Blueprint Success - Setting Up Your Illuvium Zero Land

As the Illuvium team continues to polish Illuvium Zero, we can see there is lots to be excited about. They have a little more time to prepare everything for the big release. On Day 1 of Illuvium Zero, they hope to provide land owners with an idea of what they should expect and how they might best prepare for Blueprints.

The day has finally here, and you can finally log in to your freshly acquired Land plots and begin exploring. Crimson Waste is ours, and we’ll be sifting through my plots for Rhamphyre genetic information. The Nexus will serve as the foundation for all future land development on the property owned by each individual landowner.

Main Building

On your land, this is the most important structure to have. It will require 100 hydrogens, 200 carbon, and 200 silicon, and it will take 5 seconds to assemble them all together in that order. (Because of leaks from months ago, our estimates for building time and resources are tentative.)

As of this writing, nothing has been finalized on these ideas. According to Johnny from the Illuvium team, this structure will airdrop a little quantity of each ingredient daily:

The lack of items necessary to execute activities will never keep you from moving forward on your land. Even if it takes longer, you can always finish a project with a Nexus. It may take longer.

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The Engineering Workshop is anticipated to be the next structure to be built.

By making it possible to develop and renovate new structures, this structure will be of critical importance. Engineers can put together a workshop in 60 seconds for a total cost of 100 Hydrogen and 100 Carbon.

Following completion, gameplay truly begins to expand. As a player, you have the option of developing a wide variety of structures. In this post, we’ll look at how to create the greatest possible blueprint set up quickly and easily.

Ideal Land Plot For Blueprint

A moment of contemplation is in order regarding the optimal location for blueprint recovery. The optimal area for our needs would include at least one of each element and fuel type, as well as a heavy concentration of Silicon.

Additionally, in a perfect world, you’d have a Halogenic Geode monument that boosts silicon synthesis. Silicon conversion losses are also reduced by using this technology. The more silicon, the more frequently researchers will try to find new ways to use it.

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Base Structures 

So, now that we’ve got our two main bases up and operating on our silicon-rich terrain, let’s move on. In order to increase your Silicon output, you should construct a Mine on top of your Crystal Deposits.

Building a mine will take 100 hydrogens and 50 carbon, but no one knows how long it will take.

Owners of land will now have to consider constructing expenses and how they want to proceed. How long will it take them to gather the resources they need, and will they buy them on the secondary market? Let’s get started with some game theory!

As soon as the mines are operational and silicon is pouring into our wallets, there is either a requirement for storage or a place to use it. Building a Singularity Scanner would be my preferred method of getting research underway as early as feasible.

To get the most out of the scanning capabilities, you’ll want to put this construction out in the middle of nowhere, away from anything else. However, we know that it will cost 500 Hydrogen, 250 Carbon, and 250 Silicon to build. This is our most expensive buy yet, and completing it will take either a substantial sum of money or a great deal of patience. This is where a city builder’s heart lies.

Material Lab 

Illuvial bio-data may now be discovered thanks to the steady flow of Silicon into our scanner from our mines! Everything is going well, but what’s next? To go further into the biodata, we’ll need to construct a Material Lab!

While we don’t yet know how long this project will take to build, it costs 500 Hydrogen, 250 Carbon, and 750 Silicon to put together. Those Silicon mines are a blessing in disguise! We’ll be in the Blueprint business once we’ve created the Material Lab!

Final Words

  1. As time passes, you get more adept at research, so getting started as early as possible is highly recommended.
  2. Optimization of the Material Labs, fuel output, and land area is critical to maximizing efficiency. Everything will be determined by your setup, therefore planning out the construction and location of each structure is critical.

We’ve laid the groundwork for our metropolis and are ready to build on it. Buildings will continue to be upgraded, more buildings will be added, and efficiency will be continually improved from here on out. The city-building genre is all about this and for the first time, we’ll be able to earn a profit. Beautiful things come in threes.

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