Bomb Crypto Game NFTs

The Bomb Crypto game is another play-to-earn game in the play-to-earn genre that would be good news to players, particularly to those seeking new adventures and experiences and at the same time, wanting to make some money.

The game was developed by a game developer popularly known as Senspark and is quite new which is why it has every right to demand the attention of players willing to check it out.

Here, we shall take a look at Bomb Crypto Game and see what it brings to the table in terms of earnings for players and how easy it is to play for players who wish to check it out.

An in-depth look at the Bomb Crypto Game

Bomb Crypto Game

The Bomb Crypto game is an NFT game that converts gaming experiences to NFT collectibles on the blockchain by BCOIN.

Here, players can collect, fight monsters and trade them for real money. In addition, players can also manage a group of bomb heroes of cyborgs programmed to search for BCOIN and fight monsters.

Each bomb hero has different stats, if you’re lucky you can find bomb heroes with good stats to sell or upgrade them to increase performance and combat ability.

Also, every bomber hero is an NFT which increases ownership as well as tradeability, and at the same time, players can also hunt for other NFT items like decorations.

The Bomberland

Far away, far from Earth, there is a peaceful land called Bomberland, where the inhabitants live extremely peacefully and happily.

But one day, an evil force came to invade Bomberland.

He burned down forests, destroyed houses, arrested people, and stole BCOIN, the people’s property.

To bring peace to the land, the kingdom’s scientists researched and created heroic bombers who in turn set up a team to rescue BCOIN and the people while destroying the henchmen of evil forces.

In the process, scientists figured out that bomber heroes would have different rarity levels depending on their formula quantifications.

The rarity is hierarchical from common, rare, super rare, epic to legend, and the higher the rarity, the lower the success rate is.

Also, bomber heroes have 5 power stats namely:

  • Power: The Bomb’s destructive power
  • Bomb Range: The length when the bomb explodes
  • Stamina: Hero’s energy
  • Speed: Movement Speed
  • Bomb: The number of Bombs that can be placed
  • Ability: Random strength

This power stat of each bomber hero will be different. The higher the rarity, the stronger these 5 power stats will be and individual bomber hero members will be revealed soon.

How to play Bomb Crypto Game

Bomb Crypto Gameplay

Playing the Bomb crypto game is quite easy if only players would be willing to follow the guidelines laid down below:

Step 1: Create a Binance Account

You’ll need a Binance account to start buying tokens for the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

If you don’t have one yet, you can easily register for an account here.

Step 2: Buy BUSD Tokens

You’ll need to acquire some BUSD tokens. This will be swapped later for BCOIN.

In Binance, go to P2P Trading and select BUSD. You’ll need several BUSD that’s enough to buy at least 10 BCOIN.

To get an idea of how much BUSD you’ll need initially, check the market price of $BCOIN here and multiply it by 10. Make sure to have some extra BUSD as well to account for gas fees.

Step 3: Move BUSD to your MetaMask wallet

Go to your Binance wallet and find your newly bought BUSD.

Click on Withdraw, then copy and paste your MetaMask wallet address in the “Withdraw To” Address field.

Make sure to select the BSC (BEP20) network, since this is where the game runs.

Step 4: Swap BUSD to BCOIN

Next, swap your newly bought BUSD for BCOINs using decentralized exchanges such as PancakeSwap.

The Official Contract address of BCOIN is 0x00e1656e45f18ec6747F5a8496Fd39B50b38396D.

Step 5: Open the web-based game

Once you have BCOINs on your MetaMask wallet, it’s time to finally run the game. Go here to open the game on your web browser.

Step 6: Buy Heroes in the Shop

It’s time to buy some Bomber Heroes. In the game menu, go to “Shop.”

You can purchase a random Bomb Hero for 10 BCOIN each. Alternatively, you can also buy 10 Heroes at once for 100 BCOIN.

Step 7: Get your Heroes to work

Now that you have a Hero (or a team of Heroes), you should get them to work.

Open the “Heroes tab” to see the list of heroes you have. Then, just click on “Work on each one” after which they will now begin mining for BCOIN.

Step 8: Watch your Heroes hunt for chests and BCOIN

You can watch your Heroes do the mining by going to the treasure hunt.

How to earn on the Bomb Crypto Game


Players can earn money on the Bomb Crypto game by participating in the treasure hunt.

Now, in the treasure hunt mode, players can send bomber heroes to the mining areas and have them plant bombs to destroy blocks to find BCOIN.

These heroes can work automatically without players’ having to be there all the time, which helps players save plenty of time to do other tasks.

In addition, players can cash out their BCOINS once they mine at least 40 BCOIN and must also have at least a minimum of 1 BCOIN in their wallet.

Players can use these BCOINS to buy more heroes or upgrade their current ones or they can sell them on the market via decentralized exchanges if they have made a profit.

The hero also consumes energy each time a bomb is placed. When the hero runs out of energy, the hero will enter a resting state to recharge his energy.

If a player decides to buy the hero a house, it will increase the charging speed.

In addition, players can cash out their BCOINS once they mine at least 40 BCOIN and must also have at least a minimum of 1 BCOIN in their wallet.

Players can use these BCOINS to buy more heroes or upgrade their current ones or they can sell them on the market via decentralized exchanges if they have made a profit.

It is also important to note that the play-to-earn rewards pool starts with 20 million tokens.

In addition, the number of tokens in this rewards pool is not fixed, as it will be continuously added by the company to reward players.

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