Axie Infinity Unveils A New Tournament Format Season 5 Buy In Brawl 1600x900 1

Axie Infinity has made an innovative decision by introducing its inaugural buy-in Origins tournament, set to commence on July 15. The objective of this event is to stimulate competitive gaming and provide additional practicality to AXS tokens. It also aims to gather significant information for game balancing purposes.

How Will The Tournament Work?

Axie Infinity has introduced an inventive structure for the tournament, allowing a maximum of 512 participants. Among these slots, 200 spots have been reserved for the leading players of Season 4, provided to them without charge. The remaining 312 slots are available for purchase with 1 AXS token each.

Due to the “first-come-first-serve” policy, it is anticipated that registrations will fill up rapidly. To secure a spot, participants can submit a support ticket and will be provided with comprehensive instructions.

The exciting two-day tournament is divided into various stages of competition utilizing different era runes and charms. It will progress as follows:

  • On July 15th at 8 PM GMT+7 VN Time, the battles will commence to determine the top 16 participants. This stage will follow a single elimination format and utilize “Rare Era” runes and charms.
  • On July 16th at 8 PM GMT+7 VN Time, the final eight competitors will be live-streamed on The battles leading to the final eight will utilize Rare/Epic Era runes and charms, while the final eight and subsequent rounds will incorporate Rare/Epic/Mystic Era runes and charms.

The Prizes

To encourage competitive gaming, the Axie team plans to match the prize pool generated from the funds obtained through buy-ins. This prize pool will be distributed among the top eight participants. Importantly, 10% of the prize pool will be allocated to the Axie Community Treasury. This unique tournament format also seeks to enhance the value of AXS tokens and gather vital data for game balancing purposes.

The champion of the tournament has the opportunity to secure 40% of the overall prize pool, while the following runners-up will receive 20%, 11%, and 7% of the pool, respectively. Participants who place fifth to eighth in the competition will each be awarded 3% of the prize pool.

The Effect of This Tournament

Axie Infinity’s innovative tournament format marks a notable advancement in the realm of competitive play. It presents an exhilarating chance for aspiring champions of the Lunacian arena to showcase their skills amidst fierce competition. Furthermore, this format offers Axie’s balance team an early opportunity to comprehend the meta, providing valuable insights before the season commences.

Balancing adjustments will be postponed until the tournament comes to an end, and card bans will only be enforced in the event of severe bugs that disrupt gameplay. Axie Infinity maintains its position at the forefront of blockchain gaming through this pioneering initiative, nurturing a dynamic and competitive community.


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