Aurory plans to expand its reach across different platforms, which is a significant development in itself. What sets this apart is that they will accomplish this impressive feat using their proprietary SyncSpace technology.

Before we talk about Aurory’s plan to expand to different platforms, it’s essential to mention that they are still fully dedicated to Solana. They believe that Solana has the potential to remain a top-tier blockchain platform because of its special combination of technology and community. Aurory strongly believes in the strength of Solana and wants to use it as they expand to other platforms.

The Cross-Platform Approach

Aurory recognizes the significance of appealing to a wide range of players and making sure their games are accessible to as many people as possible. For them, going cross-platform goes beyond simply integrating with other blockchains; it also involves expanding their presence to traditional game distribution platforms and app stores.

Consider platforms like Epic Games, Steam, the Apple App Store, and Google Play. By leveraging these distribution platforms, Aurory has the opportunity to significantly increase its user base and appeal to millions of players.

Although the idea of expanding to traditional game distribution platforms is appealing, Aurory acknowledges that there are obstacles to overcome. These platforms were not initially created with web3 compatibility in mind, which presents a challenge for web3 games to obtain approval.

This is where Aurory’s technology, SyncSpace, becomes crucial. SyncSpace serves as an intermediary between the blockchain and client build, reducing user difficulties and streamlining the process of integrating across different platforms.

The Introduction of SyncSpace

With the introduction of SyncSpace, Aurory opens up a vast market opportunity. Now, millions of traditional gamers can experience Aurory’s games without needing any prior understanding of web3. By providing a fiat solution, users have the option to purchase in-game “gems” instead of using the native $AURY token. This indirect method adds buying pressure to the token.

SyncSpace also empowers users to synchronize assets across different blockchains and effortlessly withdraw them, resulting in a truly interconnected cross-chain experience. Aurory is thrilled about the limitless opportunities that SyncSpace brings to its products.

More on Aurory

Aurory, developed by the Aurory Project, is a desktop game that operates on the play-to-earn model. It offers players an immersive experience in a fantasy universe through a combination of gameplay and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The game is based on the Solana blockchain, and its development began in 2021.

Within the game, players can explore two distinct areas and biomes called Antik and Cryptos, encountering a diverse range of non-player characters (NPCs) and Nefties. These magical creatures can be captured or traded and serve as companions to players as they engage in various game modes within this role-playing game (RPG).

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