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Battle Infinity’s IBAT token presale is off to a decent start. It has just smashed past its initial soft cap target of 2000 BNBs. The soft cap target represents 12% of the total IBAT presale value. Also, the coin has so far raised around $850K.

The Soft cap is the minimum amount a coin must raise in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). It is used as a litmus test. ICOs that fail to surpass that target within a certain time frame are often canceled. So far, IBAT’s presale has sold 3381.2 BNBs worth of tokens. This is roughly 20% of the estimated presale token value.

Battle Infinity IBAT Game
IBAT Premier League. Source: Battle Infinity Facebook

Battle Infinity is also using a fixed BNB/USD exchange rate of $250. As such, the dollar value of total capital raised may not reflect the real BNB price in the market. The platform is now hoping to generate enough traction and momentum to hit its hard cap target of 16,500 BNBs.

Battle Infinity’s IBAT Token Presale – Key Details

The IBAT token presale is expected to run over the next 2 and a half months. Overall, Battle Infinity plans to sell around 2.8 billion tokens. Also, all IBAT purchases must be done using the BNB coin.

IBAT Token
How to Buy IBAT


The minimum purchase should be equal to or above 0.1 BNB. The platform will also limit wallets to a maximum of 500 BNBs worth of IBAT tokens. For now, 1 BNB will get you roughly 166,666.66 IBATs.

How to Buy IBAT Tokens Now!

Fans and other investors who would love to own some IBAT tokens are only required to follow a simple 4-step process. Here is a list of each step:

  1. First, make sure you have a Binance Smart Chain Wallet or any wallet compatible with the Chain. Learn more about crypto wallets in this fool article.
  2. Secondly, head over to this IBAT Presale Website and connect your wallet.
  3. Once this is done, Enter the total amount of IBAT tokens you wish to buy. You will also see the corresponding BNB value there.
  4. Finally, hit the ‘Buy IBAT button’, confirm the order, and you are done.

Please note however that the speed of this transaction will depend on the speed of the network at that given time. Battle Infinity is also running a referral program where you can earn some commissions by referring more people to buy. Feel free to check out this link for more on how to refer other users.

IBAT’s Tokenomics

IBAT will be the official governance and utility token for the Battle Infinity ecosystem. It is a BEP-20 coin with a limited supply of 10 billion tokens. Token allocation will be spread across 8 different categories.

IBAT Tokens
IBAT Token Allocation. Source: Battle Infinity

First, 28% of all IBAT tokens will be offered through the current public presale. Battle Infinity has also allocated 20% to the founders and partners while marketing and CEX listings get 18%. An allocation of 10% is earmarked for the foundation, 10.5% is going to the team, while liquidity providers get 6% of the total supply.

A small 2.5% of IBAT tokens will also be vested through private sales. The remaining 5% has been allocated to advisors and the legal team.

Battle Infinity: More Than Just a P2E Game

Battle Infinity is a blockchain gaming project that wants to build a diversified platform of P2E games. The plan is to make sure that all these games are fully integrated into ‘The Battle Arena’, a dedicated metaverse within the Battle Infinity ecosystem.

In essence, Battle Infinity is offering its users two things. First, they can play, battle, and win rewards and secondly, they can enjoy an immersive metaverse experience as they do so.

The project has also created a mechanism where nonparticipants in the battle games can actually come into the metaverse and spectate. The platform is built on the Binance Smart Chain and offers up to 6 different products. Here they are:

IBAT Premier League

First, users get access to the IBAT Premier League. This is a fully decentralized and NFT-backed fantasy sports game where players create teams and battle each other for rewards.

Battle Infinity offers a multitude of sports games for its fantasy league including cricket, football, basketball, and others. Team players can also be traded since they are all gamified NFTs.

Battle Swap

Secondly, Battle Infinity has also developed Battle Swap, an integrated decentralized exchange that allows players to buy the IBAT token directly. Battle Swap will also allow anyone to convert all in-game winnings into a currency of their choice.

Battle Market

Users will also have access to Battle Market, the official marketplace for the Battle Infinity ecosystem. Here, players can exchange NFTs easily.

IBAT Market
Battle Market. Source: Battle Infinity Facebook

It is also possible for folks to craft NFT-backed in-game items and list them for sale on Battle Market. All transactions are done within the game without any third parties.

Battle Games

Battle Infinity’s long-term vision is to give its users a huge variety of P2E games to play. Blockchain is after all the future of gaming.

All these games will be located on Battle Games. Think of it as more or less like an app store only that instead of having apps, it will feature multiple free-to-play P2E games.

Battle Arena

Battle Arena is an immersive metaverse where Battle Infinity players can explore virtual worlds, interact with each other, and play several integrated games. All participants will have the chance to pick out their avatar NFTs and customize them as they see fit.

Battle Staking

This feature will let you maximize your earning potential in the game by allowing you to stake your IBAT tokens. Staking will also grant you additional benefits and more exclusive rewards.

Why IBAT is An Exciting Token?

The success of the IBAT presale so far suggests that investors are upbeat about its prospects and those of Battle Infinity. It’s actually not hard to understand why. You see, Battle Infinity is combining P2E gaming and the metaverse in one platform.

Battle Infinity Arena
IBAT Battle Arena. Source: Battle Infinity Facebook

These are two of the hottest trends in crypto right now. Research by Insider Intelligence for instance found that the metaverse could potentially disrupt everything, including travel and the future of work. The industry is on course to hit $800 billion by 2026.

The P2E space on the other hand is also growing. A report by Market Watch estimates that the P2E industry will be worth $3 billion in value by 2028. Battle Infinity’s plan to have an integrated ecosystem of diverse P2E games could also help expand its market share.

The platform will be able to give users a refreshing new experience every time they log in. All these factors will play a key role in enhancing the value of IBAT in the long term. Besides, despite the recent crypto downturn, blockchain gaming remains robust as more users join in.

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