Axie Infinity

2021 is forever the year of blockchain-based video games. It has become possible to play and earn by incorporating blockchain technology into your favorite games.

It’s an idea that allows players to make money while playing games. While gaming has always had economic worth, only game creators can profit from this value.

But now, players can own and own their in-game assets using NFTs and cryptocurrencies. They can swap or withdraw from the game as they see fit.

Even though Pokemon NFT collectables are exciting, it’s a pity the legendary anime will probably never see a P2E game. That made us wonder what it would be like if a Pokemon-themed NFT game existed. It seems like one Vietnamese gaming studio thought about it back in 2017

Thanks to that, we now have Axie Infinity!

What Is Axie Infinity?

Welcome To Axie Infinity!
Welcome To Axie Infinity! – image source:

It is without a doubt that the fame and characters of the Japanese anime series were the inspiration for Axie Infinity. 

A lot of what we’ve come to love about Pokemon is here, but with a twist. The game incorporates the notion of non-fungible virtual goods (NFTs) so that players have total ownership of and may profit from their in-game assets.

Sky Mavis studios developed the P2E game and operated it on the Ethereum blockchain. Launched in March 2018, Axie Infinity is currently the most popular blockchain-based game in the metaverse industry. More than a million users log in daily to play with their Axie-pets. 

Axie Infinity is a strategy video game with collectable characters. Virtual pets are the focus of the game. During the game, players collect NFT cards representing the Axie-pets and battle them against each other. 

Axie Infinity | The Team

A group of five young men developed the game from its headquarters in Vietnam. CEO Nguyen Thanh Trung took part in the founding of an e-Commerce startup called Lozi. He moved on to developing Axie Infinity after finding success within the company.

Aside from Trung, the key members of the team include Aleksander Leonard Larsen (COO), Tu Doan (Art Director and Game Designer), Andy Ho (CTO), and Jeffrey Zirlin (Growth Lead).

The founding team of Axie Infinity has extensive experience in various P2E games as players and management. Sky Mavis, a company now renowned for its innovative work, was established by these brainiacs.

The Axie Infinity staff currently has 40 full-time members and is seeking additional members

Axie Infinity | Why Is It So Popular?

The game gained popularity around 2020, with active players reaching 50000 monthly players. A year later, this number increased by approximately 4000%. Axie Infinity reached its peak in June 2021 after being launched in 2018. 

There were more than 2 million players on the site every month. Though this number has declined in the latest days, it’s still one of the most-successful NFT games in the world.

Therefore, it begs the question…why is Axie Infinity so popular?

While crediting the Pokemon theme for the game’s success is easy, it’s not entirely fair. Axie Infinity’s connection to the all-time successful Japanese media franchise contributes. 

It is. However, I would draw attention to the game’s earning potential for its players. 

The NFT game provides a great source of side income, especially in countries with weak currencies. More than 40% of Axie’s audience originates from the Philippines. It is more valuable to earn in cryptocurrency and NFT as their rates fluctuate for the better.

The fact that it is so easy to earn is another factor contributing to its popularity. It doesn’t matter what level of player you are. There are plenty of opportunities to earn. There is no correlation between your rank in the game and your profit. 

You can predict how much profit you can earn in a day based on your skill and luck. A daily income of $10-$50 may not seem like much to first-world countries, but it sure helps developing nations. 

Axie – The Star Of The Game

Axies In A Combat
Axies In A Combat – Image Source: Play To Earn

As the name suggests, the game centres around Axies. They are virtual pets that belong to different classes in the game. To begin the game, players must purchase three Axies first. 

Axies can be purchased from the in-game marketplace or bred by joining two cards. Engaging these pets in battles with other players or exploring the game quests and adventures to level up is possible.

Each Axie has four main characteristics that help identify them in battle:

  • HEALTH: The health meter indicates how much life energy you have during a match. You can withstand enemy damage for longer if you have a higher HP.
  • SKILL: Basically, this stat affects how much damage you deal to your enemies. A skilful Axie will cause your opponent more harm. Tip: You can create a shield or special attack if you attack with cards in a combo. 
  • SPEED: The speed of each Axie determines the order in which the pets will attack until they wear themselves out. The faster the speed, the more likely it is to attack first. Tip: If all Axies are equal in speed, other factors determine how they will attack. 
  • MORALE: It simply represents the Critical Hit and the Last Stand chance. The Critical Hit doubles attack on the opponent, whereas the Last Stand prolongs the attack after depleting HP.

