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The eagerly anticipated fifth season of Axie Infinity, a popular blockchain game, has been released today under the name “Rare Era.” This new season includes the introduction of three new starter characters, numerous rewards for collectible characters, a 50% reduction in the minting cost of Epic and Mystic Runes and Charms, and an impressive prize pool of 112,000 AXS available in various in-game activities.

Introduction of New Axies

Axie Infinity’s Rare Era introduces a trio of fresh starter characters – Momo, Pomodoro, and Venoki. Players can access these new Axies by completing designated starter missions and gathering the required resources. The game developers assure players that these new characters come with fascinating abilities that will enhance the gameplay on the battlefield.

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New Axie character: Momo
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New Axie character: Venoki
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New Axie character: Pomodoro

The latest season also brings joy to the holders of specific collectible characters, namely Mystic, Origin, MEO, MEO II, Japanese, Christmas, Shiny, and Summer Axies. As part of this new initiative, special gifts have been sent to these players’ in-game mailboxes.

This reward system is an experimental initiative influenced by the successful introduction of Axie Experience Points (AXP), which led to an increase in players wanting to use their preferred Axies in Origins. By implementing these rewards, owning a collectible Axie will hold even more significance and utility, adding an extra layer of special meaning to the experience.

Other Updates

In response to feedback from the community about the expensive minting cost of Runes and Charms, Axie Infinity has taken action by cutting the cost in half for Epic and Mystic Runes and Charms. This reduction means that players can now mint twice the number of Runes and Charms they could before, which has the potential to impact crafting habits and marketplace dynamics within the game.

In the fifth season, Axie Infinity is raising the stakes significantly by offering a substantial total of 112,000 AXS as rewards. These rewards are distributed across various categories, such as Leaderboard Rewards, Fortune Chests, Contests, and Weekly Missions, providing more opportunities for casual players to earn AXS and engage in Axie ownership. The reward distribution consists of the following:

  • 85,000 AXS for seasonal Leaderboard Rewards
  • 15,000 AXS for Fortune Chests
  • 7,000 AXS for Contests
  • 5,000 AXS for Weekly Missions

Check Out Season 5

The debut of numerous new features and rewarding prospects in Season 5 is anticipated to provide players with an exciting and thrilling experience, reshaping the gaming landscape within Axie Infinity’s Rare Era.


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