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The wait is over! Axie Infinity‘s Origins Season 1 drops today with a massive prize pool of more than $1,500,000 in AXS rewards up for grabs. The first place prize alone is over $90,000, so one player will be walking away with a significant win after this season is over.

The new season also comes with some updates to various mechanics and systems within the experience.

Season O’s Runes and Charms have now expired. The new season will commence as soon as mandatory maintenance takes place on the system. Players are asked to wait until after maintenance concludes to disenchant for Moonshards.

Axie Infinity’s team made the announcement on Twitter today and finished off by saying: “We want to thank everyone in the Axie community, the best in Web3, for the energy you’ve brought to our nation recently.

“You’ve been key to the balancing and tuning of #AxieOrigins. Onwards & see you in the Arena!” 

Players who want to give the brand new season a go can do so here. It’s available on desktop and Android.

What is the new Axie Infinity Origins Season 1 all about?

The brand new Axie Infinity Origins Season 1 promises lots of excitement to fans of the game. A colorful two-minute promo video was released earlier today to get players in the mood.

In the video, adorable Axies are seen battling each other, chasing fruit through forests, and setting traps for each other.

If you’d like to see the full video, you can do so through the announcement Tweet which was released by the Axie team earlier this morning.  Here it is:

Perhaps the biggest change this season is the massive prize pool. Set at $1.5 million, it is the largest reward pot released by Axie yet! And the first-place winner will walk away with more than $90,000.

But that’s not all.

The leaderboard has now been expanded too. In Season 0, there were 20,000 ‘winners’ on the leaderboard. This has now doubled to 40,000.

Some winners will also get new stickers and avatars! Any player who reaches Chick IV will win a Puffy sticker they can show off.

The top 20,000 players on the leaderboard will win a plant-Axie avatar. And the top 1,000 players will win a Pomodoro, a new type of Axie avatar.

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Players, prepare your Axies for battle! Now’s the time to win big. Image source: Axie Infinity

This is a nod to World of Warcraft where players used their avatars to show off their ranks. Now, the best players in Axie Infinity will get way more than just bragging rights. They’ll have access to exclusive stickers and avatars to show off their ranks.

What are the progression changes?

Axie Infinity has also made some progression changes this season. While previously players always won a charm or rune in the crafting levels, now they’ll have the opportunity to win a chest. The chest will give Origin gamers the opportunity to choose from a rune or charm.

But, this rune or charm will be sealed, which means it can’t be transformed into an NFT.

Reaching level 5 will give you the opportunity to choose any sealed rare rune while reaching crafting level 14 will give you the choice of any epic sealed rune.

A full list of the progression rewards is available here.

What are the disenchanting changes?

Disenchanting provides Axie players with a method to get back resources from any runes or charms they’ve crafted and potentially win the runes and charms they want.

It allows gamers to use their collection from a prior season in the new season, giving runes and charms a longer-term utility.

But balance is crucial, and must allow players this opportunity without giving more seasoned players an advantage at the very start of the season.

Picture7 2
While disenchanting will allow players the opportunity to use materials from previous seasons, they won’t have the advantage they think they will. Image source: Axie Infinity

As such, Sky Mavis is making some changes to make the process fairer for everyone. The season 1 disenchanting rates will return the same amount of moon shards and SLP during the season as Season 0.

However, this amount will be reduced for moon shards and SLP after runes and charms have expired at the start of the new season.

Here’s how this works in practice. Let’s say you have a common rune you obtained in Season 0:

  • If you disenchant your rune in Season 0, you will obtain 20 moon shards for it.
  • If you disenchant your expired rune from Season 0 in Seas0n 1, you will obtain 2 shards for it.
  • If you disenchant your expired rune from Season 0 in Season 2, you will obtain 1 shard for it.

A full list of exactly how that works for different rarities, runes, and charms alike is available here.

What are the crafting changes?

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Axie Infinity’s brand new season comes with lots of exciting new changes that are sure to please gamers. Image source: Axie Infinity

The crafting changes come with a few key upgrades from Season 0 that will hopefully make Origin’s gameplay more exciting. These include:

  • The utility sockets will open earlier.
  • Advanced crafting will unlock earlier, but will no longer give players the opportunity to craft Mystic
  • Mystic crafting will unlock later in the new ‘Master’ recipe
  • Price increase alert! All Ronin B recipes will cost 25% more in SLP moving forward.

The reason for these changes is the length of the new seasons. They will now be 60 days long, which will ultimately change the pacing of the blockchain game.

The team wants players to be able to craft epic runes and charms earlier, but craft mystic runes and charms much later in the game, if possible. Full details relating to this new change are available here.

What’s with the RPS change?

The RPS change might sound fancy, but it’s fairly straightforward. Players will now play rock, paper, scissors before each battle. The winner gets to pick who goes first.

Axie Infinity: Origin
Players will use Rock Paper Scissors to determine who goes first in PvP Arena mode. Image Source: Youtube

The Axie Infinity team said:

“This is a feature present in other card games that we grew up playing and should add a fun twist to the beginning of each match!”

What is Axie Infinity all about?

Axie Infinity is an NFT play-to-earn game where players collect adorable Axies and take part in battles. Players can collect and breed Axies as pets, raise them, and build kingdoms for them.

Like other similar P2E games, the game has a player-owned economy giving players the opportunity to earn big.

Axie Infinity also has a vibrant community of fans who congregate on Twitter, Discord, and Twitch.

The brand new season promises lots of excitement and massive prizes for fans of the game.

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