How Does It Work?

Axie Infinity Arena Mode
Arena Mode – image source:

Fighting and breeding Axies, the game’s unique animals, are at the centre of Axie Infinity’s gameplay. Axies are classified according to a set of features to gauge their scarcity. 

  • Battles

In Axie Infinity, players use numerous tactics and strategies to position their Axies on the board in three-on-three combat against other players.

The Axie’s Ability Cards are essential to the game since they dictate the offensive manoeuvres Axies can conduct to drain the health of their opponents’. Depending on the Axie’s body type and class, each Ability Card is exclusive to that Axie.

Axies can be boosted and rewarded at arena battles and tournaments with Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Small Love Potion (SLP). On the other hand, players might opt for a more adventurous style of play.

Players obtain tokens and unusual items through exploring the Axie Infinity realm and defeating the Chimera, the game’s non-player antagonists.

  • Breeding

Axies, like their real-world counterparts, can produce new offspring with their distinct qualities and talents through breeding.  SLP requirements increase with each mating event for axies, which can breed as much as seven times.

Axie children can battle and breed with other partners, or a player can sell them in the Axie Infinity Marketplace after five days of development.

  • Land

In Axie Infinity, players can go beyond merely collecting and exchanging creatures. Lunacias are parcels of land players can purchase and use to house their pet Axies. Within these stories, developers may design their games using the Lunacia software development kit.

Over time, you can upgrade the plots with the materials and ingredients found during in-game adventures.

The Nine Classes Of Axie

Axie is now home to nine different classes. It’s reasonable to think of a class having the same meaning as a Pokemon. 

Note – For purebred Axies, the same class applies to both Axie and its manoeuvres.  

Axie Infinity’s nine classes are as follows:

  1. Reptile
  2. Plant
  3. Dusk
  4. Aquatic
  5. Bird
  6. Dawn
  7. Beast
  8. Bug
  9. Mech

For a purebred Axie, this indicates that at some point in its lineage, two Axies of different classes crossed to produce an Axie with movements and breeds that do not match.

Breeders of Axie Infinity prefer purebred Axies, which isn’t always negative. When breeding purebred Axies, it is simpler to produce Axies with specific parts and skills.

Since only individuals whose 6/6 body parts match the Axie’s species may be considered purebred, they tend to be more expensive.

Cards from different classes can form powerful combinations. In any case, that’s a lesson to be learned at another time.

Axie Class Advantage

Axies, like Pokemon, have their unique abilities. An Axie card’s attack, defence, and energy are all listed on the card. Calculating the actual damage an Axie may inflict on another Axie requires consideration of the Axie class. Classes in Axie Infinity have a “rock, paper, scissors” connection.

  • Reptile, Plant, and Dusk trump Aquatic, Bird, and Dawn
  • Aquatic, Bird, and Dawn trump Beast, Bug, and Mech
  • Beast, Bug, and Mech trump Reptile, Plant, and Dusk

It’s easy to deduce from this triangle which classes are most effective against various types of Axies. It makes no difference what class your Axie is in if you have the edge over another Axie in damage output.

The increased damage implies that no matter what a Reptile Axie accomplishes against an Aquatic Axie, the Aquatic Axie will always have an advantage. You can attack with 15% extra damage if you have a class advantage. 

A 15 per cent reduction in damage is the price you pay for attacking as a member of a subpar class.

More About The Axie Infinity Project

Axie Infinity Land
Axie Infinity Land – image source:

Because Axie Infinity is a web3 game, it releases its own NFTs and cryptocurrency. NFTs are the collectable Axie cards that players trade and exchange within the game. The game’s crypto-tokens offer more than just currency.

Non-fungible token (NFT) gaming is a speciality of Axie Infinity and represents in-game digital assets, such as the Axie monsters. Users can trade Axies on the game’s marketplace for real money using these unique cryptographic tokens, as previously described.

Axie Infinity is the third most successful NFT project ever, according to NFT sales data. OpenSea’s $23.21 billion and LooksRare’s reported $18 billion in all-time NFT sales put Axie Infinity in third place with $4.17 billion in all-time NFT sales in 2022.

The Infinity Land

With the development of the metaverse, Axie Infinity Land is quickly becoming one of the most precious and sought-after digital commodities.

As the metaverse concept has grown, so have the number of game companies looking to profit from it. Axie Infinity is an example of a game that has made tremendous growth. 

Investors who want to make extra money by playing virtual online games may take advantage of this opportunity.

