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BlockPark, the upcoming NFT trading platform, is set to change the game of NFTs. The new software offers complete liquidity, transparency, and accessibility. Let’s find out more about this new development. 

What is BlockPark? 

BlockPark is an upcoming digital ecosystem that plans to make amazing changes in NFTs and how they are traded. It is unique, with a lot to get excited about. The platform is built on the HyperLedger blockchain, tokenizing real-estate ownership and offering unique and exciting tools to grow investments. 

The proprietary software offers transparency, accessibility, and liquidity across the global real estate market. But how? Transparency, accessibility, and liquidity are offered through the NFT marketplace that offers direct property ownership through the blockchain.

BlockPark Technologies Unveils Lucrative Las Vegas Project
BlockPark is an upcoming NFT trading platform. Source: PR Web

The whole idea of BlockPark is to open the real estate market to everybody, no matter who they are or where they live. Creating equitable and transparent real estate processes makes the ecosystem inclusive and accessible for everyone. 

How Does BlockPark Work? 

BlockPark works by using unique features that are setting it up to be the world’s best NFT real-estate trading platform. Greater financial accessibility is changing the way NFT marketplaces work, and more inclusive processes bring a more inclusive and dedicated audience. 

In BlockPark, real estate ownership is affordable for new users through NFTs. The minting factory enables real estate-backed NFTs. The NFT ecosystem then tokenizes these properties as tokenized digital assets by transferring fractional ownership.

As a result, this digital asset can be transferred and traded across the entire BlockPark network. Additionally, the asset information of said NFT remains safe across the blockchain which is totally secure and transparent.

Hyperledger is used by major brands for blockchain transparency and other benefits. Source: Medium

This blockchain is transparent with the help of HyperLedger. HyperLedger hosts a number of enterprise-grade blockchain software projects, and the platform has collaborated with some huge brands, such as Walmart. 

Across the secondary market, BlockPark guarantees instant liquidity as another amazing feature. Achieved through the assistance of community investors dedicating their passion to the project‚Äôs strength, we’re excited. The property management system and secondary marketplace allow complete ease of trading.¬†

BlockPark Token

The PROP token has been dedicated to the ecosystem to provide a digital standard. The token incentivizes the use of the platform instead of other tokens, but it has more than one use. As a token, PROP is providing exclusive discounts to users who use the token.

NFT trading
BlockPark is trying to Change the NFT Game. Source:

The PROP token supplies rewards, ensuring that users use the token where they can to ensure the system’s sustainability. The PROP token also has a fixed supply, but the utility will be enhanced as new assets are added to the platform. 

For all of these amazing reasons, BlockPark looks like it may be one of the leading NFT marketplaces, aligned perfectly with the real estate market. 

When is BlockPark Coming? 

BlockPark has a clear and succinct roadmap, with plans to bring the project to multiple launchpads by September 15th. 60 million tokens go to the system, enabling trading across the platform. This is an incredible opportunity for those interested in NFTs and real estate.

Our Token - BlockPark | BLOK Token
Block Park has the potential to become one of the leading NFT marketplaces. Source: BlockPark

On September 15th, go to one of the following launchpads to get a 20% discount on the listing price of PROP. This includes GemPad, Erax, Fantomlive, MoonStarter, AntPad, and MarsPad. These launchpad platforms will also provide excellent staking options for better returns. 

The listing will go live on September 20th on LBank, with a token price of $0.0018 at launch. 

Accessibility is the Key 

When it comes to NFTs and trading, it is not accessible to a range of people. When they first entered the crypto market, they were often seen in the form of sports trading cards or art cards. Now, NFTs are in use for a wide variety of things. Whether this is play-to-earn games, move-to-earn games, or digital assets for cars or fashion, NFTs are changing the game. 

BlockPark Property Management | PROP Token - BlockPark | BLOK Token
The Structure of the BlockPark ecosystem. Source: The BlockPark

As NFTs gradually evolved, they came into mainstream culture. As you’ll know, NFTs are everywhere, whether this is for a digital collectible or a tokenized fan club.

Within the past couple of years, NFTs are rising in popularity in the gaming metaverse. Whilst these NFTs are great and can allow you to earn money, they are not always accessible for interested participants. 

To tackle this, a range of marketplaces, NFT games, and software platforms want to make NFTs accessible without changing the entire system. So, an ecosystem that drives community creation, minting, and privacy is necessary to make NFTs more accessible.


Of course, they require an element of investment, so they will not instantly become the most accessible. The price of minting and creating NFTs is getting cheaper, whilst platforms such as BlockPark are looking to change the way we access and use NFTs. We’re excited to see if any positive changes derive from BlockPark, and how the platform may look. 

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