Axie Land Delegation

Axie Infinity has unveiled a fresh update known as Axie Land Delegation. This noteworthy advancement permits individuals who own land to assign their plots to stewards, granting them the chance to engage in Axie Infinity: Homeland and earn rewards. Now, let’s take a look at this update in more detail.

The Axie Land Delegation

The highly anticipated Axie Land Delegation feature introduces thrilling prospects for both landowners and aspiring stewards. It now enables Lunacians to immerse themselves in the Homeland world without the necessity of owning a plot. At the same time, landowners can embrace a new dynamic by placing their trust in stewards and delegating their plots.

As an owner of land, you possess the authority to delegate your land to stewards, granting them entry to your plot within Axie Infinity: Homeland. Should your designated steward attain a noteworthy rank on the leaderboard, you will be entitled to rewards deposited into your Ronin wallet address.

If you are appointed as a steward by a landowner, you acquire privileged entry to their plot within Axie Infinity: Homeland. The rewards you earn, provided you achieve a position on the leaderboard, will be allocated to the landowner’s Ronin wallet address. If you also desire to partake in these rewards, it is necessary to negotiate a separate agreement with the landowner.

Delegating, Revoking, and Claiming

The act of delegating a Land Plot entails the assignment of it to a steward, granting them access to your plot within Axie Infinity: Homeland. In the event that you wish to regain ownership of your plot, you have two options: you can either revoke it or claim it back.

When a land owner decides to revoke a Land Plot, they are reclaiming it from a steward. It is important to note that stewards do not have the ability to revoke Land Plots or terminate the delegation on their own. Landowners, on the other hand, have the freedom to revoke their Land Plot at any time after a period of 24 hours has elapsed since the initial delegation. It is advisable to inform the steward beforehand before proceeding with the revocation of the plot.

The concept of claiming becomes comes into play once the delegation period reaches its end. Once this period has expired, the land owner is required to utilize the App.axie platform in order to claim back their plot.

If your desire is to borrow land and engage in the captivating world of Homeland, you will require the assistance of a land owner who can delegate their plot to you. To explore these opportunities and become an integral part of the Axie Land Delegation, it is recommended to connect with landowners. Axie Infinity’s Discord server can be a promising avenue to seek out potential landowners and embark on your journey.

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