The gameplay of Axie Infinity takes place in an imaginary country called Lunacia, where each plot of land divides into tokenized Terras. These Terras are attractive to Axie Infinity investors who wish to grow their virtual worlds. Here’s how to buy land in Axie Infinity.

How To Buy Axie Infinity Land?

Axie Infinity participants have access to one-third of the maximum quantity of land at the start of the land sale distribution. Players can acquire land through initial land sale purchases or explore the various plots/parcels of land and pick one for themselves.

New land gameplay also includes unique aspects, such as a new Genesis land plot that houses characters like Chimera, Raids, and Bosses that players may obtain.

Axie Infinity has four types of land: Savannah, Forest, Arctic, and Mystic. Lunacian land goods are available for usage in-game for each kind of terrain. To buy land in Axie Infinity, you must first:

  • Join Axie Infinity and get started with your wallet and account. Make sure you have enough Ethereum (ETH) in this wallet to make the transaction.
  • Take a look at Axie Infinity.
  • Select land from the drop-down menu after opening it. Here, you may go through available listings and decide on the property you want to buy.
  • To complete the purchase, select the Buy Land option.

That’s all there is to it! Axie Infinity property, the most costly of which sold for $2.48 million in November, is now yours, congratulations. In 2022, when Land Gameplay is released, players will also be able to use these materials.

The Upcoming Project Infinity Tokens

Builders Program

Axie Infinity Builders Program
Builders Program Announcement – image source:

There are numerous benefits for the selected teams, including a minimum grant of $10,000 in AXS tokens to fund their projects, exclusive access to technology integrations like Ronin Single-Sign-On, and transactions in the Ronin wallet. Moreover, you get guidance from Axie Infinity’s engineering, game design, and product teams.

A revenue-share approach will allow the projects to monetize their game by using the brand recognition of the crypto game.

Axie NFTs and their unique abilities are present in Mech Infinity, a battle royale game including Axies and their unique skills, and a platforming adventure for Axies in Across Lunacia.

Announcement Of A Decentralized Exchange

With great pleasure, they announced the opening a new decentralized exchange by Axie Infinity, one of the most well-known blockchain-based gaming firms.

Users may purchase, sell, and breed creatures known as “axies” through Sky Maven’s Axie Infinity.

Players in the Philippines are flocking to the ConsenSys-backed initiative to earn cryptocurrency as an additional source of income.

For players that have to move tokens out of the platform to trade, the DEX might help to keep them playing the game. Axie Infinity’s DEX will appear on the Ronin sidechain, an Ethereum-linked sidechain explicitly designed for the project.

What Are Axie Infinity Tokens? 

AXS Token
AXS Token – image source:

To achieve an utterly decentralized gaming ecosystem, Axie Infinity has created this platform. Axie Infinity’s management and governance are the responsibility of the players. There are two native cryptocurrencies in the game, as indicated.

  • AXS – Governance Token

The ERC-20 token, which has evolved as a technical standard for all smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, is one of the most prominent Ethereum tokens

If you stake tokens, you’ll be able to receive prizes for your tokens. AXS has risen more than 3,000 per cent in the past year compared to the US dollar.

  • SLP – Reward Token

Players may win Smooth Love Potions (SLPs), originally known as little love potions, by participating in specific game modes in Axie Infinity.

In the same vein as other cryptocurrencies, SLP is an ERC-20 utility token you can purchase and sell on an exchange platform. Compared to AXS, the SLP’s value has underperformed and fallen precipitously in the last year. 

Uncertainties surrounding the supply of SLP in the future and worries about its stability have affected its strength. 

A recent modification to Sky Mavis’ emission rate will significantly affect the SLP’s value, depending on governance votes.

How To Buy Them?

If you’re looking for AXS, you can find it on cryptocurrency exchange Binance, but not on Coinbase or Binance.US, for example. However, it is available on decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap and SushiSwap.

You may get AXS from Uniswap by following these steps. To trade on Uniswap, you’ll need an Ethereum-based ERC20 token wallet. You may buy ETH with fiat money at Coinbase or Binance and then transfer it to your wallet.

Binance, KuCoin,, FTX, Gemini, and OKEx are some of the most popular exchanges where you can buy and sell SLP. SLP/ETH, SLP/USDT, and SLP/BUSD are all available trading pairings.

How To Play Axie Infinity?

Creating a wallet, buying your first Axies, registering an account, and downloading the game are the four primary stages of starting to play Axie Infinity.

