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The official Axie Infinity Twitter account today revealed details about Season 2 of Axie Origins, titling the Tweet-thread “The Road to S2”.

Read on with Play 2 Earn Diary to find out what they revealed:

What is New in Axie Origins Season 2?

Origin Axies
Who can resist the cuteness? Source: Play To Earn

New gameplay elements like Keep, Energy Burst, and Bloodmoon adjustments will be introduced in Season 2.

There will be numerous changes to the cards, runes, and charms for S2 to accommodate this, which will also emphasise the creation of distinct playstyles for each class.


When does Axie Origins Season 2 start?

On November 23, the Road to S2 officially begins. S2 will be implemented in several stages that follow one another to ensure a smooth transition.

What are the Stages for Axie Origin Season 2’s Rollout?

axie origins season 1 ending
Huge changes mean even better battles! Source: Axie Infinity

Stage 1: 

Updated core mechanics include adjustments to Bloodmoon, Energy Burst, and Keep. After Stage 1 is introduced on November 23, 2022, more details will become available.


Stage 2: 

Update on Cards, Runes, and Charms.


Stage 3: 

Balancing new changes following testing and feedback from the community.


Stage 4: 

S2 Launch following final adjustments.


What is Bloodmoon in Axie Origins?

As described in, The Turn Counter that sets off the Blood Moon when it reaches Turn 20 causes both your axis and the axis of your opponent to take damage each turn, with the damage increasing each turn.

Is Season 2 is the Same as Phase 2 in Axie Origins?

top free P2E
It’s not the original game, but Origins is well worth checking out. Source: Axie Infinity

No, the two are different things. This patch marked the transition into phase 2 and came with the launch of an alpha season! 

They also introduced a brand-new mechanic called Return and a flurry of balancing updates. 

They reset the leaderboard and all runes and charms to start over for everyone while also gathering data to fine-tune the economic balance.

The main takeaways from Phase 2 are as follows: 

  • When they entered Origin Phase 2, it was the team’s first Alpha Season, and it was live with 49,157 AXS in rewards set aside for the top 10,000 players.
  • Ranking, runes, charms, and resource accumulation for each player were all reset.
  • Updates were made to balance Cards, Runes, Charms, Effects, Revenge Cards, and Return (a brand-new mechanic!).


What Happened in Season 0 of Axie Origins?

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Axie Origins Aquatic Poster. Source:

Origin Season 0 was the start of something great! Season 0 was a 30-day period that marked the entry of Origin into Phase 3. The Axie digital nation made significant advancements thanks to a number of significant updates.


  • As reported by AFKGaming, the start of Origin Season 0 signified the entry into Phase 3.
  • The ranked gameplay mode for Origin now offers SLP rewards, while Classic (v2) no longer supports them at all.
  • NFT Runes & Charms are now available and can be minted onto Ronin through the Market for SLP & Moon Shards.
  • In addition, they changed the balancing, adjusted the crafting/disenchanting systems, and adjusted Leaderboard rewards.
  • All of the game’s rewards, crafting costs, card balancing, and other elements underwent significant tuning and changes during Season 0 as they continued to enhance the game and prepare for the arrival of Season 1.


What Happened in Season 1 of Axie Origins?

Best Play to Earn Mobile Games Axie Infinity
So much fighting, but so much cuteness, too! Source: Axie Infinity

On September 14, 2022, the first season started.

Changes to the leaderboard, adventure progression, crafting, and disenchanting were made during the first season. A new Rock, Paper, Scissors pre-match game was also introduced to determine who would go first in the Arena. 

The top 40,000 players shared a massive 112,512 AXS prize pool this season.

Players are now able to deposit and withdraw in-game currency from the game using the new Origins Portal. Trainers can transfer SLP and NFT runes and charms to their Ronin wallets and the other way around. 

This made it possible for trainers to exchange runes and charms that they had made in-game.

P2E Crypto Tokens
P2E Crypto Tokens – AXS and SLP. Source: LeoFinance

SLP rewards began switching from Axie Infinity: Classic to Axie Infinity: Origins with the start of Season 1. The ability to better balance the SLP economy is one of the main advantages of switching from Classic to Origins. As a result, that objective was taken into account when creating the SLP rewards system in Origins. 

SLP will continue to be given out exclusively in PvP Ranked mode when trainers win battles, just like in Classic. One receives more SLP rewards for a victory the higher their rank when competing.

7 days after earning SLP in Origins, you’re able to cash them in, thanks to changes in Season 1 of Axie Origins.

What country did Axie originate?

Online video game Axie Infinity, created by Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis, uses non-fungible tokens as its currency and is well-known for its in-game economy that makes use of cryptocurrencies based on the Ethereum blockchain.

When did Axie Origins start?

Axie contest
Players can participate in Origins Contests to earn more points and secure top spots in the leaderboard. Image Source: Axie Substack

Axie Infinity: Origin debuted on April 7, 2022, as revealed by the Axie developers in their announcement post. The development team had previously stated, however, that the game might still need some initial updates to improve the gameplay.

With the intention of enhancing accessibility and luring new players to blockchain-based games, Axie Origin V3 was developed. Axie Origin was made mobile device-compatible, in contrast to earlier iterations. Sequential turn-based combat was present in Axie Origin.

Will Axie Origin still use SLP?

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Players stand to get amazing prizes from the E4E’s Axie Origins dailies and monthly finals. Image Source: Twitter

In PvP Ranked mode, SLP will continue to only be awarded to winning players, just like in Classic, and the higher the player’s Rank, the more SLP rewards they will receive per victory. However, a significant distinction in Origin will undoubtedly be the need for SLP to craft different Charms and Runes.

As part of Phase 3, the Axie team transferred SLP from Axie Infinity Classic (V2) to Axie Infinity Origin (V3). As a result, on August 12 at 9:30 AM GMT +7, SLP emission from V2 was completely disabled.

Expanded capabilities to balance the SLP economy were one of the primary advantages of switching from Classic to Origin. As a result, that objective was taken into consideration when designing the SLP rewards system with Origin. 

As was the case in Classic, SLP is only awarded to victorious players in PvP Ranked mode, and the higher a player’s Rank, the greater their SLP reward will be for a victory.

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