. Members have experience in Triple-A game companies, including Ubisoft, EA, Gameloft, Bioware, and Eidos.

The game project has over 180K Twitter followers, 43K Discord members, and around 13K Telegram members

Story of Aurory

The world splits into two parts: ANTIK and TOKANE. Only a few powerful hands rule the ANTIK part where there’s no freedom. All the others, FUDs, work for Barons. However, in the TOKANE part, cheerful creatures known as NEFTIES live, and the wealth is equally distributed. One day, Barons discover a pathway to enter the TOKANE, so the war between the two parts begins. 

Gameplay and Game modes 

The core components of the Aurory gameplay are the NEFTY characters. 

The PvE mode trains players about the crypto and NFTs through a story of two heroes: Sam, a FUD, and Helios, a NEFTY

In PvP mode, you compete against other players in turn-based combats to climb the leaderboard. Two teams compete using three NEFTIES per team. In each turn, NEFTIES perform a move or skill action and use items. The goal is to knock out every NEFTY from the opponent team. 

To join combat, you must own at least three NEFTIES. You can receive NEFTIES in both game modes. In PvE, you can discover NEFTY eggs while exploring the world. In PVP, you can get them by winning the p2E combats. It’s also possible to obtain NEFTIES through special weekly rotations or purchases from the marketplace.

Another prerequisite to playing the PvP mode is to stake a certain amount of AURY tokens announced by the game management. 

Aurory P2E
In PvP of Aurory P2E, NEFTIES combat in 3v3 mode.

Characteristics of NEFTIES in Aurory P2E

Each NEFTY has three essential elements: appearance, attributes, and skills. Characteristics greatly influence combat effectiveness. For example, movement points show the distance a NEFTY can move per combat turn. 

Furthermore, attribute scores determine a NEFTY’s rarity. Some rarities provide unique features. For instance, NEFTIES with the highest scores will have a special shimmering effect that makes fighting against them extremely difficult. 

Skills include many options, like healing spells or devastating attacks in Aurory P2E. During the hatching process of a NEFTY, the system will assign these combat skills: an essential physical attack skill, three random skills according to the species of the NEFTY, and an “Ultimate” skill unique to the species that provides both damage-based or defensive utilities. 

Aurorian NFTs and Their Use Case

You can use an Aurorian NFT as your avatar in the Aurory P2E game. In addition, holding an Aurorian NFT will grant early access to future game modes and Land NFT sales. They’ll also earn more play-to-earn rewards. NFT owners will also receive additional assets as airdrops. 

You can purchase them on Solanart’s secondary NFT marketplace. It’s possible to filter the Aurorian NFTs based on different attributes, including hat, mouth, necklace, skin, type, and generation.

Aurory P2E
You can buy Aurorian NFTs in Solanart marketplace.

An exciting application of Aurorian NFTs is “Aurorians on Expedition.” The app allows players to build a squad of Aurorians, ranging from one to five Aurorians. They send the team on expeditions to earn rewards. Rewards include AURY tokens, skins, collectable art, NEFTY eggs, and in-game items. To participate, you need a Solana Wallet, some SOL and AURY currencies to cover the fees, and an Aurorian NFT. In essence, what you do is to stake your squad of Aurorians. 

Tokenomics of Aurory P2E

The primary token of the Aurory P2E game is the AURY. You can purchase it on various crypto markets, from Kucoin to Huobi. The primary use cases include purchasing game assets, hatching NEFTY eggs, and staking. Players can earn AURY both in PvE and PvP modes. In the future, it will also function as a governance token. 

The total supply of AURY is 100 million, and the initial circulating collection is 9.5 million. The team allocated 25% of the total supply to Play-to-earn rewards. 24% is for treasury, 18% for seed investors, 15% for team and advisors, 7% for the ecosystem fund, 7% for public sales, and 4% for liquidity. 

Future Steps

In the future, the gameplay will include Dungeons, in which players can earn additional incentives. The team will also release Land NFTs. There’ll be a new item type called power stones, enabling tactical moves in combats. 

The long-term vision of Aurory P2E is to publish multiple p2e titles and become one of the leading triple-A blockchain games companies. 

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