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Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn NFT game that has been topping the charts for over a year now. Players can earn, breed, battle axis and complete daily quests to progress. Axie Infinity has an entire economic ecosystem surrounding it. Players have the option to enter gameplay in PvP or PvE mode. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Axie Infinity Adventure SLP Guide and how you can maximize SLP rewards. 

What is Axie Infinity?

If you are not new to the crypto scene, you most definitely have stumbled upon Axie Infinity play to earn crypto game. In fact, Axie Infinity has been enjoying the top spot as one of the best blockchain-based games currently out there. 

The in-game characters of Axie Infinity are called Axies, each one of them is an NFT. Players level up and battle a team of Axies reaping higher rewards. Levelling up Axies is a must if you want to win more Adventure battles and earn more Smooth Love Potions (SLP). More on this later in this guide. The higher your Axie’s levels, the more SLP you can potentially earn per day in Adventure PvE mode. 

In Axie Infinity, there are currently two modes that you can choose to play, namely, Adventure Mode and Arena Mode. The latter is a Player-versus-Player Mode (PvP) in which players could explore the in-game stories and level up their Axies simultaneously. Whereas, Adventure Mode is solo gameplay. This guide is only focused on the Adventure mode of Axie Infinity. 

What is Adventure Mode in Axie Infinity?

As briefly mentioned above, Adventure Mode in Axie Infinity is simply a single-player PvE (player vs environment) Mode. Players can battle monsters (computer-based) and level up their Axies and collect EXP. 

At this moment, there are currently 36 levels in the Adventure Mode, each with an increasing difficulty. Naturally, the higher the level you progress towards, the more EXP you will be rewarded with. 

Axie Infinity has an entire economy within the gaming ecosystem. The Axie World is called Lunacia which is fueled by an in-game token rewards system which is called Smooth Love Potions (SLP) and Axie Infinity Shards (AXS). By playing the Adventure mode, players have the possibility to earn SLPs and exchange it for real-world currency. 

Before we dive deeper into how to earn SLP via Adventure Mode, let us go over the different elements of this mode. 

What is Energy in Axie Infinity?

In order to make any progress in the Axie world, you need to understand the core concept of this NFT game. 

In Axie Infinity, entering Adventure Battles consumes 1 Energy. You can see the amount of Energy you currently have on the main menu. Energy is directly tied to time, and can only be regained when the time between Energy charges has lapsed. In order to earn rewards in Axie Infinity, you will need Energy. 

However, you can still earn a maximum of 50 SLP per day in Adventure Mode without requiring Energy when farming SLP. You will only need Energy if you want to level your team to gain EXP.

In a nutshell, the more energy you have, the more EXP you can gain by going on Adventure battles to level up your Axies. 

Axie Infinity

Discover Adventure Mode

Currently, the only map available in Axie Infinity is called Lunancian Ruin. This map currently consists of 36 ruins, each indicating level-up progress.

Upon starting your Adventure Mode, you will be able to see the name of the ruin that you are playing, with a bar below it indicating your progress. The dots on the bar show the number of stages you will have to complete in order to finish the whole ruin. 

How to Level Up Axies In Adventure Mode

As we mentioned earlier in this guide, to gain EXP and level up Axies, you need to engage in Adventure mode battles while you have Energy. Do keep in mind though that if you lose an Adventure Mode battle, you will not gain any EXP. Therefore, do make sure before farming EXP on an Adventure battle that you can complete this level, otherwise you will simply waste your Energy spent. 

Tip: you can always check the number of monsters that you will be facing by clicking on that level.

We also recommend focusing solely on levelling up your Axies when just starting out. As you first begin your Adventure mode, you will quickly realize that it is difficult to reach the maximum reward of 50 SLP. This is mainly because your Axie levels are still too low, and lower levels on Adventure mode only yield little amounts of SLP. 

Here is a demonstration of how much SLP you can earn based on your level: 

As illustrated above, you can clearly see that higher levels of Axie reap the most number of SLP per win. As you level up your Axie, you will be able to earn 50 SLP within a few hours easily. And that should be your target. 

Final Remarks

Although the Adventure Mode is currently capped in terms of how much SLP you can earn in a day, it does provide a larger ROI on your time. However, you will only reap a higher reward by first investing your time in leveling up your Axies. In addition, multiple players have reported that higher levels of Axies generally lead to bigger chances of getting a high-valued SLP drop. 

Lastly, defeating certain bosses while engaging in Adventure mode also earns you one time SLP rewards. By winning Level 21, you can expect to earn around 200 SLP. Whereas, winning Level 36 will bring you up to 300 SLP. 

We hope this Axie Infinity Adventure SLP Guide was helpful for you, and that you can earn more after reading this guide!

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