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Axie Infinity, the prominent player in the blockchain gaming industry, has recently revealed some thrilling news. They have introduced Axie Experience Points (AXP) and implemented Axie Levels, marking a substantial milestone. This exciting development will revolutionize traditional Axies into interactive on-chain NFTs, allowing players to enhance and upgrade them over time, showcasing their dedication, skill, and hard work.

AXP, obtainable through Origins with further game integrations planned, serves as the foundation for Axie’s advancement and component upgrades. Each Axie has the potential to earn up to 4500 AXP daily, but this relies on the condition that the Axie is part of a victorious team in all 30 ranked battles, which consume stamina. 

It’s important to highlight that AXP is linked to individual Axies and cannot be transferred between them. Moreover, the company has ambitious plans to incorporate AXP into various Axie experiences, encompassing both games developed by Sky Mavis and partnered titles.

How it Works

Upon accumulating 13,310 AXP, an Axie gains the ability to ascend and synchronize its off-chain level on-chain. Although in the future this process will involve a fee payable in Axie Infinity Shards (AXS), the fee has been waived for the initial launch. 

There are three specific ascension points: at levels 9, 19, and 29. As an Axie’s level increases, it becomes possible to upgrade more of its parts. Once an Axie reaches level 30 and successfully ascends three times, it will have the capability to upgrade three of its body parts to level 2.

AXP and Axie leveling provide the opportunity to enhance an Axie’s body parts, but the true significance of AXP lies in its involvement in “meta-games.” According to the company, these meta-games, represented by AXP and Axie Core, are crucial in propelling web3 gaming and the NFT space to new heights. 

The dynamic nature of NFTs allows for continuous improvement over time, and with the introduction of AXP, Axies are leading the way in this progressive evolution of NFT gaming.

Expected Rewards

Players who are the first to reach level 30 with their Axies will be rewarded with exclusive Japanese Axies. Additionally, the first hundred players to achieve this milestone will receive a distinctive Origins avatar and a unique avatar border.

Finally, AXP presents game creators with a distinctive means to directly connect with the Axie Core system. It allows them to promote player engagement and incentivize specific in-game actions. For instance, game creators can reward more AXP for particular actions, such as defeating more dungeon bosses, to encourage desired behaviors. To simplify the integration process, Axie Infinity is presently in the process of developing guidelines and requirements for third-party Axie experiences.

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