When it comes to Axie Infinity, each Axie has a range of different properties and characteristics that may make them stronger. Axies are the fantasy characters that you use to play the game, and there are almost 700,000 to choose from. 

As mentioned by Axie Infinity, Axies are ‘fierce creatures that love to battle, build, and hunt for treasure.’ These little Axies are used to create an ultimate lineup, but is there a single lineup that is the best? We’re going to be answering this question, along with some other Axie Infinity-related queries. Let’s get started.

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How Do Axies Work? 

When playing Axie Infinity, you are faced with an Axie marketplace. This marketplace is where you will find your adorable Axies. The game is inspired by Pokémon, seeing these axies fight against each other. You need three axies to get started, and you can even play this game on your phone!

What makes Axie Infinity different, is the fact that you buy and own these NFT Axies, to keep them for yourself, or to eventually resell them and make a profit. This is furthered by the play-to-earn aspect of the game, where you are rewarded with crypto tokens to buy more Axies, or just keep for yourself.

The Axies are the characters that you use to battle other Axies, and they are a form of NFT. Other in-game items are also represented as NFTs, that you can keep and increase their value. You can trade the Axies on the in-game marketplace in order to earn money, hence the play-to-earn aspect of Axie Infinity.

Axie Properties and Statistics

Axies have four statistics, including morale, speed, health, and skill. These stats are necessary for your Axie to play, and some Axies have higher stats than others. 


Each Axie has a skill stat, and this affects how much damage an Axie can receive when they play multiple cards at once. 


The health of each Axie will affect how much overall damage your Axie can withstand before they are knocked out of a round. 


Axies have different speed stats, and this determines their order. An Axie that is faster will fight first, and having a high-speed skill will prevent the Axie from suffering from a critical strike. 


Finally, the morale of your Axie will increase the chance of a critical strike. It will overall make your Axie less likely to lose. 

Axie Body Parts

Axies, like any other game characters, have body parts that may help them in a fight. Each Axie has six body parts, consisting of the ears, eyes, mouth, horn, tail, and back. 

The back, tail, horn, and mouth will change which cards an Axie can use during a fight. This is because these body parts often have corresponding cards to use. 

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Additionally, body parts can also increase stats and skills depending on the class of the part, and the type of Axie. The maximum stat score for an Axie is 165, and you should aim to have their skills as high as possible. 

There are aquatic, beast, bird, bug, dusk, plant, dawn, and reptile Axies, and they all have different stats. For example, a bird will have high speed and 1 morale, whereas a bug has high morale and 1 HP. 

Axie Infinity Battle

In battle, your Axies will hold one of two roles. This is a defender (tank), or attacker (damage dealers). The tanks are the Axies that are more likely to take the damage, meaning you need an Axie with high health and skill. 

The damage dealers will attack the other Axies, meaning it is beneficial for these Axies to have high morale and speed stats. If their HP is lower than other Axies, this will make them more vulnerable, so look out for Axies with high HP, too. 

Axie Infinity Classes

As we mentioned above, there are different classes of Axies. There are nine in total, with three having unique classes with their own body parts of class cards. 

Axies hold a different class, and these classes will be weak or strong depending on who they are battling against. The card class of the attacking move is put against the class of the defender, ultimately deciding the fate of your team. 

A categorised chart of the different types of Axies
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So, a bird card that is used to attack a beast Axie will result in more damage due to the unique class of a bird. A beast card used against an aquatic Axie will result in a lot less damage.

Check out this class guide for more tips for your next battle. 

Best Lineup For Axie Infinity

The lineup of Axies are highly debated, and although there are 700,000 different Axies, they are grouped into classes, with higher classes having more chance of winning in battle. There are many combinations of Axies that will increase your chances of victory, but there are a few in particular that really shine above the rest. There are also a range of Axie builds to choose from, check out this article for more information about Axie builds. 

Axie Marketplace
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If you are a beginner, you may be intimidated by the thousands of choices of Axies. These combinations are pretty solid, and they are likely to achieve victory in a battle. 

Plant, Beast, Bird

When it comes to team lineups, the plant, beast, bird lineup will create a balanced, equal team, with a high chance of winning a battle. Plants act as the tanks, so they will not receive too much damage from hits, making them perfect for moving ahead in battle. The beasts and birds are strong Axies, with higher morale and skill stats. 

Bird, Aqua, Aqua

The bird, aqua, aqua lineup has proved extremely popular among players, due to its high healing capacity. This lineup is ideal for tough attacks, as the Axies will have higher health, and will be able to heal a lot quicker. 

Dusk, Dusk, Plant

The dusk, dusk, plant lineup is an ideal lineup when your Axies use a plant Axie attack on your enemies. The plant Axie has high HP and morale, making it perfect for defending the other Axies. Additionally, using the double power of the dusk Axies will give your team a high chance of victory in battle. 

Plant, Aqua, Reptile

The plant, aqua, reptile lineup works well if the player needs to attack the enemy first-hand. The plant will have high shield and healing cards, making them a shield for the attackers, meaning that the reptile and aqua Axies will attack the opposition directly.  

But, is there a single best lineup for Axie Infinity, or is it just down to personal preference and opinion? We think one of the best lineups is the plant, beast, bird lineup. With balanced, equal strengths, it’s perfect to defend against attackers.

Final Words

Creating a balanced and strong team in Axie Infinity can be expensive, but investing in three solid Axies can create a great ROI. When choosing a winning team for Axies, consider using our best lineup recommendations above. If you are still wondering about Axie lineups, check out this great combo list resource.

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