Axie Infinity came out with an important announcement a few days back. The team behind the game announced that they would be launching Origin (Axie Battle V3). The new version of Axie Infinity will be available towards Q1 of 2022!

Axie Infinity was originally conceived as an Ethereum-based game. This was essentially to build upon and further study the benefits of blockchain technology. The new release of the game will offer more ways to interact with your cute little creatures. It will also allow you to do it faster and cheaper than ever before.

Origin: The Launch Plan

This consists of two stages; The Alpha Launch and The Season Launch.

Alpha Launch is going to give every player access to the game via the Android app and Mavis Hub. The Launch will allow players to be Alphas. With this, they can dictate what they want and don’t want in the game after playing.

Think of it like a “Test Run” but with the players instead of developers. Therefore, the developers can have an idea of whether they have done a perfect job or a job that needs to be reviewed.

In this same stage, there would be no Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potion (SLP) rewards. The reason behind this decision is probably because all players will lose their progress before the game fully kickstarts.

The Alpha Phase is a predecessor to the Season Launch or Season 0. The latter would only be launched based on the feedback of players from the Alpha Phase.

In other words, the Axie Infinity developer team will only launch this phase by making updates to the game. The updates will be made on the feedback of the Alpha Players. Meanwhile, the update could take months, hence why there is no certain release date yet.
Effect of the Update on Axies

Some axies will become more powerful, some will become weaker, and others will just get new skills. In order to figure out what skill each Axie will gain, you can refer to their power level calculator.

However, the best part is that you would be able to use the Axies you previously owned from other versions in Origin. Fun fact is that it’s going to be a continuous affair. You can keep using your Axies in subsequent versions of the game. Little wonder “Infinity” is their name. They are basically telling you that your Axies will live on.

Axie Infinity Origin: New Game Mechanics

Sequential Turns

The New Way to Battle. One of the main goals in designing Axie Infinity was making sure battles are quick and strategic, with every move counting.
Once players use their cards in this version, Axies launch their attack immediately. The speed of your Axies in this new version will amaze you.

Resets and Card Changes

Another new game mechanic is how they have made changes to cards in order to give more strength and strategy depth when battling your enemies. It will take some time to get along with this, but once you do, you will love it!

Power-Ups – Runes and Charms

They have also made changes to how Power-Ups work in order to create a more balanced and fun battle experience! They have added two new types of power-ups, Runes & Charms, which come with their own strengths, weaknesses, uses, and strategies!
While Runes give new powers to your Axies, Charms enhance their in-game abilities. However, as Axie Infinity goes on, the devs will remove Runes and Charms every season so that players can continuously be on their toes to keep up the hunting spirit and upgrade their Axies. Axies will also have six cards and no longer four.

Simplified Axie Stats

Another feature of the update is the new streamlined stats to give players a balanced and consistent battle experience! For example, your Might and Intelligence have been combined into Strength; Health Points as Hit Points. Also, Movement Speed is now known as Speed and so on.

This not only makes things easier for new players who are coming in at different times during development but also opens up lots of possibilities for future balancing options as well!

Eyes and Ears

The Eyes and Ears are both combined into one! From now on, all Axies will be able to see through walls as well as hear conversations from a distance depending on their eyesight/ears skills.

It’s a great new feature that allows you to get more insights into your enemies without having them in front of you.

Origin Onboarding & Tutorial

The biggest challenge in video games today isn’t graphics or content. It is how quickly a new player can become engaged with gameplay. It takes at least 20 minutes of playtime before a player learns how to play most games.

Axie Infinity uses Axies as game characters instead of cards. Therefore, its game mechanics are immediately clear—no learning curve required. Many infinite card games use elements of traditional card and board games, which means players will have to relearn rules from familiar forms. But because Axie Infinity is based on pets instead of cards. Therefore, all players have to do is hatch a pet and start exploring what they can do in the world. In this version, the famous ‘Buba’ is your starter pet.

Unlocks & Periphery

In order to bring more players into Axie culture, the team created a new version of Axie named Origin. This new version of Axie is easier to raise and evolve Axies than other versions.

They want all players — not just veterans or KS backers — to be able to use their first pet by providing them with an easy mode for beginning players.

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