Bmall NFT marketplace grand opening

Bmall is a marketplace for NFT holders, sellers, and buyers. The marketplace lets people trade, collect, and earn fees with those collections. With an extensive collection of NFTs, Bmall is focusing on the expansion of communities, as well as individual NFT holders. But, what does this mean for fellow NFT holders? 

Bmall Giving Back

So, what is Bmall actually doing, and why is it benefitting communities and individuals?

To put it short, they are introducing a transaction charge sharing procedure.

Essentially, for every NFT crypto token that is traded on Bmall, a portion will be shared among other members in that individual’s NFT neighborhood. This is fantastic news and will truly change the community of its marketplace. 

So, if you were scouring Bmall, in the market for an NFT, you would pay less for that NFT transaction price.

When you trade an NFT, originally, that transaction price would go solely to you. Now, the price is shared among the members of that NFT’s individual group.

For example, if you were trading a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, a portion of that transaction price will be shared among other BAYC NFT members. 

Additionally, Bmall will also allow you to use referral codes for your own benefit. When you invite people to Bmall, you can receive a unique code. When those users sign up and trade NFTs on the platform, you will receive a portion of the transaction fee.

What is Bmall?

Bmall is easily defined as an NFT marketplace. Bmall allows users to sell, trade, and earn fees from NFTs, enabling you to explore a wide selection of NFTs. Currently, Bmall supports NFTs on Polygon, Klaytn, and Ethereum. Anyone can openly trade NFTs for play to earn games by connecting a Metamask or Biport wallet. 

Bmall, created by Pi-Lab Technological (creator of BiFrost), was built in the hope of expanding the NFT market. Bmall focuses on developing the NFT market, the communities involved within the market, and the individual holders of said NFTs. Sister organization BiFrost is also planning to increase its ecosystem further into the NFT field. It looks like this will form a collaborative, community-led NFT holding community. 

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Why Are Bmall Giving Back To NFT Holders? 

Although this is great, you do have to wonder why it’s happening. Well, lucky for NFT owners, Bmall believes that NFT holders should enjoy more perks and benefits in our current NFT market. 

Bmall is aiming to make the NFT community stronger. With this news, we can expect Bmall to be attracting a more comprehensive range of NFT-enthusiasts, as well as new buyers, sellers, and traders. 

Even though Bmall has only just launched, it is clear that it appreciates its community. They are also implementing a weekly NFT raffle event. This event will allow lucky winners to win an NFT for only $1. Due to this, it’s clear that there will be a larger interest in NFTs on its marketplace.

How To Get Started With Bmall

To get started with Bmall, simply head to their site, and explore. There are several filters you can apply, including top trending NFT collections, virtual collections, collectible collections, and all collections. 

After selecting a collection, you will see a description, along with the number of items, owners, and the network it is on. If a certain NFT grabs your attention, you should have the option to make an offer. You can then see a list of its properties, minted history, offers, and collections description.

In order to make an offer on your chosen NFT, you need to connect your Metamask or Biport wallet.

Who Are PiLab-Technologies? 

Pi-Lab Technologies are the creators of Bmall, as well as BiFrost. The company is a blockchain-based tech company. As a company, they have developed many multi-chain servers. This includes BiFrost and BiFi. BiFi is a multichain DeFi platform, allowing you to save, invest, and borrow all of your digital assets. If you’re looking to get started with BiFi, simply connect your decentralized wallet to manage all of your assets in one place. Deposit your crypto assets, and start earning interest straight away. 

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Source: MarTechSeries

What is BiFrost? 

BiFrost regards itself as the multichain middleware, providing a single environment for multi-chain dApp development with a low-cost high scale mainnet. BiFrost aims to turn promised blockchains into reality, with the ability to switch between blockchains and freely work with as many as you like to build the best one for you. As a successful South-Korean tech company, BiFrost is backed by multiple backers such as Whale Blocks, Quest Capital, and Master Ventures. 

Final Thoughts

So, Bmall is giving back to its NFT community marketplace. As we know, Bmall believes that NFT owners should reap the benefits of their collection. By allowing NFT owners to spread the trading fee, NFTs in their marketplace will likely boom. 

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