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Axie Infinity has just announced it is rebranding its marketplace and releasing a bunch of upgrades in the process too. The marketplace will now be known as App.axie to mark its entrance into the next phase of its evolution.

The new name is indicative of the company’s ambitions for what the marketplace will represent moving forward. The new marketplace URL is and the old URL will now redirect to the new one.

Axie Infinity announced the rebranding on Twitter ahead of the AxieCon conference due to start tomorrow in Barcelona.

The tweet read: “App.axie Is Here!

“Today, the Axie Marketplace enters the next phase of its evolution with a flurry of upgrades. To reflect our substantially loftier ambitions for it, we are unveiling a new name for the marketplace— App.axie!”

This was followed by a second tweet which said: “This release marks the beginning of an iterative launch process that will transform App.axie into an even more powerful hub for boosting economic activity and onboarding to our growing digital nation Stay tuned for more on this at @jeffreykam‘s keynote presentation at AxieCon.” 

App.axie: What is Jeff Kam saying about it now?

Jeff Kam, product designer at Axie Infinity, released a Twitter thread shortly after the Axie announcement. He shed some light on the new update ahead of his keynote presentation at AxieCon.

Here are some of the main takeaways from his thread.

Speaking about the rebrand, he said:

“This is the beginning of a major shift from the Axie web app being just a marketplace, into a vibrant hub for the Axie ecosystem and its community.”

Axie Infinity is moving away from treating the marketplace as a spot to buy and sell NFTs. Rather, it is leaning into community building to create a new experience for gamers.

Among the updates that Jeff Kam announced in his Twitter thread are:

  • A new homepage to act as an overview of the axie ecosystem
  • A new games section that will be filled with axie games
  • Games will each have their own app.axie page where developers will be able to provide info like patch notes and screenshots
  • A brand new frontend was rewritten using their design system Dango so features can be shipped faster and more consistently
  • New asset cards, tags for collectible axies, recessive genes, and more.
Axie Infinity
A new rebrand and lots of upgrades await Axie Infinity players ahead of AxieCon. Image source: Axie Infinity

Jeff Kam finishes off his thread by saying: “This may seem like a cosmetic facelift and a few new features, but it’s much more than that.

“This release lays the foundation and infrastructure required for long term vision of app.axie.

“Join me this week when I talk about app.axie and MUCH more at AxieCon!”

These new features are ‘only the beginning’ according to Axie Infinity’s product designer who has a bold vision for what the marketplace could look like in its new form.

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Jeff Kam will be making an appearance at AxieCon. His keynote presentation will shed some light on the rebranding and upcoming updates. Image source: Axie Infinity

App.axie: Delving into the new marketplace updates

What exactly will these updates look like in practice? Let’s delve into what we know currently and what we can expect. A further deep-dive is available via the Axie Infinity substack newsletter here.

Homepage upgrade

A brand new homepage is the first part of the rebrand’s upgrade. The new homepage includes more stats shedding light on both engagement and economic activities. This homepage will be upgraded over time using feedback from online Axie Infinity communities on Twitter, Discord, and Commonwealth.

New games section

A new games section has been added to App.axie. The new marketplace is expected to support new Sky Mavis and community games, as well as projects by game developers who wish to tap into the community’s engagement and energy.

Future updates include creating portals into Origin, Land, Builder Program games and more.

Recessive genes update

A much-wanted update is coming to the marketplace! Recessive genes will exist natively within App.axie. What this means is that new breeders will have all the information they need to plan their bloodlines.

Tags for collectible axies

The new tags are a means to amplify and distinguish collectible Axies on the marketplace.  They are there to ensure special axies are recognized and get the attention they should.

For now, there are Summer, Xmas, and Japanese axie tags. It is expected that there will be other combinations of tag being introduced for special axies as well.

What else is coming to Axie Infinity?

While these upgrades provide lots of excitement within the Axie Infinity community, there will be a lot more updates in the future to look forward to.

The developers teased features that the community will be ‘super excited for’ including offers, axie bundles, and badges among others.

More information on the exciting new App.axie update and rebrand will be available during Jeff Kam’s keynote presentation at AxieCon which starts tomorrow (September 7) and will be taking place in Barcelona, Spain.


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