Axie Infinity Community Week To Unite Lunacians

Axie Infinity, a popular P2E game, is running a thrilling 5-day event called “Axie Community Week,” scheduled to take place from July 5th to 9th. This celebration aims to unite players from around the world, allowing them to embrace their shared identity as Lunacians and foster camaraderie.

Regardless of whether they are experienced players or new to the game, everyone is invited to partake in the festivities and discover the enchantment that defines this extraordinary digital community. To commence the festivities, Axie Infinity is launching an exciting overhaul of its Discord server to accommodate its thriving and dynamic community.

The updated onboarding features are designed to simplify the process of joining the community for new users, while the refreshed International Language Forum guarantees seamless communication across borders. By creating a more inclusive and interactive Discord server, Axie Infinity is extending a warm invitation to enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds to join this vibrant gathering.

Going Back To Its Roots

As the community unites for this special event, there is a profound sense of longing for the early days of Axie Infinity. When it was initially introduced in 2018, the game had a modest following of fewer than 300 individuals.

Since then, its growth has been extraordinary, attracting millions of players from across the globe. In an effort to reignite the spirit of those pioneering times, Axie Infinity has arranged a range of community events that aim to revive the enthusiasm for gaming, freedom, and, naturally, Axies.

Community Events

Axie Infinity Community Week To Unite Lunacians

During Axie Community Week, the Discord server will be packed with lots of engaging activities. Participants can anticipate the unveiling of the Origins Balancing Patch, informative coaching sessions, and exciting matches in Axie Classic (v2).

As Lunacians compete, they can win desirable prizes, including Axies, AXS tokens, and even a unique Discord Role. This is for those courageous enough to defeat a Sky Mavis team member.

Axie Community Week guarantees inclusivity for Lunacians worldwide, irrespective of their time zone. Regardless of where they are, participants can join in on the festivities. Whether it’s the Axie Trivia session with Snoopy at 6 PM ET on July 6th or the Discord Disco Bash with Thunderstruck + E4E at 10 PM PH on July 8th, individuals have the flexibility to select the events that align with their availability and preferences.

As part of Axie Community Week, Axie Infinity is introducing fresh Giveaway and Engagement Bots that will recognize and reward community members who actively engage during the event. By actively participating, individuals increase their opportunities to win AXS tokens.

Moreover, simply reacting to a specified message during the event will automatically enter participants into a draw for additional thrilling prizes, fostering an atmosphere of excitement and eager anticipation.


Axie Community Week is a significant event for the flourishing community of Axie Infinity. This celebration not only commemorates the game’s modest origins but also highlights its incredible progress, all thanks to its players’ unwavering dedication and enthusiasm.

Axie Community Week stands as a testament to the resilience and perseverance of the Axie Infinity community. Despite emerging during a challenging market phase, the team behind Axie Infinity has remained steadfast in their commitment to providing an exceptional gaming experience. This celebration serves as a heartfelt tribute to the invaluable contributions made by the community in the growth and fortitude of Axie Infinity.


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