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Axie Infinity’s referral program has been the topic of a lot of buzz since its launch.

As the game staff states, the Lunacian Codes system is a “first-of-its-kind web3 referral program.” However, it was not without its flaws. Since the program was a test feature, it lacked a few details. Though there were several updates with time, one fan-favorite element was still missing. 

Fortunately, we have some good news for you: Axie Infinity has finally addressed these issues and is improving the platform significantly!

What Are Lunacian Codes?

Referral-based earning is one of the most common practices in NFT gaming. Apparently, Axie Infinity joined the trend recently as well. 

On June 2, Axie Infinity announced the Public Testing of Lunacian Codes. Lunacian Codes is a referral code program that allows users to earn passively. As a result of its addition, loyal players could earn more in the game. 

In order to gain precise feedback and ensure accurate results, the ecosystem fund sponsored the testing. Moreover, the Lunacian Codes announcement hinted at the possibility of customization. Here it is, at last…but more of that in a while. 

This referral program stands out from all the others in the NFT industry due to its inclusivity. There are many gaming systems that only allow VIPs or ranked players to sign up for this feature.

Axie Infinity, however, explicitly states that all players are welcome to participate in the Lunacian Code system.

How Does It Work? 

A Web3 referral program is extremely easy to use. You sign yourself up for the feature, and then the management assigns a code to you. You can also design the code yourself. After successfully becoming a referrer, you just need to spread the word within your circle. 

It is imperative, however, that your friends and family (the referees) register for the game using your code. As a result, the system detects your code and rewards you for your efforts.

Axie Infinity’s referral program, Lunacian Codes, works similarly. As stated in the Lunacian Codes guidelines, the player will receive a small percentage (1% of the current 5.25%) of the marketplace fee whenever their code is used by the referee. 

A marketplace fee is a commission any NFT trade website gains whenever an exchange occurs. In most cases, this amount represents a percentage of the total trade cost between the two parties. However, the entire marketplace fee goes to the Community Treasure if the code is not used. 

Lunacian Code helps enhance the gaming experience for players as more individuals join the platform. It seems like this was just the beginning. 

Make Your Own Lunacian Codes!

Axie Infinity Game play
Axie Infinity Game Play – image source:

Since the Lunacian Codes program is under development, there were only a few features for the program. For example, users couldn’t customize the code in Axie Infinity

Whenever a user wanted to sign up for the service, they had to fill out a form. Then, the Lunacian Code would be sent to you via email as soon as the request was approved. It was not possible to add your element to your referral code using this system…until today!

On July 22, Axie Infinity announced the personalization of your referral code. This mainly has two benefits:

  1. Through a customized referral link, you can embed your personal style and brand into all aspects of the game.
  2. Your own code will be easier to remember than a systemic combination of letters and numbers.

It is extremely easy to register for the updated program. Once a month, the game opens up its customization platform for requests. You just need to fill out the Custom code form to get your name in the pool of candidates.  

After processing all the requests, [email protected] will contact qualified applicants.

Don’t worry if you miss out on a registration period, you can sign up the following month!

Why Haven’t You Signed Up Yet?

Axie Infinity Gaming Screen
Axie Infinity Gaming Screen – image source:

Lunacian Codes system is basically a rewarding program for Axie Infinity’s most loyal customers. Referrers can benefit from it in several ways. Without much effort, you can earn a hefty passive income.

Moreover, it helps you gain loyalty points with the gaming society. While there are other ways to establish your name within the Axie Infinity community, the referral feature is the most suitable one.

This is because you are participating as an active member of the gaming platform. Furthermore, you are helping the platform grow by adding more people to society.

As it allows you to add a personal touch, now is the ideal time to sign up for the Lunacian Code program. In the unfortunate case that you are rejected on your first try, it’s no reason to be dishearted. As we mentioned before, you can easily apply for it every month.

However,  if you are unable to identify the reason for your rejection, we suggest contacting the authorities and inquiring further.

Players who have already signed up for the Lunacian Code now have the chance to improve their referral code. Although sticking to your original one sounds tempting, upgrading to a personalized one is just more practical.

Therefore, we recommend that all new gamers and those who are already gamers head over to the website and register for this incredible referral program.

If the Lunacian Code system is free, fun, and helps you earn, my question is… what are you waiting for?

About The Game

Axie Infinity Wallpaper
Axie Infinity – image source:

Axie Infinity is a Pokemon-inspired NFT game. Founded by Sky Mavis studios,  this P2E recreation operates on the Ethereum blockchain.

It is a strategy video game with collectible characters. Virtual pets called Axies are the focus of the game. During the game, players collect NFT cards that represent the Axie-pets and battle them against each other.

Launched in March 2018, Axie Infinity is currently the most popular blockchain-based game in the metaverse industry. More than a million users log in each day to play with their Axie-pets. 

It is without a doubt that the fame and characters of the Japanese anime series were the inspiration for Axie Infinity, and we are thankful for it!

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