X Metaverse introduced durability systems

X Metaverse is a space game based on NFT and blockchain interactions. This includes mining, trading, and battling. Recently, it has been announced that a durability system is being introduced for spaceships. We’re going to break this down and find out what this really means. 

What is X Metaverse? 

X Metaverse is a space-orientated play-to-earn game that was inspired by Star Wars. It is a blockchain game that is suitable for iOS, Android, and web PC. The game is developed nu Cocos3D and is incredibly immersive. The experience includes various odes to Star Wars and Starcraft. As you know, the game is based in space, with a focus on different races and unknown planets. The goal is to upgrade your battleships to conquer and explore these planets. Then, you will be able to breed, upgrade, and complete your space collections. This will include NFTs such as spaceships, avatars, and planets. 

The game involves mining, trading, and battling. It also includes a PVP Grand Prix, where the rewards are the in-game token, XMETA tokens. 

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X Metaverse Introduces Durability Systems

X Metaverse has recently introduced this new spaceship durability system. This was released only yesterday! The entire concept of the game is to utilize your battleships to reach galaxies, mine and collect rare items and NFTs, and build races.

The durability system update comes with the intention to resolve battle decay, as well as maintain the economics that keeps the game alive. This new durability system will be available for all players, whether it is your first day or you are an expert. 

In a blog post about the update, developers released several details, as well as a statement. The statement is as follows: 

“Different from the traditional game ecology, we believe that the decay of returns and life cycle in the economic system of any P2E game (including X-Metaverse) needs to be set up with specialized mechanisms for regulation, rather than simple, timeless gameplay. To address this, the first thing we need to address is the repair and reuse of the assets in the hands of players that can achieve play to earn.”

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Simply, the developers value the economics and decay abilities within a game need to be fair and regulated in a way that keeps the game simple and timeless for all players. Developers launched the battleship durability mechanism in order to let the game’s economy follow the development cycle and allow it to be self-sufficient and long-lasting. By iterating on the game’s assets, developers are ensuring new players can reap the benefits of economic growth exactly as expert players. 

What is the Durability Mechanism? 

What does this actually mean, and how will it work within the game? The durability of a spaceship affects the HP and attack power during battle. When a battleship suffers, the durability drops and influences the overall functionality of the battleship. A newly minted battleship, or a minted battleship that has been traded, listed, or transferred, will have the durability of 1200 points. These points will gradually decrease the more you use this battleship in battles. This includes PVP, PVE, Star Guard, and stage sweeping. 

Durability on Battleship 

For every 60 points of durability, the HP, and attack power will decrease by 5%. When the durability reaches 0, HP and attack power will be reduced to 5% of the initial value, meaning the function of PVE will be momentarily closed

By selecting the repair icon in the HANGAR, durability recovers. This allows you to view real-time information about the ship’s durability under the gem icon. 

After, click on the repair button, and use the energy core to recover the lost durability. One energy core can repair one point of durability. 

As provided by the X Metaverse team on Medium, here is the durability and HP chart with the corresponding numbers. 

HP and Durability chart
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Final Words

The durability mechanism will change X Metaverse’s economics, allowing players to benefit from a more sustainable ecosystem. Economic systems require regulation. This allows them to thrive as play-to-earn games, with special mechanisms in place for earning. This update is increasing the likelihood of new players and allowing all players to have a fair chance of earning. 

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