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Upland is the largest virtual property strategy game in the world. The game maps its content to the real world, allowing players to build an empire with real-world value. Along with its native game currency, earning in Upland is pretty simple. If you’re new to Upland, do not worry. In this article, we will be talking about every aspect of this fantastic metaverse game, as well as how you can get started today. 


What is the Upland Metaverse?

Upland is a metaverse game that takes pretty heavy inspiration from a monopoly board. The game is powered by the EOS blockchain. If you’re a total beginner and you have no idea what we are talking about when we say metaverse, don’t worry. Metaverse simply refers to a network of 3D virtual worlds found in games focused on social features. In this aspect, the metaverse refers to the in-game world and its likeliness of reality. 

Upland allows players to buy, trade, sell, and build properties as NFTs, meaning you can earn a real income when playing this virtual-reality real-estate game. Properties can be interacted with in a real-world virtual city, similar to our real world. Upland simply acts as the virtual metaverse for real estate. 

When playing Upland, you can choose from several American cities to play with, and more will likely be added. 

Upland raises $18M at $300M valuation for NFT-based virtual real estate game | VentureBeat
Source: Venture Beat

Upland Metaverse Currency

In Upland, there is an official token called UPX. This token acts as the primary token in the game, allowing you to buy, trade, and sell properties. Although the token lives on the blockchain, it is not strictly a cryptocurrency. Instead, it is more of a utility token that can add to NFT values in the game.

How Does Upland Work? 

Upland works by integrating virtual reality and real-world data with gaming and the play-to-earn concept. As complicated as it sounds, it really isn’t. The game allows you to trade, buy, sell, and build properties as NFTs in game-based cities. 

To play Upland, you can download it for free. You can also get a referral link from certain businesses to get a discount on UPX. Your game token is a block explorer, which will travel around unless you send it to a minted property. 

You will be prompted to create an account when you download the game for free. You will begin the game with a visitor status, meaning you will lose any purchases you may make in the game without renewing your game Visa. Ordinarily, a visitor will have a net worth between 0 – 9,999 UPX. But, as we said, new users will need to renew their visas to maintain and own any properties you have. If you do not, your property and tokens will also be given away and deposited back into the general game token pool.

What Is Upland And How Does It Work?
Source: Digital Connect Mag

Upland First Mission

Now you understand the very basics of how the game works and how to get started, let’s talk about your first game mission. So, this is called block explorer. 

Block explorers are the reliable and level-headed sidekicks in the game. Still, they’re also the way to unlock the fun and earning potential within the game. These block explorers will signify a game piece on the map. This piece will transport you through the city randomly, letting you buy any property you come across. But, be careful. This is on a limited timer, so if you do not buy a property, you will find it a lot more difficult to properly get started with the game. When you have chosen your property, your Explorer will be dropped at random at a starting location in San Francisco. I mean, we can think of worse places to be dropped off randomly. 

Block Explorer

Once you have selected your block explorer, you will instantly receive UPX. This is because you are a new player, and you need something to start with! Well, the amount of UPX you will receive is actually quite impressive. You will receive 3,000 UPX as a starting bonus to play the game. Although this sounds like a lot, this equates to less than one real-life dollar. But, don’t be alarmed; when you’re only getting started in the game, you will not be able to earn much. As time goes on, your earning capabilities will drastically improve. 

The game’s currency generally allows players to do anything they like within reason. This includes buying, trading, selling, and building properties using a p2p method of exchange. UPX is only available within the game and is also implemented as a utility token. You can purchase the game token from the Upland store within the app. You can also collect UPX on your properties every three hours, and you can even boost this by completing collection on your properties. 

Introducing Upland's Inaugural Block Explorers | by Upland | Upland | Medium
Source: Medium

Player Status in Upland

In Upland, players are categorized into different levels. This level will be wholly determined by the net worth you have accumulated. This net worth will be calculated by combining the assets owned by you, as well as your current UPX holdings in your game wallet. The higher your player status, the more benefits you will get, and your earning potential will be higher. Let’s look at some of these statuses and how they work. 


We went into some brief detail about this status above. The visitor status is given to anyone who first joins the game. This status is the lowest status, and you will be awarded 3,000 UPX to start off your Upland journey. As we mentioned, new users must log in regularly to renew their game visas. This keeps users interested in the game and willing to level up and earn money. If you do not log in every seven days, your property and UPX will be sent back into the community pool for others.


The Uplander status is given to players with a net worth that is more than 9,999 UPX. If you have not reached this net worth, you will not be able to hold the Uplander status level. When you reach the Uplander status level, your assets will be yours, and they will be permanently stored in your network. There is no longer any risk of your assets being recycled and sent back into the community pool. 