Setup An Account/Wallet

The first step in using any crypto program is to create a wallet. Axie Infinity is no exception. To use the Axie Infinity marketplace, players must have a Ronin wallet. Cryptocurrency remains in a digital wallet similar to current digital wallets like Cash App and Venmo, which store your money.

Buying Your First Set Of Axies

Wrapped Ethereum is used to transact Axies on the market (WETH). When a player wants to deposit Ethereum into their Ronin wallet, they will either have to do it through an official bridge or by purchasing it straight from the wallet using fiat cash via Ramp.

If you have ETH on Coinbase or another exchange, you may transfer it to your MetaMask wallet and use their official bridge to move it to the Ronin network.

An official bridge is one of crypto’s most active, with 111K total depositors and $15.3B total amount moved.

You may also use a Binance account to add assets to the chain. Users may buy AXS/SLP on Binance, transmit it directly to their Ronin wallet, and then trade it for WETH on the Katana DEX (Ronin’s official DEX). 

Creating An In Game Account

After checking in with their Ronin wallet, players may create an official in-game account under their user profile on the marketplace. Players may access the marketplace even if they don’t have an account, but they’ll need one to participate in the game.

Downloading The Game

An APK file makes the game playable on desktop computers and Android smartphones and tablets; however, the iOS version is currently sold out. Players may get the necessary files from the official website and log in with their in-game username and password.

Playing The Game

Axie Infinity Adventure Mode
Axie Infinity Adventure Mode – image source:

The menu will appear whenever you click ‘Play’ after downloading and installing the game on your PC. Your name, daily missions, and energy are all shown in the menu’s upper left corner.

You will need sufficient energy to participate in the Adventure/Arena section. Every day at midnight UTC, energy replaces itself as the number of Axies players owns decides the maximum level of energy. 

Players can choose between Adventure and Arena in the game’s two modes of play. Players in Adventure must battle and defeat various enemies throughout 36 levels and can earn About 50 SLPs every day.

Axies competing in Arena mode each receive SLP based on their Matchmaking Rating (MMR). Players with the highest MMR will receive 21 SLPs for each victory. It is also possible to ‘Farm’ for SLPs as an alternative.

Completing daily duties on Axie Infinity is what farming is all about. Your SLPs are yours once you’ve finished your daily responsibilities.

How To Make Money Out Of It? 

  • Breeding & Selling Axies

One of the most intriguing parts of Axie Infinity is breeding Axies. As non-fungible tokens, axies under your control have value in and of themselves (NFTs). They may also produce Axie through the process of mating.

You can breed Axies using the following:

  • Compatible and fruitful axioms
  • Tokens of the $SLP currency
  • Ascension Shard of Axie (AXS)

After mating, each kid has a unique collection of stats, bodily parts, talents, and DNA that make it completely distinct from any other Axie.

Players choose to retain or sell newly produced Axie when they have achieved breeding success. The average price for ‘floor’ Axies, which have a terrible set of metrics and are the cheapest in the market, is 0.05 to 0.06 ETH.

  • Staking AXS Tokens

Participants may also use the $AXS for staking to obtain prizes; that you can use as cash and a governance token.

“To reward our community members with a long-term perspective and lock up their AXS tokens, we provide staking.” – WhitePaper, Axie Infinity.

The AXS staking dashboard will let you receive AXS rewards when you lock up your tokens. The Community Treasury now owns over a billion dollars in tokens. You will have a voting right and voice over the use of the money if you stake AXS.

  • Flipping Land

Lunacia is the name of the Lunacia world, and a patch of land there serves as a home or operations base for the players’ Axies.

If you have enough money, you can turn your property into a productive resource-producing machine that you can use to fight monsters and host businesses.

Landowners can make money in a variety of ways, including:

  • Players may also rent out their land plots to other people.
  • When the land value increases, you can sell it within the community.
  • It is possible to form alliances with other players to pool rare resources and build guilds.


One of the most popular blockchain games, Axie Infinity, has a large fan base and is the industry leader. It’s no secret that Sky Mavis is expanding and launching new experiences for its gamers.

New features and updates will be available in upcoming releases, allowing the community to create more immersive experiences in addition to those by the team.

Allowing players to become contributors and taking the game to a new level is similar to the rise in Instagram stories’ popularity after the filters’ introduction.

Only the community can shape and direct Axie Infinity’s future, and we can’t wait to see what that future holds!

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