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Tigon Mobile release Bless Global, a subsidiary of Longtu Korea, is a  beautifully crafted and immersive gaming experience now available for pre-registration. The first of its kind in the world, it  Combines the Bless IP with P2E mechanisms.

A high-budget AAA GameFi massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), Bless Global’s pre-registration event began on August 16, 2022. To participate in the event, players can visit the pre-registration page. At the time of writing, the total number of signups was 16,346.¬†

Bless Global Stunning Graphics

The original PC game introduced breathtaking graphics with enough detail to rival even the most popular console games. Stylistically, the game has received unanimous praise, and on its IOS and Android App release, the developers appear to have continued to produce outstanding visual quality. The mobile version also inherits the lore and story of the original Bless on PC, and according to AMB Crypto:

“Through the use of grand stories and console-level graphics, this medieval fantasy game perfectly depicts a living magical world.” AMB Crypto.

The game also features battle feedback and an unrestricted mobile combat experience. Players can mine for in-game resources and trade them with other players on the network.

Seamless Web3 And NFT

Pocketbuff collaborates with Tigon Mobile and Game Space to create a seamless Web3 experience by supporting NFTs on the platform. Bless Blockchain Technology will also support Bless Global, allowing players to purchase and sell in-game tokens.

By pre-registering on the Bless Global site, players will receive rewards after the launch and also be in with a chance to win NFTs. The game features several rewards, including the Demon Soul Crystal, Intermediate Mount Potion, Treasure Map, Hunter’s Holy Lasso, the Ring-Tailed Red Badger, and Pass Card. As a P2E game, there will be multiple opportunities to earn through traditional, NFT, and token gameplay.

Bless Global is an epic medieval fantasy game..
Bless Global is an epic medieval fantasy game. Image Credit: AMB Crypto

The in-game currency is the Tether USDT, currently priced at US$1.02, with a 24-hour trading volume of $52.61 B. This crypto is pegged to the USD, the most popular stable coin on the market, and is 100% backed by tangible assets in the Tether platform’s reserve account.

By bringing all the essential elements together for an epic P2E adventure, we expect pre-registrations to continue to flow. The original PC game Bless received widespread recognition in Asia. Longtu Game, the parent company of Longtu Koreal, is the developer and publisher of Bless: Ember Storm, a newly released mobile game based on the Bless IP.

Since its launch on September 23, 2021, the game has ranked No.12 among the top grossing games on App Store.

How To Play

“Bless Global (Bless Eternal, Ember Storm) is a medieval fantasy mobile MMORPG based on the Bless Online franchise. The game offers five classes to choose from (Ranger, Priest, Berserker, Crusader and Mage).” – Technosteria¬†

Bless Global is a medieval fantasy game for players unfamiliar with its previous incarnations. The fantasy features “grand stories and console-level graphics that vividly portray a breathtaking magical world.” –Bless Global.

Players can join the adventure as any of the five classes of warriors. The Ranger is known for its dexterous body and exceptional martial arts skills. They are sniper players, equipped with bows, arrows, and daggers and do well in forest settings. Priests are female wand wielders with swift actions, and their relationship with nature grants them the strength of animals and plants. They are healers and can revive their dead or wounded comrades.

Bless Global has come to mobile.
Bless Global has come to mobile on IOS and Android. Image Credit: Bless Global

Esteemed for his honor and bravery,  the Berserker is great for players seeking a courageous edge. Always ready to sacrifice themselves and protect their allies, they are also bloodthirsty axe-wielding badasses. A Crusader is the incarnation of liberty and light, and they can either protect their allies or attack their enemies, depending on your preference. Finally, a player can choose to be the Mage, master of elements and, although not as combat crazy as Berserkers, they pack a hardcore stash of magical power.

Having chosen their character, players set off on magical reward quests and earn their NFTs through battle. By pre-registering and joining the Discord Server Events, players can also win $10000 USDT.

Better Get Fantasy Ready

Tigon Mobile has announced that Bless Global will be available on multiple platforms to ensure everyone can easily access and enjoy this fantasy realm with ease.

A previous Longtu Korea’s GameFi project, Yulgang Global, received positive receptions by over¬† 5 million users since its release in March 2022. In terms of development scale and economic model, Bless Global far outpaces Yulgang Global. As a result, we expect the game to attract a much larger audience.

Bless Global pre-registration now open
Bless Global is the first of its kind. Image credit: Bless Global

Pre-register for a chance to win big rewards and play the most anticipated fantasy game of the year.

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