As we mentioned, you will get certain benefits when you increase your staus. One of these will be the fact that your game account is linked to your EOS account. This is the game’s blockchain, meaning you will have full control over your assets and trading. You will also receive access to a secondary marketplace where you can sell your property NFTs in exchange for UPX and even USD. 


If you have reached the pro level, it means that your net worth has exceeded 100,000 UPX. This status allows you to keep the pro icon on your profile, as well as receive spark awards. We will take a look at spark rewards in another part of this article. 


If you reach the director level, you will have a net worth of 1,000,000 UPX or more. As an Upland director, you will be able to customize your block explorer whenever you want, as whatever you like. Additionally, you will be able to receive a .5 spark reward for reaching such a high level. 


This is the second-highest level in Upland. As an executive, you will hold a net worth of at least 10,000,000 UPX. You will be classed as an elite player and receive 1 spark for your hard efforts and achievements. 

Chief Executive

If you are lucky enough to reach the chief executive level, you will have a net worth of at least 100,000,000 UPX. This will take some time and effort, but if you reach this state, you will be able to get some truly unique rewards. 

Upland 101: How to Play. The definitive guide to becoming a… | by Upland | Upland | Medium
Source: Medium

Properties in Upland

In Upland, each property will hold a different rarity level that will significantly impact its worth. These rarity levels have been determined by collecting and analyzing data behind their popularity and historical value in the real world. Let’s take a look at some of these categories. 


Standard properties are the most common properties with little or no historical demand or value.


Limited properties are popular areas like prominent and famous streets or neighborhoods. 


Exclusive properties refer to well-known places or neighborhoods with minimal availability.


Rare properties are rare in Upland, meaning they are usually in the most notable areas in Upland city. 


Ultra-rare properties are scarce and exclusive, and there are next to none available. 

Property Development - Upland Academy
Source: Upland Academy

Property Colors

In Upland, it is not difficult to notice that the properties have different colors. Well, each color has a meaning. When a property has a different color, it means it has individual attributes and qualities. Let’s delve into this. 

Properties are either put into the category of unminted or minted. Minted simply means that the properties are owned by other players and unminted means that the properties have never had an owner. 

When it comes to these properties, the colors will affect your ability to be able to purchase or sell them. 

Bright Green 

If you see a bright green property, it means it is unlocked and unminted. This means you can mint it and buy the property for yourself. The prices of these properties are completely determined by analyzing world data. 

FSA (Fair State Act)

You may notice that certain properties hold an FSA value. This means they are reserved exclusively for new Upland players. Only Uplanders and visitors will have access to these properties, and Pro players will never be able to mint an FSA property. 

Dark Green

Dark green properties are owned and minted, meaning somebody owns them, and they are current for sale on the secondary market. 


Blue properties are minted properties that are also owned. However, these properties are not available or listed in the secondary market, but if you really want to, you can send an offer directly to the property owner. 

Dark Blue

Dark blue properties are properties that are minted and currently owned by you. 


Gray properties are locked and unminted. But, they are not available for minting yet. In many cities, locked properties are reserved exclusively for future landmark sales and auctions

How to Buy, Trade, and Sell Properties in Upland

Now that we understand how properties work in Upland let’s look at this and find out how to buy, trade, and sell properties in Upland. So, Upland is about buying and selling properties in order to make a profit. However, the game is also about building yourself a portfolio. Whether this is acquiring famous landmarks and notable properties or even buying your own family home. 

In Upland, properties are minted on the game’s EOS blockchain, meaning you will always have a consistent record of your ownership and the buying process. Property can be traded within the game as well as outside of the game. 

So, if you want to find and buy property in Upland, there are two ways to go about it. 

Buying Properties

Firstly, you can discover new properties on the map by using your block explorer. As your block Explorer randomly roams the city, it will alert you which properties are available for you to purchase. If you want to know which properties are available for you to purchase, they will be highlighted green, and they can be clicked on to purchase. However, as we mentioned earlier, these properties will only be available to purchase for a limited time. If you select this property to buy, you need to click the buy button. This property will then be minted on the blockchain, and you will finally own your own property! If you want to check out the deeds of your property, you can just click on it and see your NFT on the blockchain, as well as helpful information about your latest purchase. 

Additionally, you can also select marketplace properties on the Upland map. If you see a resale property when using the marketplace features, you are entitled to buy this property. Simply use your compass button to look at all the resale properties, and then purchase whichever one you like. Additionally, for even more freedom, you can make offers on properties that are not even for sale. These are the light blue properties that we mentioned earlier.

