Axie Open Manila

Today from 4 pm to 6 pm, the Axie Open Manila tournament is taking registrations. Walk-in registrations allow any last-minute players to sign up for this exciting tournament.

Additionally, those players who could not register online can still play if they turn up at the Circuit Makati venue and register there in person. So, let’s find out more about the registration and the tournament itself.¬†

What is Axie Open Manila? 

Axie Open Manila is the biggest on-site Axie Infinity tournament in Manila, the Philippines. This is happening this month at Circuit Makati. All three of the tournament days are being held at the activity center within Circuit Makati. 

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The event is super exciting, consisting of two jam-packed tournament days, 256 dedicated lunacians, and almost 7 million pesos (120,000 USD) in rewards. Registration for the event is free, but users have now met the registration deadline. Before the ability of a walk-in registration, users registered through Eventbrite to secure their place. 

Previously, the event sold out in only eight minutes. However, developers promised that more events like this will be held globally.

Axie Open Manila Details

We’re going to take a look at Axie Open Manila and see what the event plans entail.¬†

Day Zero

On the first day of Axie Open Manila, players meet at Circuit Makati on November 16th to confirm their spot in the tournament. This day is also known as day Zero. Additionally, they will receive their official tournament lanyards. 

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Casual games and meet-and-greets will be held throughout the day at the venue. In order to ensure your spot, you must check in physically on Day Zero (November 16th), even if you signed up on the Eventbrite link. Those who fail to check in by 2 pm on Day Zero may lose their slots. As of 2 pm, players on waitlists will be accepted into the tournament.

Day One: Swiss Rounds

The tournament will have a total of SEVEN Swiss format rounds, beginning at 10 am. Each player is paired with an opponent who has the same score, and they don’t face each other more than once in a¬†Swiss round.¬†

Players with a 6-1-0 or better record at the end of the Swiss rounds will advance to the next round. Duel rounds will last 60 minutes, and each match will be a best-of-five match. In the event of unfinished matches, the player with the most victories will be awarded them.

Day Two: Championships

A portion of the cash prize pool will go to everyone in the top 32 rankings. A single elimination format will be used for the final day of the tournament. Until the final four, the top seed will face the lowest seed. 

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During the main stage finals, a best-of-7 format will be used. In accordance with Philippine law, all top 32 players must submit to urine-based drug tests. At the beginning of Day Two, a GAB official will supervise this process.

Axie Open Manila Walk-in Registration

From today from 4 pm to 6 pm, walk-in registrations are available. This is for people who were not able to register online and still want to attend the event. So, if you were not lucky enough to be able to register online, you can still play in the tournament. 

Potential players need to come to the Circuit Makati venue and register in person. After you have completed your registration, the games can begin! 


Some Twitter users speculated that the online event may not have attracted many fans. Generally, shows and events may give away tickets and advertise a walk-in attraction if there is an unexpected amount of spare tickets. 

Some Axie Infinity players have even vlogged the registration event, where you can see all the fun things that went on. 

Previous Axie Infinity Events

Aside from Axie Open Manila, there have been various in-person and online events hosted by the game and Sky Mavis. 

This includes AxieCon Barcelona, a host of online tournaments and events, and the introduction of Axie IRL. Axie IRL is a community meetup program where certain community members can host their own meetups. 

With a huge focus on community, physical gatherings, and gaming, developers of Axie Infinity wanted to bring this element back into the metaverse. This is also precisely why events such as Axie Open Manila and AxieCon are so important and exciting at the moment. 

Axie Infinity Announces Its First Convention Event Titled AxieCon
Source: AFK Gaming

AxieCon was defined as a gathering of stakeholders and fans in Barcelona. The event celebrated the greatest players, thinkers, and builders on the Axie Infinity platform. AxieCon hosted a gathering with hundreds of fans and a four-day Axie-themed experience. 

On the first day alone, fans registered with an attendance list and partied at the Go Beach Club. The next day, the Axie Classic Tournament began, as well as registration for the Axie Origin BYOD. The following days involved wellness activities, bonding activities, and of course, gaming! 

We think that Axie events are super important, and Axie Open Manila, as a classic tournament, brings community and fun back into Web3 gaming. 

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