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Axie Infinity has announced a new creatives challenge. The NFT-based game has been very active this year, motivating users to participate in challenges to earn more rewards. This challenge will take a lot of creativity, and is meant to show how new users can start Axie.

Axie Infinity announced in a tweet directed to followers and users that the competition will have only five winners, with the biggest prize being 100 AXS. This is coming barely a week after the end of Origins Season 1, which was a very successful campaign.

The tweet also contained more information in a link, where it was made known to competitors that winners will be selected by fair judges, including Sky Mavis, QU3ST, and “a selected group of community members”. This helped to allay the fears of users that accused the competition of being rigged.

Axie Infinity Creative Challenge: Requirements for Entry

There are a few requirements for entering into the Axie Infinity challenge. Lots of users think they need to be an artist to get in the competition. This is very untrue, as Axie categorically stated that you do not have to use your own content, although you have to give credit.

According to Axie, all creative entries must have a resolution of at least 1920 X 1080. It does not matter what format the entries are in, as both horizontal and vertical formats are allowed. Although a video may give you the upper hand, the main idea is to help a new Lunacian start playing Axie Infinity in 5 easy steps.

All video entries must not be above one minute in time frame, and all entries must be published or posted on any social media platform, with Twitter, YouTube or TikTok being most preferable. While posting the video, it is compulsory to place the hashtag #Axiein5steps to make it valid.

Axie infinity
Axie Infinity Challenge. Image Credit: Axie Infinity

Apart from posting your entry on a social media platform with the right hashtags, all competitors are required to submit the link to their entries through an official Axie link, which you can find here.

Addressing the frequently asked questions and answers, the released document also stated that users do not need Axies to participate, as the only criterion is a functioning Ronin wallet. Contestants are also advised to crosscheck all information before submitting, as the prize rewards will be sent to the Ronin wallets submitted in the form.

Further information can be found on Axie Infinity’s official announcement website.

Axie Challenge Rewards

The rewards for the challenge are very compensating, as the first placed person gets as much as 100 Axies Infinity Shards. In total, there will be 200 Axies Infinity Shards in rewards.

Axie reward system
Axie rewards. Image Credit: Axie Infinity Twitter

The prize pool, as stated in the announcement by Axie goes thus:

Prize Pool: 200 AXS

  • 1stposition: 100 Axies Infinity Shards
  • 2ndposition: 50 Axies Infinity Shards
  • 3rdposition: 25 Axies Infinity Shards
  • 4thposition: 15 Axies Infinity Shards
  • 5thposition: 10 Axies Infinity Shards

Axie Infinity Challenge Deadline and Facts

Axie challenge
Axie Infinity Challenge Mode. Credit: Medium

Although there is no advantage given to fast submissions, the deadline for making entries is December 4th, meaning that creators have less than two weeks. Here are other facts and point summaries to break this information down:

  • Creators only need valid Ronin Walletto participate.
  • Winners will be selected by respected members of the Axies community with active involvement of Sky Mavis
  • Creators must allow their submissions to be used for digital promotion by Axies
  • Entries must be submitted via the application link and posted on a social platform with the correct hashtag.
  • Credit must be given if contestants submit the content that is not original, although more value must be added to the original piece.
  • AXS rewards will be given to winners through Ronin wallets submitted in application

Previous Axie Challenges

Axie is very keen on challenges, and one of the special ones it has held recently is Axieween. The winners of this challenge were announced on November 21 and it is likely that a new challenge is announced in February.

Although there were many complaints on Axie’s official Twitter page, not only creators have a chance. People who are not artistes also have high chances of winning, as it is the concept that really matters.

Some contestants who came in first to tenth in previous competitions have little knowledge of art creation, so making an effort is not a bad idea. Users of Axie Infinity who have participated in the challenges so far are having a blast, thanks to Axie.

Axie Infinity’s Steady Growth

The Axie infinity
Axie Infinity, one of the biggest P2E games. Image Credit: Shrimpy Academy

Axie Infinity was established in 2018, although the work began in 2017. The blockchain has experienced so much growth in the last ten years, and so are utilities. Tens of P2E games have been established on the blockchain in the past years.

Axie is not very different, but it is quite amazing what the NFT-based game has achieved in the past few years of its existence. The successful project is based on ETH cryptocurrencies and takes inspiration for its characters from the amphibian, axolotl. It is considered the most successful P2E game.

Between 2018 and 2021, a majority of Axie Infinity players were Philippines. This has changed significantly, and the players of this game are now geographically spread.

A very unique feature of Axie Infinity is the axolotl NFTs. These are considered digital warriors that can grow and fight each other in the game.

Axie Infinity’s Strong Position in 2022

Axie infinity
Axie Infinity Cyberattack. Image credit: Front Office

Axie Infinity would have made a lot more progress in this year, but they suffered from a cyber attack that was linked to a certain Lazarus group. The hackers more than 600 million USD’s worth of cryptocurrency from the company.

In February, Axie Infinity’s secondary token, SLP suffered a huge crash, losing more than 99% of its apex value although this happened in the NFT space globally for most tokens.

Despite these setbacks, Axie Infinity has managed to take their ship to dock successfully this year while also rewarding their creators and players monthly through various campaigns. There is a 4.25% charge collected by Sky Mavis whenever they trade Axies on the market. This is very feasible, and players have no problems with it.

The Axie Infinity events are really classic, and while they motivate artistes and creators to improve their skill, it also helps Ronin increase its users. The 5 steps to start Axie challenge is just one of many to come in the following year.

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