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Decentraland is adding another project to its metaverse. This time, it’s BeatBlox, the music project. This project enables players to experience, own, and trade music within the metaverse. With the aim to create a connective community in Web3, this project is super exciting and will change music in the metaverse. 

Decentraland Events

In the past, Decentraland has hosted a variety of different events. This includes fashion shows, music festivals, and all kinds of parties and live events. The Metaverse Music Festival is one of the most popular Decentraland events, with thousands of users entering the experience. The 2021 MMF saw performances from popular artists such as DeadMau5, Alison Wonderland, and Paris Hilton. The festival involved many performances, airdrops, giveaways, and virtual fashion experiences. 

The Metaverse Fashion Week is another popular event in Decentraland. The week involves a variety of catwalk performances from high-end fashion brands such as Dolce and Gabbana, and Gucci. In addition, NFT wearables were attributed to players and physical items. 

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BeatBlox is a new project that encompasses a music district in Decentraland. This involves an NFT marketplace and an academy. The event comes as one of the confirmed results of the Decentraland DAO grant. BeatBlox aims to make it accessible for artists and fans to connect and form a community. Naturally, this will make it easier for virtual events and music experiences to go ahead. Visitors can participate in various activities, including NFT auctions, games, and virtual concerts. 

BeatBlox was created by a group of young entrepreneurs to express their interest and passion for music and technology. Striving to create a more equitable and direct connection to music and the metaverse, BeatBlox was born. Let’s talk about the main pillars of the project. This includes the Metaverse Music District, the NFT marketplace, and the Academy. The Metaverse Music District is designed for artists to perform, whereas the Academy is a place for people who want to get insights into the blockchain world. Mixing education, music, and an NFT marketplace, BeatBlox merges everything necessary in the metaverse. 

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The BeatBlox NFT marketplace aims to allow members to receive value from the unique NFTs of their favorite artists. Ownership, user involvement, and direct funding from communities to artists will be part of each NFT sale. 

Boosting Musical Experiences in the Metaverse

BeatBlox is all about bringing musical experiences to the metaverse. The project was founded by Emiliano Zapata and relied on the funding grant to develop a virtual experience connected to NFTs and the metaverse. Originally, the team was set on creating a marketplace and interactive experience, but the Music District in Decentraland took the spotlight. The team recognized the potential of the NFT markets, with an interest in building for Decentraland. 

Introducing BeatBlox: Experience, Own, and Trade Music in the Metaverse |  Decentraland
The BeatBlox team. Source: Decentraland

The Metaverse Music District is a diverse Web3 environment with a lot of experiences to offer to all users. Committed to developing a resource-based community, the team is building a place for collaboration and discovery. With a huge focus on the music aspect, BeatBlox is changing the music game in the metaverse. Owning your own digitized piece of music changes things for artists and fans. 

The 34-parcel virtual district is essential to the team, highlighting interactions between artists and fans. Allowing artists to interact digitally with their fans through events and tokenized music opens up many opportunities. The BeatBlox team has stated that they’ve already successfully run weekend events with more than 70 artists and almost 1000 community members. The team aims to reach over 10,000 community members, bringing a whole community to the musical metaverse. 

BeatBlox Technicalities

The DAO grant enabled BeatBlox to create the foundations for a new project. The expert team created the models and textures in the Metaverse Music District from absolute scratch. With a conscious effort to use Decentraland SDK, the designs made the most out of all the features and options in the Decentraland ecosystem.

Regarding the blockchain, the BeatBlox team collaborated with Kephi Blockchain Services. Kephi Blockchain services assisted the project in providing a certik-approved answer for smart contracts. These smart contracts hold financial transactions in the project and the tokens in the Music NFT marketplace. 

Introducing BeatBlox: Experience, Own, and Trade Music in the Metaverse |  Decentraland
Source: Decentraland

Why Decentraland? 

Why did BeatBlox choose Decentraland? Well, first, we have to consider the impact of Decentraland when it comes to merging digital and physical. For example, hosting virtual events, parties, fashion shows, and airdrops. Decentraland has had success in inviting new communities into the metaverse. BeatBlox considers the game an excellent gateway into a virtual artist and fan encounter. This gives more artists the opportunity and desire to participate in the metaverse. Through Decentraland, players can easily sign up through the main game sign-up and get started with the experience. Decentraland allows ease of use, but BeatBlox take care of everything involving planning, advertising, and broadcasting. 

BeatBlox is a super exciting project, allowing artists to have their own spot in the Decentraland music district. With a variety of features, including participating in their online catalog, and making new ways of income for artists, BeatBlox provides an excellent place for artists and fans alike. 

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