Trading Properties

Now we’ve mastered how to actually buy properties; how on earth do you trade them? To trade properties in Upland, you can trade directly with other Upland players. If you see a property you want to add to your portfolio, simply click the offer button. Then, you can select your offer type. You can enter an offer and hope that the property owner will accept your offer. 

Selling Properties

Selling properties is just as simple as buying and trading. As you can see from Upland, everything is pretty simple to do. To sell properties on Upland, list them on the marketplace. You can do this whenever you like, as often as you desire. Simply select the property that you want to sell, and click the sell button. You can choose your price and choose whether to do a UPX or property trade. 

Upland Game: What is it? How to Play? - NFT News Pro
Source: NFT News Pro

How To Earn UPX in Upland

So, let’s look at the game’s currency. UPX is the official token in Upland. It operates on the EOS blockchain, along with the game and the in-game NFTs. When you buy and sell property in the game, you can use UPX, but you can also use real USD. When buying or building a property, it will always remain an NFT. However, UPX may only be purchased in specific exchanges. 

The more UPX you manage to acquire, the faster you will progress and level up. So, it’s pretty easy to earn money when playing Upland. However, we should say that earning a significant amount will take a while. 

You can buy UPX with crypto, as well as regular currency. This makes the whole process super simple when buying, selling, and trading NFTs in the game. 

So, there are a few ways to earn money in Upland; after all, it is a play-to-earn game. 


Firstly, you can earn money by selling and trading properties for UPX. This will increase over time, and you can keep this money to buy better properties or earn real cash. 


As we mentioned, collections can also earn you money. Collections are not necessarily the easiest things to do, but you can get nice rewards if you do so. If you have completed more than one collection, you could even become an Upland millionaire. 


When you own a property in Upland, visitors may come to your property. One great way of earning money in the game is by charging a visiting fee. You can charge anywhere from 5 UPX to 100, depending on how good your property is. 

Sell Block Explorers

You can sell your block explorers for money, too. However, you will need a block explorer to play aspects of the game, so check how to do this properly. You can read more about this here


Finally, you can complete treasure hunts to find hidden treasures within the game. These rewards can be pretty great, and they will contribute to your UPX earnings. 

What Properties to Buy in Upland

If you are not sure what kind of properties to buy, you can go straight to the collections area. In the Upland Metaverse, you should always remember that you are entitled to buy all kinds of properties. Unbelievably, this can even include the school you attended or a famous landmark! Famous landmarks and notable streets are super expensive to buy, but it’s always great to have an end goal when playing a game like Upland. So, all in all, select whatever you like and can afford. After all, it’s about enjoyment, building your portfolio, and playing to earn. 

Upland - Rebuild The World.
Source: Upland


Collections are present within Upland to make things easier for the players, as well as offer rewards. These can help you pick what kind of property you would like to buy and display all the endless possibilities. 

Collections are game challenges that require you to buy specific properties, such as a series of properties on the same street. Think of this as a fun challenge. Once you have completed the challenge, you will receive a UPX reward, as well as a multiplier boost, boosting your daily UPX capacity. Properties that are part of collections will very much hold their value, making it a better investment than a random property. 

Spark Tokens

Spark tokens are a form of a reward utility token in the Upland Metaverse, and you can use them for purchases and building. In the Upland Metaverse, the token acts equivalent to man-hours. So, if you want to build a property, you will need spark hours. A property may take you 2,000 hours to build, meaning you would need at least 100 days if you only own one spark. The more you own, the fewer time things will take. 

Earning Spark is difficult in Upland. You can earn Spark in treasure hunts, but it is also available to purchase in the game’s store. Reaching the director level will reward you with spark, as well as the levels above this. 

How to Build Properties in Upland

In Upland, you can build properties. This comes under property development, and it is a great way to earn money. Upland caters to those who want to buy and sell properties at the moment, but the new feature of building property is also excellent and can change the way the game works. 

In Upland, you can now create different types of buildings and structures. This is in development, and there will likely be more features to come. This will include business development, construction, inanimate objects, and even more exciting features. If you want to check out the roadmap of Upland, take a look here

Final Thoughts

Upland is a revolutionary play-to-earn game with real-world property elements. It is perfect for those who love property games, as well as those who enjoy decor games. Upland can be pretty pricey to plan, especially when the UPX is not worth a lot. However, the game is fun to play, and you can dedicate hours each day to build yourself up and eventually earn a nice income. 

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